Review: A taste of... Mrs Kim's Korean Kitchen

Mrs Kim serves up a mean beef bulgogi.
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Mrs Kim serves up a mean beef bulgogi.

A taste of… Mrs Kim's Korean Kitchen, 89 Ghuznee St.

We'd heard… it was a new kid on the block and we were hoping it was better than Seoul House

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We started with... a kimchi pancake, followed by hot plates of bulgogi beef ($14.50) and spicy squid ($15). We also ordered the dumpling stew ($15), which was swimming with pork-stuffed morsels, spring onions, slippery glassy noodles and ribbons of egg.

The beef was the standout - tender and tasty - while the broth was nourishing and delicately flavoured - a dish that would no doubt soothe a hangover. The same could be said for the pancake. It was stodgy, crispy and tangy - an acquired taste, perhaps, but a delicious one. 

The service was… From a woman who could only be Mrs Kim herself, who was so genuinely hospitable we were tempted to request a selfie with her.

The vibe was... homely in a no-frills kind of way. The lights were bright, the radio was on, and the place was impeccably clean (you can see inside the kitchen). Bamboo shoots against the orange feature wall kept things zen, futuristic light shades kept it funky. The menu was reassuringly concise while still offering a range of options. 

If you go… You'll stay full for approximately 24 hours. 

Try to avoid… The spicy squid - it tasted suspiciously like it came from a freezer bag. 

Rating out of 5: 3

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