Gardening tasks for the weekend

Rachel's freshly dug over raised bed.

18 min ago  Spring has arrived - even if the fine weather hasn't... Here are some jobs to do in your patch this week.

Cate Blanchett's mansion sells

Cate Blanchett with husband Andrew Upton.

11:32 AM  Less than three weeks after Cate Blanchett and her husband listed their trophy home, it has sold.

Julianne Moore's modest pad

A country-style sitting room to relax in.

10:32 AM  Actress lists understated three-bedroom cottage in New York... but it comes with a $5.5m price tag.

Guy annoys girlfriend with puns

“Dana! Have we all got what we need?”

11:16 AM  There's nothing like a trip to IKEA to enhance your relationship (and come up with some genius freestyling).

DIY: Hexagonal planters gallery

Hypertufa planters are perfect for potted colour.

In the spirit of National Bee Awareness Month, we show you how to make honeycomb-shaped hypertufa planters.

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house of the week

House of the Week: Island Bay gallery

“I like beauty for beauty’s sake. I’ll collect rococo, Georgian, baroque, whatever holds my eye and gives me joy. It’s a real mash-up and changes all the time. Most people who come to the house get asked to help me move something.” The painting above the sofa is The Believer by George Underwood.

A foot in each hemisphere suits this TV reporter turned media trainer turned vintage-furniture hunter.

Bright pink house embarrassed kids gallery video

Fashion icon Doris de Pont's son was so horrified by his mum's colour scheme, he made a t-shirt in protest.

House of the week: Lyttelton gallery

Realtor's dream home in Auckland gallery

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