Let's move to... Hanmer Springs

Hanmer Springs hot pools in winter.

What would it be like living all year-round in the beautiful resort town?

What price a fire sale?

Fire damaged house in Grey Lynn for sale by auction through LJ Hooker 29.7.16

It's in a top Auckland location, but this Grey Lynn villa suffers from serious burnout.

Porsche in the penthouse

The new Porsche Design Tower in South Florida provides sky garages so you can park your Porsche inside your apartment.

Is a sky garage the ultimate luxury? The Porsche Design Tower lets you park on your own floor.

Time for a beer video

Engineer Matt Keen salvaged a boat and has refurbished it and turned it into a party boat decked out with a spa and ...

He turned a dumped boat into a spa - now he's a Speight's Unfinished Projects winner.

He owns a house at 21 video

Llewelyn Griffiths, 21, has just bought a house in the Wellington suburb of Northland.

He started saving since he was 7 - but it all paid off for Llewelyn Griffiths.

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house of the week

House of the week: Auckland gallery

Sir James in his conservatory.

Sir James Wallace has surrounded himself with plenty of treasures at his hidden mansion.

House of the week: Waikanae gallery

After renting for 25 years, this homeowner can at last put down some roots and make her mark.

House of the week: London

House of the week: Wellington

It's time to give your chainsaws and other essential tools some TLC.


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