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Best spring flowers for posies gallery

Red achilleas, zinnias, alyssum and Grevillea 'Fireworks' with sprigs of conifer, artemisia and lavender

Lynda Hallinan shares her top flower ideas for pretty buttonholes.

Kiwi gardeners get behind Plan Bee

A bee pollinates plum blossom in a Marlborough orchard.

We asked readers to sow free bee-friendly wild flower seeds across the country. Here's what happened next.

Cooking with caraway thyme

Bees love caraway thyme's pink flowers - one of the downsides of a herb lawn.

This can be used fresh or dried to flavour bread, egg and meat dishes, or as a substitute for true caraway.

Make a succulent wreath

For this simple Christmas wreath, we used succulents, moss and lichen gathered off trees and added artificial berries (real berries would be even better if you have them) and a red candle.

Succulents are dead easy to grow - so why not get crafty with this wreath project?

Gardening tasks for this week.

Cleome are great for distracting bad bugs - but those spikes can be painful.

If you want bumper crops later, here are some jobs to do in the week ahead.

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