Fancy a home under water? gallery

A new development will see 42 boat-like residences moored off Dubai's The World island.

A development in Dubai brings new meaning to the term "sleeping with the fishes".

'Be willing to start small' video

Hannah Stechman and Connor Hamilton are two weeks away from having a place (the pad behind them) to call their own.

They're in their early 20s. She's a hairdresser, he's a builder, and they're weeks away from owning their first home.

Is this worth $690m?

The 6900-square-metre main residence will be surrounded by three smaller homes and the property will include four pools.

Take a look at one of the biggest homes in US history, which is rising on an LA hilltop and is very expensive.

Interior designer vs decorator?

Interior designers sit alongside architects in considering how to get the most from your interior spaces.

An interior designer and decorator play different roles when it comes to house projects - which do you need?

Flat hunting like online dating

Searching for either love or a living space online can be demoralising, but sometimes you get lucky.

Looking for love? Looking for an apartment? Same thing, in the online world.

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house of the week

House build "a long journey, but worth it"

Craig and Rowena Douglas's home sits on a 2500-square-metre block in a semi-rural subdivision in Lincoln.

What do you do if several companies behind the house you are planning go belly up? Take on the project yourself.

House of the week: Kapiti Coast gallery

A Te Horo bach is the ultimate stress-buster for a Wellington city apartment-dweller.

Black walls bring the wow factor

Living the dream in West Auckland gallery

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