Rooster attacks kids

The rooster and his girlfriend hen.

Swanky Auckland lifestyle block community terrorised by violent rooster who attacks children.

'Those dresses are real hoochie'

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay shared a sweet family pic on Facebook, and the stupid comments instantly rolled in.

Trolls go after Gordon Ramsay after the celeb chef shares a pic of his teen daughters.

Instruments highlight shed's diversity

From left Frederik Frank and Jim Arnold with their classic instruments crafted at the Taupo Community Men's Shed.

Taupo Community Men's Shed members share knowledge to craft classical string instruments

Man dies hours after good deed

Matthew Jackson's legacy will live on with his inspiring 'pay it forward' movement.

Mum of two pays tribute to the man who covered her $275 grocery bill, but was tragically killed in a crash a day later.

Woman shamed by 'fat-hating' group

Kara Florish called the card "hateful and cowardly".

In a terrible display of British manners, a man gave a fellow Tube passenger a card calling her a "fat, ugly human".

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