NZ Gardener

Autumn shades for small spaces

Drought-tolerant and beloved by bees, sedums are stalwarts of the autumn garden.

You don’t need an arboretum to achieve the stunning colours of autumn. Give these warm-tinted plants a try.

Is this our next big export?

Cranberry sauce is a tasty side for duck, venison and goose

Want to grow cranberries - a super-hot superfood - in your Kiwi backyard? Here's how

What's turning my feijoas brown?

A Kiwi fruit favourite could be under threat.

An insidious pest is making fruit drop early, the skin damaged and the flesh brown.

Get ready for winter

Clean up autumn leaves now.

These simple jobs will help get your house and garden ready for the cold season.

Take the terror out of pruning video

Pruning is a way to increase your stonefruit crops.

Want great plum, peach and apricot crops? You'll need to get your secateurs out. Here's how to prune stonefruit trees right.

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