Storage solutions for small homes

Divide communal living spaces with vertical storage units.
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Divide communal living spaces with vertical storage units.

1. Room dividing units

"In a lounge or dining room and often in bedrooms, built-in storage units can act as a natural divider and also a great way to keep things in a simple but stylish order," says Cameron Frazer, Ask an Architect.

2. Under bed storage

A large storage compartment is concealed within the base of The Symphony Storage Bed by King Living.

Sofas, beds and ottomans with built-in storage are ideal for apartments and cluttered areas of the home.

3. Staircase drawers

Keep shoes organised and out of sight in hidden stair drawers. Photo: Oneflare Scrapbooks.

"Fitting drawers into two or three of your bottom biggest steps will create room to store those bits and bobs that eat up far more space than they should, think shoes, books and electronics.

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"This provides a completely hidden storage solution that won't change the look of the stairs," says Marcus Lim, Co-founder and CEO of Oneflare.

4. Concealed robes

"Enclosing the doorway to the ensuite within robes not only provides more storage, but creates a sleek look to the bedroom wall that's usually unachievable," says DKO Interior Designer, Michael Drescher.

Build a hidden ensuite doorway surrounded by built-in robes. Photo: DKO

5. Pull-out cupboards

Organise your pantry and access those hard to reach corners with pull-out drawers.

"Pull-out pantry and kitchen cupboards make great use of the space so clients don't need to dig to the back of the cupboard for that can of tomatoes­," says Rohin Adams, Company Director of twoDESIGN.

6. Stairway bookcase

Often underutilised, the space surrounding the staircase offers a multitude of storage uses. Photo: DKO

"The usually unusable balustrade space around this staircase has been turned into a bookshelf which can be accessed from both sides," says DKO's Drescher.

7. Ladder

Repurpose an old ladder as a storage unit for towels in the bathroom. Photo: British Paints

"Gain extra storage without spending a cent by repurposing your unused furniture pieces. A rustic ladder leant against the wall is another interesting way to approach towel storage," says Jessica Bellef, Head of Styling at Temple & Webster.

8. Mirror shelving

The borders of your bathroom mirror can also double as practical shelving. Photo supplied by Reece.

"Opt for products that do double-duty, like basins with integrated towel rails or mirrors with built-in shelving," says Reece Bathroom Business Manager, Daniela Santilli.

9. Hanging storage

In the absence of counter storage, try hanging pots and pans above the sink. Photo: Shutterstock

"To de-clutter your kitchen and create more space, use hooks and shelves to hang cutlery, pots and cups above your head, and out of the way of the benchtop," says Lim.

10. Kickboard drawers

Kickboard drawers host the perfect space for flat kitchenware. Photo: Direct Kitchens

"Drawers in kickers in the kitchen are a very handy way to make use of the 100mm under the general cupboards," says Adams.

11. Mobile towel rack

Try the Hydrotherm Milan Mobile Heated Rail by Reece.

"Keep towel rails within arm's reach of the shower and opt for heated towel rails to keep your linen dry and fluffy," says Reece's Santilli.

12. Elevated clothes rack

Elevate an indoor clothes rack with a pulley system for increased floor space. Photo: Instructables.

"This idea lets you pull your storage up to the ceiling when not in use," says Frazer.

13. Straw baskets

Invest in storage baskets to keep spaces clutter-free. Photo: Temple & Webster.

"Keep large straw baskets handy in the lounge room. In one quick sweep you can gather up all the toys off the floor and they are a neat way to store extra blankets and cushions," says Bellef.

14. Couch storage

Try the Delta Storage collection by King Living for built-in living room storage.

"Bench seating or ottomans for living areas with hinged lids and removable cushions are perfect places for magazines or children's toys," says Jeremy Bull, Principal of Alexander &CO.

15. Custom cabinetry

Keep large appliances hidden in cabinets. Photo: Oneflare Scrapbooks

"Hiding away bulky electronic appliances in laundry or kitchen cupboards will instantly make the space feel less cluttered and help drown out the sound of noisy appliances," says Oneflare's Lim.

16. Floating shelves

Install floating shelves to house attractive knickknacks. Photo: Temple & Webster.

Floating shelves are an easy way to create more storage surface area without taking up valuable floor space.  They are great for a home office or bedroom and they are available in a wide range of finishes and sizes," says Bellef.

17. Minimise drawers

Before making changes, consider if you really need increased storage space.

"Drawers that do not have a specific purpose will always accumulate clutter. Identify a drawer's purpose and be aware about what goes in there, culling often!" says Bull.



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