At my place: Celebrity chef Brett McGregor's "rough round the edges" home

McGregor with his son Jack, 13, and wife, Tracey.

McGregor with his son Jack, 13, and wife, Tracey.

It should come as no surprise that celebrity chef and former Cantabrian Brett McGregor's go-to dish at home is a Thai creation - Larb Gai. After all it's his expertise with Asian food which helped him take out the title of New Zealand's first MasterChef and inspired his latest book Chop Chop: Asian-Inspired Family Favourites.

McGregor now lives in a 1960s Dutch kitset home in the leafy west-Auckland suburb of Titirangi with his wife, Tracey, and their son, Jack, 13.

The Taste of a Traveller presenter loves to entertain outside and welcomes unexpected guests who McGregor says make him feel "off guard, but happy."  

McGregor likes entertaining outdoors, and doesn't mind drop-in visitors

McGregor likes entertaining outdoors, and doesn't mind drop-in visitors

Describe your house in two sentences:
A two-storey 1960s Dutch kitset house that's a little rough around the edges.

Describe your style:
Ethnic and modern.

Where is your home and who lives there with you:
Titirangi. I live with my beautiful wife, Tracey, and 13-year-old son, Jack.

The view from McGregor's house in Titirangi, west Auckland.

The view from McGregor's house in Titirangi, west Auckland.


Love this dude #Thailand #hugthailand best place to travel with kids

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First thing you do when you get home each day:
Give Tracey a kiss and head for the fridge.

Best new buy:
Bodega Rubs - the tastiest range of meat rubs on the planet.

Proudest DIY moment:
The planter boxes I built around our first house in Christchurch. They're an amazingly attractive design and are still holding together today.

Favourite spot to relax:
I love to relax on a beach. And I like to do nothing, except drink a cocktail.


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Best kept secret about the area you live in:
The space.

Best money I ever spent on the house:
The new deck. It gave us increased space to entertain and hang out.

Favourite way of entertaining:
Outside if possible. I love a good BBQ and a glass of wine as the sun sets.

Best kitchen tool:
The coffee machine. Everything starts from there in the morning.

I can't live without:
The occasional chocolate milk. I am obsessed with milk. I grew up drinking it by the litre and this tradition has continued.

Favourite piece of furniture:
The bed. After all, that is where I would like to spend a touch more time.

Favourite artwork or family treasure:
I love the art we have in the house for the simple reason that each piece tells a story of a time, place or emotion. I love that about art. A story within a story.

Favourite household appliance:
The dishwasher.

One thing I'd like to change around my house:
I would love to change the fact I don't have a swimming pool.

What's your signature dish:
Double-cooked pork belly, chilli caramel and apple slaw.

What's your quickest dinner idea:
Larb Gai.

How do you feel about unannounced guests:
Off guard, but happy.

Shoes on or off in your house:
Shoes are off in ours.

Favourite/least favourite household chore:
Doing the dishes.

What's one domestic/housework/gardening trick you've learnt over the years:
Pick up as you go.

Favourite flowers:
I like lilies.

Favourite colour combination:
I love white with splashes of colour.

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