Interior design trends 2016: The anti-Facebook year begins


Will we be cocooning ourselves in furniture and wheeling around everything we own?

Next year, 2016, will be the anti-Facebook year of interior design.

A trend forecaster says we'll be so overwhelmed by over-sharing, we'll look for places in our own home to retreat and be comforted.

"Designers are exploring ways of creating cocooning qualities, products where we can have social solitude in, where we can reconnect with ourselves, where we can be more on our own," trend forecaster Laura Greenwood says.

We long for more privacy.

We long for more privacy.

"It's come to a critical tipping point where having shared so much information and with some of that information being misused, we look forward to taking back control. We want to control what people see about us and what people know about us especially in our online presence. "

Think chairs that wrap around you and furniture that encloses you like a safety blanket. They'll be softly coloured with palettes that reflect wellbeing.

And if it's all too much and you just want to move to the other side of the world then 2016 is perfect: it's the year where nomadic design trends are in.

Things will have wheels on them and handles in odd places, giving a sense of being able to just get up and go.

"In urban environments people are moving in, moving out, forming new communities, new cultures are all coming together," Ms Greenwood says. 

"Modern life is less static. We can up sticks and leave whenever we want and we can take all our home belongings with us. 

"[It's about] creating products that are adaptable, that are flexible that have different purposes to them. Maybe sofas that turn into beds or have handles that you can carry them around with you."

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Laura Greenwood works at Scarlet Opus, an international firm that advises designers, retailers and manufacturers on interior design trends coming up in the next two years.


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