NZ Gardener

Garden tasks for the weekend

Plant a few lettuces every couple of weeks for an ongoing supply.

Spring is nearly here. It's time to get cracking in the garden.

Spud-growing for beginners

Start chitting potatoes in August to give them a head start for September planting.

Everyone loves new potatoes at Christmas - and now's the time to kickstart your crop.

My and My Garden: Ian Baldick

A bunch of plant breeder Ian Baldick's magnolias.

"My wife's never forgiven me for taking out the figs and the feijoa trees so I could put in more magnolias."

5 organic gardening myths

Marigolds may not deter whitefly - but they do look pretty and provide food for foraging insects.

Don't believe everything you hear - Lincoln University's Steve Wratten debunks some common gardening myths.

Make these trees cool again

In a shady corner or woodland, Enkianthus campanulatus 'Red Bells'  has beautiful buds, blossoms and autumn brilliance.

These fabulous trees used to feature in many Kiwi gardens - so why have they gone out of fashion?

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