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Top garden design trends

The tiny terrace garden design trend reflects the small smalls in which people live - but multi-level gardens allow for ...

The latest in garden design will take your outdoor living to new heights of comfort and style.

What can I grow underneath my tramp?

What can you plant under a tramp?

Weeding and mowing under a trampoline is a nightmare. Try these tricks to save yourself the hassle.

Plant now: Cleomes

Pretty cleomes provide months of summer flower power and do double duty as pest controllers.

Now's the right time to plant these pretty spider flowers that do double duty as pest controllers.

Wise ways to water your garden

Watering deeply once or twice a week encourages plants to send roots deep searching for moisture, rather than producing ...

Expert tips on sensible watering so your plants stay healthy without wasting water.

Beat the birds, eat berries

Ripe raspberries are irresistible to humans and wildlife alike.

Encourage birds to visit your garden without sacrificing all your fruit.

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