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Cymbidium orchids are a hefty, long-lasting flower; and they come in a variety of masculine shades like maroon, olive green and even brown.

Anthurium: The sturdy heart-shaped blossoms of this easy-care houseplant look more like coloured leaves than fussy flowers. And you have to admit, they’ve got a certain masculine shape to them.

There are over 150 varieties of heliconia, a bold tropical flower that makes a real statement.

Big arrangements that include blooms of Bird of Paradise, Heliconia, Ginger and Anthurium are a great way to bring flowers into the most manly interiors.

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OPINION: Stylists and etiquette experts have spoken at length about what single men need to know about art, how they should behave in their kitchens and bathrooms, what furniture might suit their style. But these advice-givers seldom mention flowers.

It would seem that the presence of flora in the home is one of the final gender boundaries. Flowers, in many people's minds, are a ladies-only proposition and not fitting for a masculine decor theme. 

I, however, beg to differ. Beautiful, well-arranged flowers will bring an interior to life - and, with a bit of thought, they can work well in even the most manly abode.

Flowers in the home seem to be the last remaining gender divide.

Flowers in the home seem to be the last remaining gender divide.

Relax guys, I'm not suggesting vases filled with giant pink peonies or delicate wildflowers (although, if that's your thing, by all means do it). Instead, check out our gallery (above) of less frilly options guaranteed to inject life into an all-male space.

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Designer Deigo Correa says, "It is true that some flowers tend to be more masculine in look due to their vertical and linear appearance.

"Bird of Paradise for instance, Calatheas, Callas and Thistle amongst others. These certainly will convey masculinity, adding that touch from nature that will bring a beauty to your place.

"If you are seduced by roses, orchids, peonies usually more feminine flowers… no problem - just choose the right colour and arrangement and they will make you look not just sensitive but a man of exquisite taste."

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