Five decor ideas to boost kids' creativity

Blackboard walls and decals are two ways to fire up young imaginations.

Blackboard walls and decals are two ways to fire up young imaginations.

Part of being a kid is thinking freely in a way most adults can only vaguely remember. 

There are plenty of ways to encourage activity in the right side of little brains, and as with most good things they start at home. 

Here's how you can create the ultimate oasis where your children can let their imaginations run riot while cultivating their creative streak.


Decals are an excellent option if you're in rented accommodation or on a tight budget.

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Decals come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used to adorn walls and other flat surfaces to your heart's content.

Some decals depict scenes that take up an entire wall or smaller shapes can be used infinitum to create patterns.


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Either commission a local artist to go wild on your kid's wall or track down one of the many inspiring handcrafted wallpapers that produce magnificent larger-than-life landscapes.

Now that large-scale printing is available to the public, you can even design your own unique wallpaper and have it printed and installed by your local sign writer.

Some wallpaper designs on the market specifically caters to kids' need to express themselves, and even encourage the once forbidden taboo of writing on walls, with colouring-in wallpapers.

Bigger and better than any colouring-in book, these wallpapers will spring to life with your tiny tot's creative touch.


Blackboard and magnetic paint can be used in a number of applications and needn't be confined only to the walls.

Think outside the square and look at other surfaces that could easily double as a canvas for your child's creativity.

Chests of drawers, stand-alone wardrobes and table tops all have big surface areas that could serve as ideal outlets of expression, and are a great way to spruce up second hand furniture.

If you prefer to keep blackboard paint confined to the walls, but painting an entire wall seems too oppressive, create an interesting shape with paint like an animal, a giant cupcake, or the silhouette of an ornate frame.


Introduce pretty patterns, fun prints, tactile textures and bursts of vibrant colour with soft furnishings.

Bed linen, throws, cushion covers, beanbags, blinds and rugs are all elements you can use to bring some frivolity into your child's boudoir.

If you're handy with the sewing machine then whipping up some cushions covers will cost next to nothing and can be swapped out on a whim.


No, we're not referring to those mind-numbing electronic devices.

Real world play stations are devoted areas where kids can explore their creative talents.

Depending on your child's interests you may like to create a dedicated space for playing dress up, a craft zone filled with art supplies or cosy seating for reading and storytelling.

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