Clearing my hoarder dad's house

My father's hoarding had progressed to the meta-status constituting of a collection of collections (file photo).

Antique tools, postcards, spoons, bubble wrap, beer bottles, bird's nests, animal skulls ... is there anything he didn't collect?

Decisions, decisions, decisions

The boys from Allegion, Mike our man of Hammers and Mr Building Boxes working through door hardware and security questions.

The number of decisions you have to make when building a new home will get under your skin.

Tips for growing winter mint

If you’re worried about mint taking over your garden, plant it in a large (10L) bucket with drainage holes in the base.

Like basil, mint is one of those herbs that has a tendency to play hard to get.

Frank Sinatra built it his way gallery

Villa Maggio, Frank Sinatra's one-time Palm Desert retreat, is up for sale.

The legendary crooner's desert hideaway has hit the market for $5.56 million.

My dirty little secret

Leaving a messy home and returning to a gleaming wonderland is a joy that comes from having a cleaner.

A spotless home is a beautiful thing. So why should we feel guilty about having a cleaner?

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house of the week

House build "a long journey, but worth it"

Craig and Rowena Douglas's home sits on a 2500-square-metre block in a semi-rural subdivision in Lincoln.

What do you do if several companies behind the house you are planning go belly up? Take on the project yourself.

House of the week: Kapiti Coast gallery

A Te Horo bach is the ultimate stress-buster for a Wellington city apartment-dweller.

Black walls bring the wow factor

Living the dream in West Auckland gallery

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