Garden tinder: swap flowers, bulbs and seeds and meet fellow gardeners

Meet your match: find gardeners online and swap flowers, seeds and bulbs.

Meet your match: find gardeners online and swap flowers, seeds and bulbs.

Would you like to swap roses for daisies? It's no longer just date-seeking Kiwis who can look for a good match online: a new website makes it easy for gardeners to find each other and buy or swap plants. was launched for the first time in New Zealand this summer. The idea for the website came to the founder, Thomas Pedersen, after he established his very first garden and couldn't find a good tailored marketplace for plants.

"I was surprised. In a world full of new services like Airbnb, Tinder and car sharing services – no good social marketplace for plants existed for those of us hooked on the wonderful hobby of gardening," he said.

Gardeners have long swapped plants over the garden fence, or through swap tables at community get-togethers. 

Thomas launched in Denmark at the end of the last northern summer. But then the winter came and there is not much gardening going on in Denmark. So, he thought why not make a version for a place where it is actually summer right now – so he made a version of the service tailored to New Zealand.

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The name Floragora is a mixture of 'flora', meaning plants of a particular place, and 'agora', which was the market square in the ancient Greek cities. Pederson says he has found swapping flowers more rewarding than expected. 

"Initially, the idea was to create a purely practical tool. But I have found out that flower swapping is quite rewarding. At the very same time you have the joy of giving and receiving – and that is kind of a double trigger of happiness – so now I am quite hooked myself." 

On Floragora, it is free to swap flowers, seeds and plants – just create a swap post and fill out a wish list. Besides swapping, you can also sell flowers and plants on for a small subscription fee.

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