Recipe: Rose and almond rocky road

Rocky road with a sophisticated twist.

Rocky road with a sophisticated twist.

This is the perfect sweet treat to give as a gift. It delivers so much more than you imagine three ingredients could. The trick is to roast the almonds to bring out their best flavour. 

750g chocolate (half milk and half dark is good) 
300g rose-flavoured Turkish delight
160g raw almonds, roasted*, or bought roasted almonds
Dried edible rose petals for decoration


Grease and line a 20 x 20cm slice tin.

Place chocolate in a double boiler or small bowl set over a pot of boiling water and stir until melted and smooth. Set aside to cool for 5 minutes.

Slice Turkish delight into chunks and roughly chop the roasted almonds. Place half the Turkish delight and nuts into the prepared slice tin and pour over half the chocolate. Give the tray a bit of a shake to allow the chocolate to spread evenly, then repeat with the remaining Turkish delight, nuts and chocolate. Give it a shake again to smooth it over then sprinkle with edible dried rose petals. 

Place in the fridge for a few hours to set before cutting.  Makes about 30 pieces

* To roast the almonds, spread them on a baking tray and bake at 150°C for 10-15 minutes. Cool completely before using. 

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