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DIY your own mini hot house gallery

This hot box will shelter your seedlings.

Building this portable tomato seedling shelter will help you get a jump on spring.

Gardening tasks for the weekend

Find a permanent space in your garden bed for crowns and you'll be cropping asparagus for years.

It's asparagus time! Plus caffeine fiends will be pleased to hear there's a great use for all those grounds ...

Blue beauties of early spring gallery

Tecophilaea cyanocrocus, the Chilean blue crocus, is an ideal bulb for growing in pots.

True blue is a rare commodity in the flower world, which makes their arrival in spring all the more welcome.

The best fruit trees for preserving

Plant fruit trees now for a bounty in the summer and autumn.

Winter is a great time to add to your orchard - but which fruits have the best flavour for bottling, jam, storing or freezing?

How to build a bee hotel

Create a permanent home for queen bees this spring.

Our furry pollinating friends need all the help they can get in the nesting season.

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