A bed in a shed in a room...

Yep, that's the bedroom there... in the shed. Squint and you'll see it.

4:29 PM  It sounds like Dr Seuss but the reality is even more comical.

Weekend gardening tasks

Now is good time to trim back your mint plant

Spring has arrived - even if the fine weather hasn't... Here are some jobs to do in your patch this week.

Cate Blanchett's mansion sells

Cate Blanchett with husband Andrew Upton.

Less than three weeks after Cate Blanchett and her husband listed their trophy home, it has sold.

Julianne Moore's modest pad

A country-style sitting room to relax in.

Actress lists understated three-bedroom cottage in New York... but it comes with a $5.5m price tag.

Guy annoys girlfriend with puns

“Dana! Have we all got what we need?”

There's nothing like a trip to IKEA to enhance your relationship (and come up with some genius freestyling).

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house of the week

House of the Week: Island Bay gallery

“I like beauty for beauty’s sake. I’ll collect rococo, Georgian, baroque, whatever holds my eye and gives me joy. It’s a real mash-up and changes all the time. Most people who come to the house get asked to help me move something.” The painting above the sofa is The Believer by George Underwood.

A foot in each hemisphere suits this TV reporter turned media trainer turned vintage-furniture hunter.

Bright pink house embarrassed kids gallery video

Fashion icon Doris de Pont's son was so horrified by his mum's colour scheme, he made a t-shirt in protest.

House of the week: Lyttelton gallery

Realtor's dream home in Auckland gallery

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