'Unfashionable' suburbs resurge

Bayleys Real Estate agent Gary Wallace says Parnell has been a "little big forgotten" in recent years, but that it's becoming a cool place to live again.

In Auckland traditional suburbs are becoming cool, while some up-and-comers are improving rapidly.

Five new design reads

Secret Gardens by Alain Le Toquin.

We review the latest interior design, cooking and gardening books.

Anzac flier pushes boundaries

The Ministry of Culture and Heritage says this real estate flier "is pushing the margins but is within the law." The red markers on the map indicate houses sold.

A real estate agent has used Anzac imagery in a property flier: "in anybody's book it's totally crass."

How to grow ... mushrooms

Saffron milk caps growing on the pine forest floor.

One Nelson couple are cultivating delicious wild funghi among the roots of a purpose-grown forest.

Meet the sheikha of shabby chic

Rachel Ashwell hunts design elements at a flea market.

The trend became a lifestyle and weathered the return of Mad Men, bankruptcy and confusion.

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house of the week

A Porsche in an Akl apartment gallery

Who needs a garage? Ex-pat French designer Stephane Rondel has made his 1988 Porsche and three motorbikes a feature of his apartment.

Who needs a garage? Designer Stephane Rondel has made a feature of his 1988 Porsche and three motorbikes.

House of the week: Christchurch gallery

Among the sand dunes of Southshore sits a 1950s beach house with sprawling gardens.

House of the week: Martinborough gallery

House of the week: Hawke's Bay gallery

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