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The stalk that's touching the sky

Gaye Mullin's plant has taken itself to new heights this week, growing at least another metre and a half.

Amid a NZ garden, a succulent stalk is growing more than a metre a week. The town is bewildered.

Why I prefer fake birds

Gardening guru Lynda Hallinan.

Gardening expert Lynda Hallinan only wants birds that keep their beaks shut

African violets 101

African violet 'Powder Keg'.

Passionate collector Betty Enticott shares her top growing tips.

And the best kept street is ...

Keep Alexandra and Clyde Beautiful Society best street organiser Kathy Spain in Briar Cres, the winner of this year's ...

The winner of Alexandra and Clyde's best looking street has been announced.

Green thumbs at Wainuiomata school

Charles Watkins (left) and Margaret Angelo help teacher Mary Atua in the gardens at St Claudine Thevenet School.

Green-fingered students in Wainuiomata hope to put in an orchard at their school

Garden of the week: Tamahere

Pat and Denise Donnelly have created a beautiful rural garden featuring crisply cut hedges, topiary and sweeping lawns.

Meet the Waikato couple who prefer pottering in their garden to almost anything else.

Fight against stowaway stinkbug video

A brown marmorated stink bug.

Bugman Ruud Kleinpaste warns the stinkbug needs to be stopped - and we all have an important role to play.

10 tips for growing walnuts

Walnuts are easier to grow than you might think.

Walnuts are prolific, packed with protein and easier to grow at home than you think.

Hedges that hush

To effectively reduce noise, hedging would have to be more than 7m deep.

Trees and shrubs provide the psychological impression of less noise, but are they effective?

Xanthe White talks topiary

Xanthe White ponders the virtues and failings of bamboo.

What would a clipped box plant say about the trend towards wild gardens?

8 bold plants to admire

Zinnia ‘Red Spider’ marks a trend in breeders returning to a simpler look in high-bred annuals. With robust flowers and ...

Can flowers be too colourful? Check out these ones on show at Canada's Butchart Gardens.

What fruit tree to spray when

The right spray at the right time will help prevent pest and disease problems with homegrown fruit.

When it comes to problems with home fruit trees, prevention is very much better than cure.

How to avoid a kinky hose

Using a hose reel prolongs the life of your hose.

My hose is like a writhing snake, how can I straighten it out?

Autumn rose care

The shrub rose ‘Jacqueline du Pré’ is named for the English cellist who died tragically young. It’s an elegant milk ...

March is the month to water, feed and protect your roses ahead of winter.

Is this NZ's best shed?

Resene Shed of the Year winner Murray Lehndorf.

Murray Lehndorf has transformed an old double garage into quite a work of art.

Weekend garden tasks

Geums are reliable hardy perennials for a sunny spot. Single or double flowers are held aloft on stiff 60cm stems and ...

Sow perennials, save seeds, plant winter veg and make more strawberry plants.

9 top flowers for picking

Sweet Williams.

Vege garden, tick. Now why not plant a picking flower garden?

John Sargeant: A nutty legacy

John Sargeant has looked after South Taranaki's parks for 22 years. Now he's calling it a day.

For John Sargeant it's all about the walnuts.

Win Yates lawn products

The Yates lawn care pack contains Weed ’n’ Feed and Mow it Less grass seed.

March is the ideal time to show your lawn some love.

How to grow leeks

Leeks take at least six months from seed to harvest.

Lynda Hallinan tells you how to grow a whopper crop for a fraction of the price of buying them.

Weekend garden tasks

Crimson clover planted as a green manure crop fixes nitrogen beneficial insects love its flowers.

Plant a green crop to restore and refresh your soil.

Xanthe White's bamboo chat

Xanthe White ponders the virtues and failings of bamboo.

Xanthe White 'talks' one-on-one with bamboo which, you'll be surprised to learn, has plenty to say for itself.

8 plants for water gardens

Waterlilies make good picking flowers and are often scented, though they tend to close at night.

You, too, can have a garden like Impressionist painter Monet.

The man who loves carnivorous plants

Cor Schipper

Cor Schipper of Rotorua is fascinated by the huge variety of plants that eat living creatures

Best climbing roses

Climber ‘Pierre de Ronsard’, is the perfect climber to plant near a doorway.

A rose expert picks her top climbers, and advises on how to care for your plants this month.

3 easy handmade bouquets

Create a hand-tied vintage posy of roses and hydrangeas.

It's easy to buy flowers, but we reckon a hand-tied bouquet is more likely to win over your Valentine.

10 water-saving tips

In the midst of the warmer months, it's a good idea to pay attention to your water consumption.

Summer may have been late to the party but it is definitely here.

Rat-proof your garden

21-wmp-rat conservation awards   
Rat Generic

It seems it wasn't the blackbirds and thrushes who had been decimating my tomatoes.

This weekend's garden tasks

Plant cabbage and broccoli now but keep them watered and watch out for white cabbage butterfly caterpillars.

It's time to get veges for next spring off to a good start before cold weather sets in.

Crop of the week: cucumbers

Crisp cucumbers are refreshing in summer recipes. Pick them young so the skin is tender and the seeds aren't mature.

They have a reputation for being tricky to grow but crack it and the rewards are great.

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