The latest kitchen trends and appliances

04:40, Jun 04 2014
Kitchen trends
CLEVER: Samsung's Food ShowCase side-by-side refrigerator has two doors: one for instant access of frequently used items and another for ingredients that are used less frequently.
Kitchen trends
MIELE KITCHENS: The smartphone-like controls can be integrated into kitchen furniture, and select models come in a choice of colour combinations.
Kitchen trends
INDUCTION: Miele's PowerFlex technology allows large-scale cooking.
Kitchen trends
AWARD-WINNING DESIGN: Miele's new KM 30xx Gas Cooktops come with flush cast iron trivets.
Kitchen trends
DRAWER KITCHEN: A concept kitchen design at the 2014 Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.
Kitchen trends
MIELE KITCHENS: Ovens and built-in coffee machines feature the latest technology including a host of automatic programs and smartphone-like controls.

From a sculptural drawer unit to a smartphone-like oven system, here are the latest and greatest kitchen trends and appliances.

Drawer Kitchen

The Drawer Kitchen was initially designed as a concept kitchen for Schiffini as part of the Wallpaper Handmade project, and was unveiled at the 2014 Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.

From a sculptural drawer unit to a smartphone-like oven system, check out the latest and greatest trends and appliances.

The Drawer Kitchen is a functional kitchen island that has a sculptural, abstract and deconstructivist appearance, almost like an 'exploded' storage unit. The unit looks dynamic when not in use, but becomes even more dramatic when the drawers are being pulled out. The Drawer Kitchen is designed to be positioned in an open plan kitchen/dining area with the drawer front facing the dining area and the sink back facing the rest of the main kitchen. It creates a sculptural link between food preparation and the social aspect of dining.

Engineered for gourmets


German manufacturer Miele's motto is "immer besser" - "always better". It aims to produce robust, well-designed appliances that will be reliable for at least 20 years. Miele ovens can be integrated into kitchen furniture. Ovens and coffee- makers are available in a CleanSteel finish, while select models are also available in colour combinations.

Technology plays a big role in Miele products. Here are some highlights:

Program your meal

Flagship models in the Generation 6000 series of ovens feature a new smartphone-like M-Touch interface, which lets users browse through functions with the touch of a fingertip. Other models have either alternative electronic touch controls, or more traditional rotary dials.

Select models feature automatic programs for more than 100 dishes. The top-of-the- line Miele H 6860 BP Moisture Plus Oven features specially created programs for New Zealanders, such as pavlova, and rack of lamb.

The moisture plus function ensures "delicious bread with a perfect crust; succulent tender meat with a perfectly browned and crisp exterior; and even impeccable souffls".

The crisp function expels excess moisture from the oven and uses dry heat to achieve a perfectly crispy finish to items such as pizza or French fries while other special programs cater for drying fruit.

A perfect clean feature allows for easy cleaning or pyrolytic cleaning programs.

Healthy cooking with steam

Gently enveloping food in steam ensures food retains its nutritious properties and intensified natural flavours. Generation 6000 steam ovens feature MultiSteam technology based on the external steam generation principle which minimises any dry heat in the food chamber.

Ovens can blanch food before freezing, gently defrost frozen food, and re-heat cooked food without drying it out. They can also help make yoghurt, cook eggs, and disinfect baby bottles.

A keep warm function keeps food at serving temperature for 15 minutes after cooking. The DG 6401 steam oven can cook more than 50 types of food from starters, soups, fish, and meat through to vegetables, side-dishes, and puddings.

With three levels, Miele's DGC 6800 XL has ample space for preparing meals for up to 10 people with room for a whole fish or a large game bird.

Steam and steam combination ovens feature an external steam generator so limescale cannot form inside the cabinet and the interior can be simply wiped dry.

Fast perfect coffee

The world's only built-in coffee machine with the convenient NespressoR system, the Miele CVA 6431 is equipped with a sophisticated capsule carousel with room for up to 20 NespressoR capsules to access to up to five different blends of coffee at the touch of a button.

For those who prefer the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and personalised coffee, the Miele CVA 6401 and CVA 6800 built-in coffee bean machines use a conical grinder. Features on select models include the M-Touch user interface; a OneTouch for Two function to produce two of the same coffee specialties in succession; CupSensor, to suit espresso cups or tall latte macchiato glasses; an EasyClick milk system; a ground coffee chute; and easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Miele CVA 6000 Series can store up to 10 individual user profiles that include coffee quantity, water temperature and quantity, as well as the preparation of hot or frothed milk. Automatic functions can be customised and switch-on and switch-off times programmed.

The series can be combined with a gourmet warmer drawer and programmed to have pre- heated cups.

Induction with PowerFlex

Miele's induction technology aims to optimise cooking with PowerFlex, an innovative, flexible function to accommodate oversized pots, pans and casserole dishes. At least two PowerFlex rings on each hob can be combined to provide a larger cooking zone, at the touch of a button. The results: Water boils quickly, even in significantly bigger pots. Other features are designed for convenience and safety. For example, should the cooktop be left temporarily unattended, a stop and go function reduces the power output to the lowest simmer setting in all cooking zones simultaneously at the touch of a button. On return, the 'go' function reinstates previous settings.

Gas on Glass

Miele's new KM 30xx sleek looking Gas Cooktop Series won an iF product design award in Europe. Cooktops are available in three or five burner configurations featuring stylish black ceramic glass screens with flush and durable enamelled cast iron trivets. A protective stainless steel frame and solid metal knobs accentuate the elegant design. The flush cast iron trivets allow pots and pans to be moved easily and safely, by simply sliding them from one gas burner to another. This eradicates the need for lifting heavy pots and pans. These heavy-duty trivets also significantly reduce cleaning time as they are completely dishwasher-proof.

Other features include electronic re-ignition should a flame be unexpectedly extinguished, a residual heat indicator for optimum protection from burns, a minute minder, a rapid switch-off function, and an electronic system lock to prevent unauthorised use, ideal to ensure the safety of children in the kitchen.

Food ShowCase Refrigerator

Throughout 2014 Samsung New Zealand will be launching a range of leading products including TV, home audio, refrigeration, heatpumps, vacuum cleaners, ovens, microwaves, washers and dryers.

The Food ShowCase side-by- side refrigerator's innovative design provides smart separation in the refrigerator area with two doors: the ShowCase for instant access of frequently used items and the InnerCase for ingredients that are used less frequently.

The refrigerator changes the way food is stored. The ShowCase section allows consumers to store and instantly access food items such as snacks and drinks, while the InnerCase holds larger ingredients and keeps them fresh for longer.

The Food ShowCase also contains Samsung's digital inverter technology, automatically adjusting the compressor to better react to changes in temperature. This smart technology delivers energy savings, reduced noise, and durability, says Samsung.

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