Is Donald Trump's New York penthouse maybe just a little OTT? gallery


All that glitters is most certainly gold in Donald and Melania Trump's Manhattan penthouse.

The interior was designed more than 30 years ago by the late Angelo Donghi, often referred to as the "Saint Laurent of Sofas".

Special features include ceiling frescoes of Greek myths and gold crown mouldings.

The interior is decorated in the style of Louis XIV, who was known as the "Sun King" - he created the Palace of Versailles.

The view is pretty impressive, also.

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With the presidential race hotting up, we thought this was a good time to take a peep inside Republican nominee Donald Trump's New York penthouse – the home he would like to swap for the White House.

The penthouse occupies the top three floors of Trump Tower in Manhattan, and it's pretty comfortable living for the billionaire businessman, his wife Melania and young son Barron.

​IDesignArch says the penthouse, which was designed by the late Angelo Donghia in the French Louis XIV style, is decorated in 24-carat gold and marble.

When they tire of campaigning, the Trumps can skip off to their waterfront compound in Palm Beach, Florida.

When they tire of campaigning, the Trumps can skip off to their waterfront compound in Palm Beach, Florida.

And it's not just the furnishings – even the coffered ceilings are ornate, with handpainted frescoes illustrating Greek myths, gold crown mouldings and glittering chandeliers.

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Angelo Donghi, who was often referred to as the "Saint Laurent of Sofas", also introduced classical statues, gilt furniture and golden cherubs, and there's even a fountain in the sitting room.

Other celebrities who have called Trump Tower home include actor Bruce Willis and football star Cristiano Ronaldo.

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