Salmon salad with tahini dressing

Go you green thing: Salmon with green tahini dressing.

Full of green vegetables, good fats and omega-3s, the fact that this salad is also filling and delicious is a bonus.

Recipe: Pear and prune chutney

This hearty chutney makes a great accompaniment to a cheese board .

Leave it a week before you sample this yummy autumn chutney to give the flavours a chance to meld and mature.

Slow-cooked lamb with tahini yoghurt

Cook until it falls off the bone: delicious.

This is a really tasty way to cook lamb shoulder so that it falls off the bone. It's a recipe guaranteed to satisfy the hordes.

Chocolate, peanut & caramel cups

Gluten-free dark chocolate, peanut butter and caramel cloud cake cups.

There's a reason these ingredients - served here in a gluten-free dessert - are such a feted combination.

Spaghetti with zucchini & spinach

Go green(er) with spaghetti with zucchini and spinach.

The buttery spinach puree gives this pasta dish a delicious richness as well as its vibrant colour.

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