The O.C mansion's up for sale

Got a spare $NZ9.6million? You too could live like the Cohens.

California here we come! If you loved The O.C and have a spare $9.6million, you too could live like the Cohens.

Dungeon whips auction frenzy

The exterior of 167 Moor Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, gives no clue as to what lies beneath.

Unusual Melbourne terrace with an underground 'dungeon' sells for more than $400,000 above reserve.

Doorstep notes you don't want

How do you raise issues with your neighbours? Write them a wee note, of course.

How does one deal with a neighbour from hell? You write them a letter, of course.

Brad Pitt builds 109 homes

Actor Brad Pitt speaks on stage during Light Up the Blues Concert to benefit Autism Speaks.

This Saturday marks 10 years since the devastating event and no celebrity is more in sync than Brad Pitt.

Inside Las Vegas’ sexiest home

The 'grand room' of this Las Vegas mansion is certainly grand.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas - except when it involves one of the world's sexiest homes

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House of the Week: Island Bay gallery

“I like beauty for beauty’s sake. I’ll collect rococo, Georgian, baroque, whatever holds my eye and gives me joy. It’s a real mash-up and changes all the time. Most people who come to the house get asked to help me move something.” The painting above the sofa is The Believer by George Underwood.

A foot in each hemisphere suits this TV reporter turned media trainer turned vintage-furniture hunter.

Bright pink house embarrassed kids gallery video

Fashion icon Doris de Pont's son was so horrified by his mum's colour scheme, he made a t-shirt in protest.

Realtor's dream home in Auckland gallery

House of the week: Raglan gallery

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