NZ Gardener

Want bigger, better roses? 

Roses benefit from a good feed in spring - any store-bought or homemade fertiliser will do.

All roses benefit from a big spring feed - NZ Gardener expert Barbara Lea Taylor reveals her DIY fertiliser recipe.

What NOT to plant 

Beauty, or beast? A rampant wisteria

Some plants - like wisteria - are more trouble than they're worth, says Abbie Jury.

Common broad bean questions

Freshly picked broad beans are a spring treat.

How to look after broad bean plants in spring

Have we reached Peak Bee?

Scientists in the US found some feral bees had developed resistance to varroa. Now NZ scientists want to find out if the ...

With honey bee numbers in New Zealand surging thanks to demand for manuka honey, what does that really mean for the future of our furry pollinators?

This weekend's garden tasks

Dimorphotheca, aka African daisy, loves the sun and tolerates poor soil.

Choosing the right spot for perennials will ensure months of summer colour and plenty of food for bees.

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