Lessons from building a house

Michele Powles' finished family home in West Auckland.

It's the journey's end for our own Grand Designs project... but would we ever do it again?

Toaster trick you shouldn't try

What happens when you try to grill a cheese sandwich in a toaster.

"Life hacks" are supposed to make your chores easier - yet this one almost burned a woman's house down.

Is this the best wardrobe ever?

This 17m-long dressing room designed by Canavan Interiors is a finalist in the SBID International Design Excellence Awards to be announced on Friday, November 27, 2015.

This bespoke dressing room - the flagship room in a new UK house - is up for a big award.

Smart house gives sales edge

32 sapperton drive Harcourts smart technology 24/11/15

Making your home a smart one won't just make your life easier - it can boost value when it's time to sell.

DIY a butterfly-friendly garden

Kids can learn a lot by creating a wildlife-friendly garden.

Butterflies and moths need two types of plants: nectar-rich flowers for the adults, and hosts for the caterpillars.

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house of the week

House of the week: Island Bay gallery

Who needs a burglar alarm? With two towering stone-faced bouncers and an iron resin guard-dog (albeit distracted by a ball) out front, most would reconsider seeking unauthorized entry.

Who needs a burglar alarm with two towering stone-faced bouncers outside your home?

House of the week: Taranaki gallery

A timeless traditional Christmas is the best gift she can give her family, says this creative rural homeowner.

Light-filled Ponsonby villa gallery

House of the week: Auckland gallery

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