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This weekend's garden tasks

Leave about 7-10cm of stalk on pumpkins when harvesting to reduce the chance of rot.

It's time to harvest pumpkins and plant your tulip bulbs.

Garden on the coastal cliffs

Stunning views of nearby Opunake Beach can be found along the walkway.

It's almost like a secret garden, a little patch of paradise, and a surprise find.

52 pumpkins from one plant video

Adrian Holmes grew 52 pumpkins from one plant, which could be a record.

One pumpkin plant produces 52 pumpkins - believe it or not.

Gardening guru's watermelon fail

Lynda Hallinan concedes there is one fruit she just can't seem to grow.

You may think Lynda Hallinan could grow anything, but there is one fruit that has slipped through her green fingers.

Houdini hog rides again

Bringing home the bacon: my prodigal porker returns from its weekend out wandering.

My plucky pair of pigs are a constant 'sauce' of mischief.

This weekend's garden tasks

Harvest apples before the birds get them all.

Harvest apples and pears, take hardwood cuttings and keep on top of the weeds.

Car cordon defends hedge

Waikanae Beach hedge owner Vince Osborne remains defiant over the council's plans to cut his giant hedge.

Car park-in puts the handbrake on planned cut for embattled giant hedge.

A Rumball in the jungle

When he's gardening Tony Rumball is often thinking about his art.

Tony Rumball has a wild side. You can see it in his garden.

Slim pickings for vegetable growers

Home grown vegetables have rotted in the ground

Growers, suppliers and retailers are struggling to meet consumer demand for popular vegetables.

The best secateurs for you

Bypass secateurs work like a pair of scissors. They can be used for most cutting jobs from deadheading spent flowers to ...

Secateurs are likely to be the garden tool you use most often, so it's worth spending time to get the right ones.

Couple's off-grid market garden success

Practising what they preach: Yotam and Niva Kay, with daughters Lily, 6, and Dina, 3, and dog Luna.

Yotam and Niva Kay: "People say you can't feed the world with small-scale farming but you can... with bio-intensive practices it's possible to grow beautiful produce and get six times the yield."

Sow broad beans now

Broad beans.

Sow broad beans in blocks of about 150cm by 150cm, which helps germination.

Easter weekend garden tasks

Rhubarb is known as a "greedy feeder" so add plenty of well-rotted manure or fertiliser when planting.

It's time to sow broad beans and plan ahead for winter planting of fruit trees.

Gardens grow to Oz

Fringe Garden Festival organisers, from left, John Lucas, Rose Ratahi, Anne Clough and Annette Higgs in Melbourne.

Taranaki gardens bloom in Oz.

Which fungi are safe to eat?

March till May is fungi time in Southland and the colouful, but poisonous fungi, Fly Agaric or Amanita Muscaria is ...

Advice from NZ Gardener magazine on identifying edible mushrooms - and making sure you get a good crop next year.

Why you should garden at Easter

Easter weekend is the perfect time to plant bulbs to flower in spring.

If the weather plays ball, you'd be mad not to get out in the garden over these Easter holidays. Here are 13 reasons why.

Council gets hedge clippers out

In January, the hedge outside the Osborne home.

Owner's work on Waikanae hedge deemed too slow, so council will finish the job.

A chef's garden

The greengage harvest.

Nicola Galloway's central Nelson garden produces so much food, she plans her family's meals around what's in season.

Your weekend garden tasks

Rake up autumn leaves to make leaf mould and prevent damage to the grass.

 It's time to rake up your autumn leaves and plant Asian greens.

Shop talk: Ponsonby Plants video

Owener Richard DeGrandpre outside his store, Ponsonby Plants.

There's more to this green neighbourhood fixture than meets the eye.

Xanthe White on sunflowers

Xanthe White

Landscape designer and gardening author Xanthe White imagines talking philosophy with a sunflower.

Glass greenhouse guide

Egyptian walking onions grow under an old grapevine in a glasshouse.

Your complete guide to growing food undercover in winter.

Garden of the week: Whanganui video

Jennie Chillingworth with one of her beloved hydrangeas.

Jennie Chillingworth's garden is an unexpected delight on the bank of the Whanganui River.

Beans to dry for winter

Four varieties of dried heritage beans. Store and cook each sort separately as they have different cooking times.

Beans have so many benefits for the home gardener, it is worth making them a staple in your patch.

Egg cartons as garden gadgets

Pretty ceramic eggs packed in an egg carton for safe postage.

Protecting eggs is not the only thing they're good for.

How to grow lemongrass

Stems of lemon grass.

Lemongrass is great for Southeast Asian and Indian cuisine - but make sure you grow the right one.

Build a lizard lounge

Attract geckos and skinks to your garden by creating a habitat with the food and shelter they need.

Kid's project: Attract geckos and skinks to your garden by creating a habitat with the food and shelter they need.

11 ways to beat mozzies

Biting mosquitoes make spending an evening in the garden uncomfortable.

Is mozzie whine spoiling your evening glass of wine outdoors? Here's what to do about it.

The colourful past of sweet peas

Scented sweet peas.

Kiwi plant breeders played a big part in making the sweet pea the much-loved flower it is today.

7 new plants to buy

Protea aurea 'Goodwood Red'.

Proteas for winter colour, a miniature daffodil plus easy-care perennials.

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