Astrology predictions for 2014

IT'S IN THE STARS: We should all be set for a change next year.
IT'S IN THE STARS: We should all be set for a change next year.

Everyone's luck is going to change in 2014. Oh yes, it's true. How do we know? Because the planet of good luck, Jupiter will change signs, moving from Cancer to Leo. As of mid-year, everyone is going to have the positive Jupiter vibes in a new part of their chart. Read on to find out where Jupiter is blessing you now and will be boosting your luck as of July 16.


Jupiter starts the year in your home zone. In other words expect some very fortuitous events involving either (or both of) your home and family. Travel with your family is possible too. As of July 16 you're going to have extra luck on your side when it comes to your romantic life, a child (your own or someone else's) and/or in regards to a creative project you have on the boil.


You have one of the greatest Jupiter blessings happening in your chart right now. Jupiter is in your mind zone which means that, in theory, it's easier for you to think positively than it has been in years. If you're not finding this, try hard to focus on the best possible outcomes in your life. As of mid-July, Jupiter moves into your home zone resulting in a happier home and family life.


Jupiter is currently in your money box. Since Jupiter is the planet of plenty, you would think this is a surefire good thing. And it's true that this placement can bring money out of the blue. However it can also see you over-spending, if you have a propensity for blowing your budget. As of mid-July, Jupiter moves into your mind zone increasing your ability to manifest your dreams.


Jupiter is currently in your sign and will stay there until July. So is the departure of lucky Jupiter from your sign a bad thing? Thankfully not, because as Jupiter leaves, he moves into your money box. This only happens once every 12 years and as Jupiter is the planet of plenty it can signal a time when your fortunes increase no end.


Hopefully the past six months or so have helped you see the bright side of life. Jupiter has been in your fear zone, doing what he can to make you realise that many of your fears are unfounded and certainly not worth spending your time on. Now as lucky Jupiter moves into Leo, you can expect to feel like life is just that much easier. You haven't had this blessing in your chart since 2003, so make the most of it!


If you haven't been getting out and about and having fun with your friends recently, now you can make up for lost time. Jupiter is a very popular planet and he's in your friends zone until July, so give and accept as many social invitations as you can. This is a great time to make new friends and contacts. As of mid-July, he starts to boost your spiritual appreciation of life.


Here's some good news. One of the things you are being challenged to do now is to learn to love yourself again. You should, in theory, be settling down after a rather tumultuous few years when you had to forgive yourself and others for all sorts of things. And now here comes Jupiter moving from your work zone into your friends zone, taking your popularity to a 12-year high, as of mid-July.  Use the time between now and then to work hard so you can play hard later.


There's a certain serendipity about the move of Jupiter into your career zone.  It is happening just at a time when you need it most. The reason? You have been dealing with Saturn for so long, working like a dog, that your career probably feels as much of a drag as anything else. Happy Jupiter's move  from your travel zone into your career zone in July means the rewards and the fun at work can actually start to kick in now too.


Jupiter has spent the past few months in your eighth house which is a rather weird part of your chart, connected to sex and money and anything you consider taboo. If you have had a bit of strangeness in your life lately, now you know why. But now? He's re-emerging into the light and into your ninth house; your travel zone. Yes, your chances of going off to see the world (or studying) soar in July.


You have had lucky Jupiter in your love zone for a while now. How's it going? If you're single have you at least had more offers and suitors? If you're attached, hopefully your love life has improved - and if it hasn't, hopefully you have found the courage to flee! Now Jupiter moves into your sex zone. And remember, he's the planet of opportunity and fun (This new position is also good for you finances).


In theory, Jupiter is the reason why you are still standing, despite the rather undue pressures that have been heaped upon you in the work department of late. He made things bearable. Now, he's about to make things even better. As of mid-July, he moves into your love zone for the first time in over a decade. Basically, even relationships which have suffered recently have the chance to improve. Lucky you and lucky lovers! Single? Great time to mingle.


Jupiter has been aiding and abetting you where romance, creativity and kids are concerned. As of mid-July, he will be moving into the part of your chart related to your work and health. In other words, when he moves, he will help you to enjoy your work more (or find a job you love, if you are not happy where you are now) and/or he will help you sort out any health concerns.

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