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Gardening tasks for the week

'Looking Good' has masses of frilly pink, healthy blooms.

Little and often is the way to go in your garden - here are three jobs to do this weekend.

The adored tree of Albert Park

The ombu in Auckland's Albert Park has hosted many a party.

Loved by students, children and homeless for decades, Albert Park's ombu tree has many secrets.

Stunning foliage for shade

Loropetalum ‘Burgundy’.

Inject drama into your garden with bold, easy-care foliage plants.

How to grow deciduous azaleas

Unnamed deciduous azalea seedling at the Jury garden in Tikorangi.

The deciduous azaleas do add vibrancy to the late spring garden. They are not all so breathtakingly unsubtle.

Two gorgeous shrubs for your garden

Margaret Barker's plant is a cross between this Carolina allspice - Calycanthus floridus - and its rare Chinese cousin.

Renowned plantswoman Margaret Barker introduces Calycanthus x raulstonii and cantua

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