Valentine's Day: how to bring sexy back to the bedroom

A French inspired boudoir in Auckland.
Tessa Chrisp

A French inspired boudoir in Auckland.

With V-day 2017 less than a week away, the countdown begins. It's time to bring a little sexy back to the bedroom, so take note.



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Already the largest piece of furniture in the space and the reason for being there, make a further feature out of your bed with a canopy, four-poster frame or elaborate headboard.

Whilst some of us have in been love with the romantic air of a canopy bed forever, this trend is tipped to be huge for bedrooms in 2017 so get on board now.

Highly versatile, a bed canopy is a virtual cure all for an otherwise lacklustre bedroom.

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Use your chosen bed canopy to broadcast your love language. Are you bohemian and free spirited? Go for macrame hanging just at the headboard, or dangling tassels on all sides.

Are you minimalist and straight-forward? Pick a pure white linen style that ties back at each of the four corners.

Sexy and brooding? A jet black mosquito net or festooned tapestries in dark jewel shades.

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A cross-fitting exhibitionist? Maybe ditch the canopy and frame altogether and use a faded gilt mirror as, or above, your headboard.


Feel like you're at a resort by dressing your room in shades of all white and neutrals such as ecru, ivory and champagne.

Fix your monochrome look by mixing and match the different tones with a variety of pillow sizes and fabric textures.


Work - Artwork installation 👌🏻

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For 50 shades of darker bedroom style, wrap your bed in all black against a contrasting bed frame.

Take it further by painting the walls black or darkest green or blue; set it off white gilded accessories.


Roll out the mongolian lambswool carpet, it's time to add textures that delight the touch. Tactile and sensual, introduce this element with a fluffy 'mink' throw, velvet pillows or a sheepskin rug.

Lustrous fashion fabrics come out of the drawer and into the furnishings - velvet, satin, leather and lace.

Try using fashion fabrics in unexpected ways for maximum effect.

For example, a matte leather headboard, velvet drapes, satin bench at the end of the bed, or valance with a wide chantilly lace edge.


To basically set up your bedroom in the most harmonious arrangement for encouraging long-term love, Feng Shui denotes that your bed must be equally accessible from both sides.

The energy to solidify in your room is that of the number two. Take that thought further and two expresses a pair; the lovers.

So pair any knick-knacks in your room in twos and make sure that you have a bedside table on both sides of the bed.

This your mantra: balance, harmony, equality.

However, if you think Feng Shui is a bunch of hoo-ha, or just don't have the space, push your bed into the corner and decorate for a moroccan daybed vibe.

Better yet if your bed is a futon, crown it with a bed canopy suspended between the corner and a tonne of pillows. Netflix and chill, anyone?


Apart from literally stimulating the air supply, plants create a living, breathing feeling in a bedroom that sets the mood with a visceral sense of life and er, creation. 

So go nuts with the plants for an instant ambience creator - hang trailing varieties from the ceiling, position lush leafy pot plants on all available surfaces, and if you can't afford that many - no problem.


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Place your plants in front of a mirror, such as on a dressing table, to the make the most of your botanical investment.



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