Ferris Bueller house sold

23:29, Jun 02 2014

Remember the house that Matthew Broderick and Alan Ruck hung out in on Ferris Bueller's Day Off? The one where Cameron Frye totalled his father's beloved red Ferrari?

Ah yeah, that house has been on the market for the last five years and - according to Variety, it has just been sold for a cool $1.06 million ($NZ1.25 million). It's kind of a bargain considering you'd be OWNING a piece of key pop culture history.

Here's a look inside it by Landmarks Illinois ... 

That and having "5,300 square feet of living space with floor to ceiling windows throughout" isn't bad, right?  (You can take a sticky beak of the interior here).

The house was designed by architects A. James Speyer and David Haid in 1953 and we are pretty sure it will now be home to the most awesome John Hughes marathon DVD nights in history.