Building with the Drents: part 10 video

Ido Drent

The Drents' future home is ready for paint.

Kiwi actor Ido Drent, best known for his role on Shortland Street, shares his journey as he and his wife Mandy build a new house in Auckland and wrangle a toddler and baby.

We're fresh off the back of the long weekend and into it.

Well as fresh as you can be after a long weekend with two sick kids… As a family, Easter is an important holiday for us and this year, we headed down to the tron for a few days to see family. We also had a break on the build for a few days.

I find Easter is always a pretty good opportunity to take stock of where things are at. Given where things are at in our lives - the build, the kids, career - it couldn't have come at a better time.

The reality of me going to LA earlier on in the build is now having a flow-on effect. Some of the decisions I'm making now probably should have been made five weeks ago, meaning that I've created a bottleneck in many instances. One thing you never want on site is people waiting for you to make decisions.

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Drent is salvaging GIB cut-offs to recycle in his garden.

Drent is salvaging GIB cut-offs to recycle in his garden.


Then there are all the other things in life that still need to be taken care of.

Then the pressure of making sure I'm taking care of things at home and also with my career.

Drent is pretty stoked his build is nearing completion.

Drent is pretty stoked his build is nearing completion.

This week I've got a couple of auditions I have to send away to the US and I've not been able to give them the time I need.

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All this topped off nicely by the the fact that it's crunch time with money to work it out how to get it all done.

There's the reality that there's a mortgage I've got to start paying for and there's a responsibility as a provider and a father.

Actor Ido Drent is trying to balance her career and family commitments with a house build. Having sick children doesn't ...

Actor Ido Drent is trying to balance her career and family commitments with a house build. Having sick children doesn't make it any easier.

So yeah, the Easter break was well needed. I guess nothing comes free in life and there will always need to be sacrifices made.

The really cool thing is though with the house well on its way to being complete, there's a real sense of accomplishment starting to kick in for both Mandy and I.

Theres been some great progress on site with the house being transformed into a tidy, finished state.

The Drents' future home is now lined and ready for paint.

The Drents' future home is now lined and ready for paint.

With all the pre-line work completed, we're well into getting the GIB up, likely to be finished in the next day or two. It's amazing standing in the house, you can feel the size of the rooms and experience the space.

Up until now, it's been a bit of an illusion. They say a house 'shrinks' at this stage and it definitely feels like it.

Seeing all the various GIB products go up has been a really interesting experience.

Our rooms are quite close to the living areas, so we really wanted to make sure they're as soundproof as possible.

We've used the GIB noiseline product in those areas, coupled with a bit of internal insulation, to try and achieve a high level of noise control.

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Then in the bathrooms we've installed GIB's aqualine product - the green board - to help reduce the chance of moisture penetration. I just don't want to ever have to deal with water issues in the bathroom.

Then on the ceilings we've gone for a 13mm standard GIB. The 13mm will just give that extra strength to keep everything nice and straight in those big open, well lit, areas like our living room.

We could have gone for GIBs ultraline product, which gives a slightly smoother finish, but for the sake of budget decided to just go standard.

As for all the off cuts, I've learned that GIB is actually a natural clay breaker in gardens. So we've set up our little GIB recycling bin on site to make sure we're wasting as little as possible.

Then the next thing we need to start thinking about is paint. 

We've booked in with a colour specialist from Resene to come meet us on site next week and go through all our ideas.

We initially just wanted everything white, but more recently Mandy's been exploring various colourful options for our room and the kid's rooms.

A couple of initial colours shes been throwing out - Duck Egg Blue by Resene and then there's some pinks (It's taken some convincing) like Petite Orchid and Dawn Chorus. By the way, how in the world are these names come up with?

But she's also thinking outside the square - such as commissioning an artist to do a watercolour. I love that idea.

It's a really nice house with great spaces. And the right colours will really maximise this.

We've also made all the decisions on the kitchen and that stuff has started being built this week. We're also deciding on all the surfaces.

In other areas - we're starting to look at the landscape plan and figuring out what planting we're going to do where.

It's been a stressful week but a good week. I'm excited to see where everything is going and looking forward to getting some paint on the walls.

Now we have to just stay focused on making the decisions that count and keeping things flowing so there's no bottlenecks. Sounds easy as in theory, time for me to put it into practice.

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