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The man who grew a church from trees video

The spherical Acer platanoides 'Globosum' and low camellia hedge surround the structure.

What does a gardener with a passion for ecclesiastical architecture do with 3 acres in the Waikato? Create a tree church, of course.

How to grow... garlic

Delicious, versatile and health-giving garlic.

It's June so my thoughts, as every gardener's must, turn to garlic...

Refugees find solace in garden

REAF students and staff show off the Peace Garden’s impressive autumn harvest.

"In a new country where everything is unfamiliar, the garden is something they recognise."

How frost can help and harm

Frost brings beauty to the winter garden too.

Many gardens have been hit by icy lows this week - but does the big chill really harm our plants?

Stars 'n' stripes - how to use variegated foliage plants

Scrophularia aquatica ‘Variegata’ is often grown in ponds and bog margins, but it’s also happy in any good garden soil that's not too dry.

Variegated foliage makes some gardeners shudder; the more sophisticated know that, used well, these plants can delight.

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