The Block winners treat their rivals

Last updated 13:06 31/10/2013
The Block
Lawrence Smith

PLEASANT SURPRISE: The Block winners Alice and Caleb Pearson can't quite believe their success.

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The Block NZ contestants will be treated to a weekend of pampering in Auckland, courtesy of winners Alice and Caleb Pearson, before the couple put most of their "bittersweet" winnings towards the mortgage on their Mt Wellington home.

The Pearsons won the competition at last night's live final of the show, pocketing $181,000 in profit and $80,000 in prizemoney.

The result sets a winning record for The Block, but while the couple were happy with their win, it was bittersweet as they were disappointed for the other teams on the show.

"We were all disappointed with the results of the others and did really hope for more for everyone," Alice said.

"I guess you would call it bittersweet, that feeling of disappointment when there's so much joy and celebration at the same time."

Processing the results live on national television was always going to be hard for the couples that did not win.

"I'm not going to pretend that was easy for everyone, but at the same time, all the contestants were genuinely happy for us and did congratulate us, and we believe everything they said in that," she said.

Their success was down to the bidding war that erupted in the auction on their home.

"All of the homes were so on a par and all beautiful themselves, so I don't think it's about us having anything better than anyone else," she said.

"There were just three bidders who were so in love with our home and were so desperate to have it for themselves, and it just meant that our price just kept going up, so it's amazing."

Buyers of the other three homes "got real steals".

"It's just a shame that the bidding didn't happen the same way for the other contestants," she said.

The couple had little time alone since the win to discuss how to spend the prizemoney, but it would probably go on their mortgage, Caleb said.

"We bought a house at the start of the year and have a massive mortgage, so this is most likely going to be going towards helping with that," he said.

"We've never paid off any of our mortgage before, so that's a massive step up."

His wife dismissed the idea of giving some of their winnings to one of the other teams because she did not think either Loz and Tom or Pete and Andy would accept it.

"We'd love to, but I don't think they'd actually have it," she said.

But they had a pact with the other two pairs from the start that the competition winner would shout the others a holiday weekend in their home town.

"So we're so excited we're going to be able to do that for Loz and Tom, and the boys, and we definitely will make it an amazing weekend and spoil them really good."

Auckland couple Alisa Keall-Grant and Koan Vette were not there when the three teams made the pact because they chose to focus on their home from early on, Alice said.

"But towards the end of the competition they definitely changed their tune and we spent a lot more time with them," she said.

"We're definitely going to invite Alisa and Koan to [the weekend] as well ... we think they're great."

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The couple took a short holiday after filming finished and they are back to normal life.

People's choice winners Pete and Andy Walker said that to say they had celebrated last night "would be an understatement, to be fair".

The brothers said they were "absolutely stoked" to win the people's choice award and the Mazda 6 as the prize.

"To know that we were the choice of the people was an honour. It's massive for us to take that award," Pete said.

They have not figured out how they are going to "split" the prize of the car yet as the auction result meant Andy could not afford to buy Pete out as they had originally planned.

"The auction was a massive shock; it caught Andy and myself by surprise big time. We definitely didn't see that coming," Pete said.

Pete and Andy made a $27,000 profit on their house when it sold for $952,500.

The whole experience was "bloody fantastic" and meeting X Factor contestant Tom Batchelor was a highlight, Andy said.

With so many great moments, it was hard to pick a favourite, Pete said. "But the cushions were right up there, and the llamas were a good laugh."

The boys are looking forward to getting off The Block and out of the big smoke.

"For me, I'll be happy just to get out of town, back to the farm and let the dust settle. I just want to get the hell out of here," Pete said.


Caleb and Alice: $945,000 reserve, sold for $1,126,000 (profit $181,000), $80,000 prizemoney.
Alisa and Koan: $948,000 reserve, sold for $1,014,000 (profit $66,000).
Pete and Andy: $925,000 reserve, sold for $952,500 (profit $27,500), Mazda 6.
Loz and Tom: $922,000 reserve, sold for $947,000 (profit $25,000).

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