Life hacks: How to get glass shower door clean (and keep it that way)

Cleaning a glass shower is a job no one looks forward to.

Cleaning a glass shower is a job no one looks forward to.

Almost anyone who's ever been responsible for cleaning a house will have a specific chore that they loathe above all else; a task they find so arduous that they have to actively psych themselves up before they can get started.

For some, it's doing the dishes, for others, it's dusting. For me, it's cleaning the shower.

I would put it off forever, if I could (and I'll admit in the past I've come close). There are many reasons I hate cleaning the shower.

For a start, it's physically impossible to do without getting sopping wet (a one point, I decided to give up on the futile attempt to keep my clothes dry altogether, and just took my cleaning supplies in with me when I had my morning shower).

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Then there's cleaning the drain, which can be - depending on who you share your shower with - a truly terrifying ordeal.

But, perhaps even worse than the drain (hard to believe, I know), is the glass door, which remains stubbornly streaked with white soap scum, despite my best attempts to make it sparkle.

I've tried everything from microfibre cloths to hardy scrubbing brushes, smelly chemical cleaners to organic concoctions, but nothing works.

So - as any self-respecting millennial would do - I turned to Google in search of simple hacks that would get the job done properly (and with as little effort as possible) and found three promising candidates.

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Yes, you read that right, every single day. That seemed like a lot of cleaning to me, too, but in reality, wiping your shower door down with a squeegee every day costs hardly anything (you can pick up one from The Warehouse for $3), takes only a few seconds, and will reduce the buildup of soap scum significantly, which means less cleaning in the long run.


Ah, vinegar. It fixes all manner of sins, including, apparently, soap scum. Wikihow suggests combining one-part white vinegar with one-part water in an inexpensive spray bottle. Spray your door, inside and out, and then give them a good rub down with a sponge. Leave for 10 to 30 minutes (more if you're a rebel…or you haven't cleaned your shower in a while), then wash down with a watery sponge. Give them a good squeegee and dry off with paper towels.


Can't be bothered to squeegee your shower door every day? Not a fan of old-fashioned home remedies? Then this one's for you.

Pick up a bottle of rain repellent from your local auto store and coat your shower door with it. Rain repellent is designed to, well, repel rain and prevent other external elements (sleet, mud, bugs…) from building up on your windscreen.

The same logic applies to your shower door -  the rain repellent will stop water from sticking to the door, which means it will take longer for dirt to built up. Winning.



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