The 5 top wardrobe organisation tips for winter video

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Natalie Jane's 5 tips for organising your wardrobe

As the temperature starts to drop into the single digits, it's time to swap out sundresses and sandals for winter coats and woolly jumpers. 

Professional organiser Natalie Jane from Be Organised said that autumn was the perfect time to review your wardrobe. Read on for her top tips for creating a functional winter wardrobe: 


Professional organiser Natalie Jane said autumn was the perfect time to review your wardrobe.
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Professional organiser Natalie Jane said autumn was the perfect time to review your wardrobe.

Jane said she recommended people move on any items that you didn't wear last season, as you most likely won't wear them the next. However, timeless pieces are an exception to the rule. 

"Hang the clothes that you wear often (you don't wear what you don't see) and use this opportunity to streamline your hangers so that they match," Jane said. "Organise your clothes by category and sleeve length. Fold sweaters in drawers vertically so that you can see what you have at a glance and to avoid stretching."

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"It's time to get your winter boots and shoes out – you can store the ones that you don't wear often in clear plastic labelled shoeboxes up high in your wardrobe," Jane said. "You can also insert 'pool noodles' into your high boots, which keeps them upright and in shape. Use baskets to store every day casual shoes – a great space saver."

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Winter coats and heavy jumpers tend to add a lot of bulk to a wardrobe, which can be mayhem for those with limited space. 

"If you are short on space, store your summer clothes away to create more space in your wardrobe," Jane said. "Use under the bed storage bins if possible or store in a spare room if you have one."

Are you still lacking space? Hang your bulky winter coats in a separate place or a different room altogether to give yourself a little extra room.


Jane recommended using the backs of doors to hang scarves, bags and any other treasured accessories.

"Otherwise cubbies work really well for these – put like with like together and use baskets where possible to contain them. You can also use your drawers for accessories – shoeboxes work well to separate your items or foldable drawer dividers."


"Remember that we only wear 20 per cent of our wardrobe 80 per cent of the time," Jane said. "The less you have the easier it will be to make decisions, which means that you will be in control rather than out of control. Only keep the clothes that you love, that fit you now and that you feel great in."

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