What it's like living in a 14sqm tiny house video

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The interior of Lily Duval's tiny (14sqm) home in Christchurch is jam-packed with clever ways ideas for compact living.

Think you don't have enough space?

Try living in Lily Duval's 14sqm home in Christchurch. The tiny house is jam-packed with clever ideas for compact living.


Lily's tiny house building process.

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In fact, there are 10 space saving tricks in this one photo.

DOUBLE DUTY: Lily makes it a rule that everything has two functions: for example, her desk is in the kitchen, so it does double duty as extra bench space.

MAGNETIC ATTRACTION: Magnetic tape stuck to tools, matchboxes etc means they can be stored on the fridge door. 

LOOK DOWN: Pantry items are stored in an underfoot locker. 

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LOOK UP: A mezzanine bedroom (accessed by movable ladder) makes great use of a high stud. 

HOOKED: Lanterns, scissors and mugs are neatly stored with a few well-placed hooks.

JUST-WIDE-ENOUGH SHELVES: Jars of staple ingredients are stored in shelves of exactly the right width, and held in place with ribbons.

CAKE TINS AS ART: Lily stores attractive cake tins face out in purpose-built nooks by the kitchen bench.   

WALL-MOUNTED RECIPE BOOK HOLDER: She keeps recipes books off the bench and conveniently at eye level with a wall-mounted holder.  

INSIDE THE FRAME: Lily's roman blind is mounted inside the window frame, keeping wall space around the frame free for display of art postcards etc.  

STACKED! The most effective way to save space is to have less clutter. Save only your most attractive and beloved pieces of crockery and display them on shelves so they work decoratively as well as functionally. 

Here are more photos of Lily's small but perfectly formed home: 

"The idea of having a mortgage just seems too frightening," says Lily Duvall of her decision to live in a tiny home. 

Lily's treasures tend to be quirky and arty. What doesn't fit in the cupboards is stored under the floor.

Lily has whittled down her possessions to fit her tiny Christchurch home, but she has trouble parting with books; the bookcase beside the door – her first building project – was modified to fit the house; the stained-glass door was an extravagance she doesn't regret: "I look at it every day."

Beyond the kitchen area is the diminutive bathroom. It features Lily's $20 galvanised tub and her growing collection of ceramic tiles.

Photos: Jane Ussher.

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