Single at 56: don't call me a spinster

Out should go "spinster", with its suggestion of bitter old maids spinning all day because they have nothing and nobody ...

10 min ago  OPINION: The creator of Bridget Jones recently declared that the age of the singleton is over. Alone at 56, I couldn't be happier.

Why women should swear more

Dame Helen Mirren isn't bothered by a bit of profanity.

OPINION: Women young and old are gaining power through profanity. And it's about bloody time.

How to spend $27m in Thames

All the windows look out on the sea from this multi-million dollar home in Whangamata.

You could buy a lot of property with that cash. But how about an air hangar, and a plane to put in it?

Bar tells handsy patrons to back off

This sign lives at the Beer Cellar, in Exeter, England.

Being nice to customers is the bartender's job, this pub says - so stop hitting on her.

My Sunday routine: Melanie Roger

Melanie Roger at her art gallery in Auckland.

 The stylish art gallery owner likes climbing the local volcano, cooking at home and watching zombies on TV.

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