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Homed editor Colleen O'Hanlon introduces Stuff's new home and interiors product.

People who know me know that keeping a secret is not one of my strong suits, so I'm relieved as well as excited to finally be able to share Homed with you.

Our vision for Homed was to create an entirely new space where you, our audience, could find information and inspiration - whatever your style, whatever your budget - and indulge in some retail therapy along the way.

We think Homed has all the beauty and substance of a coffee table book, but without the resulting clutter and inevitable dusting duties, and I think we can all agree that the less of that we have the better.

Homed editor Colleen O'Hanlon wants you to be inspired to make changes on your own home front.

Homed editor Colleen O'Hanlon wants you to be inspired to make changes on your own home front.

In the mix of our rich, deep content are thousands of photos of fantastic New Zealand homes to sigh over, great stories to give you ideas and motivation, and videos of no-fuss DIY projects that are great for any day, not just rainy ones.

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It's our absolute pleasure to share the stories of home-loving Kiwis and we consider it a privilege when you open the doors to your homes and invite us in.

We know New Zealanders are a creative bunch and we want to bring your stories to life.

We have a team of journalists who love your homes almost as much as you do. They want you to talk to them freely and often.

Consider this an open invitation to share with us projects you've undertaken or home dilemmas you're facing. Perhaps your fellow readers can help, or our community of experts can pitch in with some words of wisdom. Check out our community page or email us at homed@fairfaxmedia.co.nz.

It might be that you're an expert on a subject and want to share your know-how or tips with others - drop us a line and chat with us about it.

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In essence we want you to tell us what you are really loving about Homed so we can give you more of it. Equally if there is something you are less fond of, or some other feature you'd like to see, we want to know that too.

Please, dive in and soak it up. After all, it's a space designed with you in mind and somewhere we want you to feel at home.



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