Five hot homeware picks

17:19, Jul 13 2014
felt ball rug
FELT BALL RUG, $450: Who doesn't love a pop of colour, especially when against floorboards or dark tiles? This handcrafted rug has all the colours of the rainbow, and then some. It comes in a circle shape (100cm across) or a rectangle (100cm x 140cm). Would look perf' in the bathroom or under a coffee table in the lounge. <a href ="">Available at Collected by LeeAnn Yare.</a>
geometric canisters
GEOMETRIC CANISTERS, $22.90 - $34.90: Geometric prints are hot right now, and these canisters are not only funky, but are practical to boot. With a rubber sealed wooden lid they could be used to store coffee, tea or even delicious home-baked biscuits. You’ve got the choice of medium (12.5cm h x 10cm w) or large (8.5cm h x 14cm w) canisters in mint or black. Mix them up for the best of both. <a href = ""> Available at Iko Iko. </a>
zuny bookends
ZUNY BOOKENDS, $60 - $85: I came across these on Instagram and immediately fell in love. You can’t deny the gorgeousness of these cute animal book ends. Now, I hear you saying who has books in a digital age? Well, these double as a doorstop! Now you have no excuse. Favourites are the Beaver, Polar Bear, Walrus and Stegosaurus. Prices vary for the different animals, which weigh in around one kilogram. <a href ="">Available at Zuny.</a>
hot dog cushion
HOT DOG CUSHION, $17.95: Dachshunds are the best. I can’t help but give a little squeal every time I see one with their little legs and long body. They are just a little bit ridiculous. Which is why this hot dog cushion can't go amiss. It will bring a little bit of happiness to your day, whether on the couch or bed. <a href ="">Available at Freedom Furniture.</a>
no evil owls
SET 3 NO EVIL OWLS, $29.95: I’m a sucker for owls. It goes back to Harry Potter, seriously. Hedwig will be in my heart forever (RIP). These little cuties are a take on "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil". You could say they’re not evil, owl. (I had to go there.) I can imagine them sitting on the kitchen window sill or as a little decorative piece on the TV cabinet. <a href ="">Available at Typo.</a>

From animal book ends to a felt ball rug which animals would love, here are the interior bits and pieces we're lusting after this week.