LGBTI domestic violence taboo video

Same-sex couple Russ Vickery (L) and Matthew Parsons have both been in domestic violence situations in their previous relationships.

2:55 PM  The LGBTI community have spent so long trying to prove their love is valid, they're afraid to admit domestic abuse occurs, say campaigners.

Old girlfriends belong in the past

Peta Mathias

There is nothing more boring than a man banging on about his ex-woman or women says Peta Mathias.

Dust, scum and objets d'art

Columnist Greg Bruce

A gallery conservator reveals the objects of her affections

Photographer captures mum-daughter beauty

Jane Bates and daughters Ashley, 10 and Olivia, 12, have been captured on camera for Kate Christie's photographic book for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

Photographer Kate Christie is photographing women for her breast cancer fundraiser book.

Dutch families adopted WWII graves

Gennaro "Jerry" Palmento has a moment at his father Jerry Palmento's grave site at the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial on Saturday.

Americans gave their lives to defeat the Nazis and liberate Holland. The Dutch have never forgotten.

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