Dried flowers are coming back

The height of floral fashion, circa 1988: prickly teasels, blood red helichrysums, ears of wheat, starball scabiosas and ozothamnus rice flowers.

Let me be the first to say it: in 2016, I predict a revival in the fortunes of dried flowers.

Island on sale for $6m

Yeah, it looks ok to us. We'll consider it.

If you've ever had dreams of buying a private island, now's the time.

How to revive your spare room

It doesn't take much to create a home workspace.

If you've got an extra space, there are many things you could be doing rather than leave it empty.

Surviving living at home


A growing number of young people are checking back in at Casa del Ma and Pa. Here are some tips to make life easier.

Keep on top of spring

Snap off the flower stems from your rhubarb to keep it vigorous.

Spring has sprung - here are some jobs you can do in the week ahead.

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house of the week

House of the week: Matakana gallery

Art dominates the Matakana living room shared by Virginia Leonard, Oliver King and their children Coco (here with Claude the West Highland terrier) and Orlando; a large-scale abstract work by Virginia hangs at left (see it on the cover); above a wooden cabinet from The Vitrine hang portraits by Gavin Hurley (above the record player) and Kirsten Roberts, next to a large photographic work by Oliver; the dog sculpture on the hearth is by Barry Lett; the light shade, from May Time Marketing , hangs from an old horsehair and plaster ceiling rose.

This homeowner deliberately made builders walk through her house in muddy boots to achieve a rustic look.

Home of the week: Martinborough gallery

Chunky recycled timber gives this barn-like home (with a 22-metre-long living room) its cosy character.

House of the week: Wanaka gallery

House of the week: Christchurch gallery

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