Get the perfect family photo

ALL SMILES: Don't put off the family holiday photo any longer.

No fake smiles or tacky jumpers - here's how to get a Christmas card-worthy family photo.

Intimidated by 'mummy mafia'

WATCHFUL EYES: 'You know [the other mums] are observing how you parent,' says Cate Blanchett.

She may be an international star but even Cate Blanchett gets nervous around the '"mummy mafia".

One time to lie

NO TELLING: Employers and recruiters shouldn't ask a woman about her baby plans. If they do, lie.

What to do if you get a question about babies during a job interview.

'Pray the gay away'

ONLY NATURAL: gay conversion therapy is no 'cure'.

Gay conversion therapy still exists, and it hurts vulnerable young people.

The word 'girls': offensive?

WHO RUN THE WORLD? Girls ... Beyonce's use of the word is one of the least patronising examples in popular culture.

Is it off-form to call grown woman girls? Let's look at the evidence...

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