Recipe: Cheat's ice cream cake

A CHEAT'S ICE CREAM CAKE: This will delight your guests but is surprisingly easy to make.
A CHEAT'S ICE CREAM CAKE: This will delight your guests but is surprisingly easy to make.

This recipe is for a cheat's ice cream dessert that is definitely still suitable for a special occasion.

Fresh fruits are a fabulous base, and a little citrus such as fresh lemon juice, adds an excellent flavour dimension to the final result.

Rich 70 per cent bitter chocolate along with chocolate chips (white or dark) will give a real hit when added to a good vanilla base ice cream. Likewise, liqueurs are a very welcome addition, such as creme de cassis with blackcurrants, or a simple kiwifruit liqueur with kiwifruit ice cream.

So here's a fabulous three-flavoured ice cream treat using a 'cheat's' tricks:  

To make this you will need a slightly larger than two litre freezer-proof bowl - plastic or stainless steel will be fine.


A two litre tub of vanilla ice cream (I recommend Deep South)
1 unfilled chocolate sponge
For the mango ice cream - The flesh from 2 ripe mangoes pureed with the juice of 1 lime
For the chocolate ice cream - 220gm cake of 70 per cent dark bitter chocolate and 200g of white chocolate buttons
For the rum and raisin - 200g of raisins soaked in 50ml of rum and a dessert spoon of castor sugar

1. Split the vanilla ice cream into thirds and place one third into a mixing bowl. Add the mango and lemon juice and mix with the paddle on your cake mixer for 5-10 seconds until it is just nicely mixed. Add some food colouring if you like. 

2. Use the same method for the chocolate and then the rum and raisin ice creams.

3. Line your bowl with plastic wrap and cut the unfilled sponge into strips placing them into the bowl to completely cover the surface of the bowl.

4. Add your chocolate ice cream onto the sponge mix, spreading it around to completely cover all the sponge in a nice thick layer.

5. Add the mango ice cream and repeat, adding the rum and raisin ice cream to completely fill the bowl then cover the top with the remaining unfilled sponge.

6. Cover with plastic wrap and place in a freezer for two hours to completely freeze.

7. When you are ready to serve, remove the bowl from the freezer then remove the ice cream from the bowl, continuing by removing the wrap.

8. Decorate the outside with melted dark and white chocolate and slice into wedges to serve.

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