Designer rooms that Disney princesses would love

These designer spaces are fit for a Disney princess.

These designer spaces are fit for a Disney princess.

Right now the internet has Disney princesses on the brain.

From which princess you might be, to what lipstick colour or bikini style the characters would choose, it seems that we're a little more concerned with escapism than usual.

Maybe it's a sign of the times. But hey, if you can't beat them, join them.

Here are some exceptional spaces that we're pretty sure the Disney princesses would love...


Hopefully this fabulous glass-enclosed mezzanine bathroom wouldn't give Snow White any unhappy flashbacks.

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This loft looks amazing 😍 Tag a friend you'd take here! Follow @timberdaily for more!

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We bet the unruly royal would love this cosy set up. It's got all the essentials, plus it's remote, which equals minimal parental interruption.


We all know how much Belle loves to read and get out and about, so can definitely imagine her digging a New York apartment with floor-to-ceiling bookcase.



. R E T R A C E I recall the first time I saw a photograph of the famous Shell Bed, by #WilliamKent at @houghton_hall I was spellbound. The details; the proportion; the fabric; the colours: all of them, all of these separate entities were designed and fashioned to such a refinement, that they coalesced into one grand Artwork. This bed alone can serve as a model and inspiration for those that desire truly to understand the meaning of the term 'The Visual Arts.' Its comprehensive. It stands the test of centuries. I'd recreate it today, and not change a thing. #shellbed #interiordesign #historicbuilding #interiordesigner #bedroom #iconicdesign #englisharchitecture #englishdesign #bespoke #bespokeinteriors #woodcarving #green #velvet #fabric

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Taking a kip in this dreamy four poster bed, Ariel could never feel far from the sea.



D R E A M H O U S E 😍

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This marshmallow pink living space is where Jasmine might entertain friends if Genie transported Agrabah to the Hollywood Hills.


Pocahontas is the style inspiration for almost every chick on the music festival scene. So, it seems only fitting that her place would be comfy and bohemian.


With a sitting room set in this outstanding handpainted willow wallpaper by de Gournay, Mulan could watch TV and feel like she was at home in her father's garden.


This magnificent chartreuse drawing room is almost the colour of the princely frog.


This is a girl that likes to make an impression and what better way to do that, than with a dramatic entranceway?



Bed goal 😍 By Anthropology

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If you were going to sleep for a thousand years, this might just be the place do it.


This princess has to have a place from which to watch the world go by. If anyone's going to enjoy a private bath with a view, it's Rapunzel.


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