LED lights keep costs low

There's no lack of inspiration from Christmases past - this display was captured at 120 Gimblett Place, Invercargill.

19 min ago  Everyone loves a decorated street - is it your turn this year?

Sheet folding not so simple video

Julina Ismail has a go at folding a fitted sheet and nails it.

8:49 AM  It's an age-old woe - how to fold an awkwardly-shaped fitted sheet. Do you know the secret?

Would you live in a church? gallery

Plans for the church turned housing complex, and the proposed apartment building behind it.

Historic Auckland church divided up into apartments which are selling for some ungodly prices.

Lessons from building a house

Michele Powles' finished family home in West Auckland.

It's the journey's end for our own Grand Designs project... but would we ever do it again?

Modern estate scores a win

As its name suggests Flint House replicates the shape and texture of a flint. The house, designed by Skene Catling De La Pena is the RIBA 2015 House of the Year.

Forget your archetypal English farmhouse - this may be the country house of the future.

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House of the week: Island Bay gallery

Who needs a burglar alarm? With two towering stone-faced bouncers and an iron resin guard-dog (albeit distracted by a ball) out front, most would reconsider seeking unauthorized entry.

Who needs a burglar alarm with two towering stone-faced bouncers outside your home?

House of the week: Taranaki gallery

A timeless traditional Christmas is the best gift she can give her family, says this creative rural homeowner.

Light-filled Ponsonby villa gallery

House of the week: Auckland gallery

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