He owns a house at 21 video

Griffiths has had several jobs while studying architecture at Victoria University, including flipping burgers at Burger Fuel.

He started saving since he was 7 - but it all paid off for Llewelyn Griffiths.

Fab facelift for '50s house gallery

Joao Tiago Aguiar arquitectos Portugal screen house 27.7.16

Forget the screen door - the entire rear facade of this remodelled terrace house is a sliding screen.

Hawera garden with a pyramid

The lime walk is underplanted with Choisya ternata.

The lawn looked a bit bare, so this Hawera homeowner built a pyramid. As you do.

A whole town for just $1

The deceased estate, to be sold in three side-by-side auctions, offers eight shops and a three-bedroom house.

With a no-reserve auction set for this weekend, the small Australian town could be the sale of the century.

Mid-century gem on sale gallery

George Nelson house in Kalamazoo 27.7.16

Like Mid-century Modern design? Check out this architectural time capsule.

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house of the week

House of the week: Auckland gallery

Sir James in his conservatory.

Sir James Wallace has surrounded himself with plenty of treasures at his hidden mansion.

House of the week: Waikanae gallery

After renting for 25 years, this homeowner can at last put down some roots and make her mark.

House of the week: London

House of the week: Wellington

It's time to give your chainsaws and other essential tools some TLC.


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