Don't store this in the bathroom

Some of items most commonly stored in our bathrooms would be better off elsewhere.

If you're keeping these 10 items in the bathroom, you should really think about moving them.

6 of the best new flowers

Dianthus 'Cranberry Cocktail' is a dry-loving carnation lookalike.

Flowers can be fashion items too. Look for these on-trend new plants in your garden centre.

Architecture goes to the dogs gallery

Shigeru Ban uses cardboard tubes for emergency cathedrals - and for a quirky dog's play space

Award-winning architects turn their talents to canine homes and play spaces.

Grand Design for just $46k gallery

Simon and Jasmine Dale of Pembrokeshire built their Grand Designs UK eco house for just $46,000.

This eco "hobbit" house, just aired on Grand Designs UK, was so cheap it astounded Kevin McCloud.

What's new for the backyard?

The Smart trampoline from Springfree has sensors in the mat that send data to an iPad attached to the net - you can ...

"Intelligent" trampolines with fitness apps and high-tech vege pods - what next?

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house of the week

House of the week: Christchurch

“I was determined to celebrate the old as well as the new,” says Nicolette; an antique gilded sunburst mirror from New ...

An entrepreneur who's lived life to the full has indulged her love of opulence in an ambitious renovation.

House of the week: Auckland gallery

The views are the hero of this easy-care apartment in the heart of Ponsonby.

House of the week: Wellington gallery

House of the week: Wellington gallery

Plant a hedge to shield your garden and keep it in shape with help from the experts.


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