Taste-test: DIY KFC with 'leaked' recipe video


This is reportedly the Colonel's secret recipe - so how does it match to the real thing?

Nadia's Steak and Mushrooms

Steak and mash, served with mushroom and silverbeet sauce.

Delicious steak and mash; adding carrots to the mash is a great way to introduce extra veges to your meat.

KFC secret recipe revealed

Reporters didn't taste much of a difference between Kentucky Fried Chicken, right, and the fried chicken, left, on wire rack.

The closely-guarded formula that is one of the world's biggest culinary mysteries may have been found.

Recipe: Fragrant ice cream with caramelised orange

Recipes and food styling by Bernadette Hogg. Styling by Kate Arbuthnot

When you’re warm and cosy and nearly replete, a dish of cold, creamy, home-made ice cream is the perfect way to finish a meal. This sweet-spicy combination is a taste sensation.

Astoria's paprika chicken salad

Paprika chicken salad from Astoria in Midland Park in Wellington.

Paprika chicken with persimmon, almonds, frisee and smoked yoghurt

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