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From scout den to party place

The swimming pool was part of the home’s 
appeal when the Perrins bought it 13 years ago and they’ve hosted many pool parties since; the weatherboards are painted in Resene ‘Black’.

This Lowry Bay home is perfect for entertaining... but still bears the scars of its previous life as a scout denĀ 

A dessert to make your guests swoon... Eton Mess (tidied up)

Sam Mannering turns to the combo of juicy berries with lashings of cream for light yet luscious summer desserts.

Chef Sam Mannering's reconstructed version of Eton Mess looks amazing. But he also loves the way guests can dig into it as they see fit... just try to stop them!

Roses galore in this Wellington seaside garden

The front garden is surrounded by a high brick wall with the beach just across the road; Honor planted to complement the red of the brick with berberis, flaxes, canna lilies, lime green euphorbia, a compact variety of agapanthus and grasses – all hardy enough to cope with the salt and wind.

A sheltered seaside Wellington garden brings its foliage-loving owner the sense of green space and relaxation she craved.

A lush, resort-style garden in Devonport gallery

At dusk, LED lighting casts a soft glow over Domenico De Vincentis and Murray Thompson’s Devonport, Auckland  garden.

As evening falls, the lights come on in this immaculate garden... and guests take their seats in a remarkable cinema.

Grilled corn quesadillas with creamed avocado

Add these delicious quesadillas to the menu for your next barbecue.

A quesadilla is like a very tasty, decidedly moreish, grilled cheese sandwich made with tortillas.

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