The good, the bad, the ugly ... The Block

03:06, Aug 29 2014
NA-NA-NA... na-na naaah naah na na na. Be prepared to get that stuck in your head! Clockwise from top left, Jo and Damo, Alex and Corban, Maree and James and Quinn and Ben

In case you've been living under a media-banishing rock and hadn't heard, The Block NZ is back!

Love it or hate it, you'll be hearing a lot more about it over the next 11 weeks. Every week, we'll bring you the best and worst moments, plus talk through some of the scandals and cringeworthy scenes.

So, what's happened so far?

After faffing about with a few challenges, the contestants were finally introduced to a project that actually involved some building work - the upper level of an apartment block that had been divided into four spaces, with each needing to be turned into a themed hotel room.

Each couple had 48 hours to line, paint and furnish their room, and we were actually pleasantly surprised with how well they all turned out. The only thing that seems to be letting the show down is all the recaps (look, we saw it a minute ago, and no matter how dodgy our memories are, we remember that far back).  

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Corban and Alex looked to be miles ahead with a pretty professional finish on the gibbing and painting. Their final room, decked out in tribal style, was pretty cool and a lot of handy work went into it - but it wasn't enough to win the room challenge.

Quinn and Ben have a lot to get their heads around when it comes to DIY and painting, a little practise before the show started might have been good, but their romantic 'hotel room' actually ended up looking not too bad. And I have to eat my words... the rag in a bag paint technique actually looked better than I thought it would!

Admitting she is bad at making decisions, Maree asked James to decide on the paint concept for the room. So he did, but apparently it was the wrong answer as it nearly resulted in Maree shedding the first set of tears on The Block. Their retro theme ended up looking really great and the feature on the wall was cool - it was daring and seemed to be well executed.

Jo and Damo's attempt at a recessed bookshelf didn't go as planned, which is probably karma from 'borrowing' the idea from Ben. But their New York-style room ended up looking quite good all put together, and it won the judges vote too; they scored 14 out of 20. This means they now have the task of choosing which house they will renovate on The Block, as well as assigning the remaining three to each couple.

Okay, so here are the high- and utter lowlights of the week so far ... 

The Good: The fact that none of the contestants are annoying us....yet.

The Bad: Some of the construction work done by Ben and Damo. We didn't get a look at the final result as this challenge wasn't about workmanship, but some of the GIB stopping was definitely looking a little dodgy. We're sure they'll get better though.

The Ugly: The blatant advertising of sponsors products/services, i.e: the challenge of 'how much stuff from Bunnings can you fit in your Honda Jazz'; the cameras following Maree and James to get money out of a Kiwibank ATM with them exclaiming something along the lines of 'that was easy!' (Who says that?!). And it goes on ... while Quinn and Ben are doing their last minute shopping at Freedom, the rest of the contestants enjoy morning tea from, you guessed it, the BP Wild Bean mobile van, where there are lots of tasty treats and delicious hot drinks to be had! Cue one minute of everyone enjoying themselves, exclaiming 'yummy' and rubbing their full stomachs fondly. 

So three episodes are down, with one more tonight and I have a feeling this four nights a week business means it is just going to be more drawn out, as there hasn't been a lot of renovating done so far, in fact, they aren't even at the houses yet!


The producers have gone with an insane twist in this years #TheBlockNZ where the whole series is just 12 weeks of sponsors challenges

If I learned anything from #theblocknz last night, it's that wed night isn't worth watching as they'll just replay 90% of it on the thurs


@bloggeratlarge they're just going to decorate Auckland and never get to the houses at this rate. #TheBlockNZ

Still on the fence as to who I'm supporting. Referring of course to #TheBlockNZ not the #LeadersDebate

- What did you think so far? What were your good, bad and ugly moments?