When people hate your hair

Columnist Heidi Stevens sits for the portrait that runs with her regular column and receives quite a bit of attention regarding her hairstyle.

Why women get hair harassed by other women.

Why did Instagram censor this photo?

Too much? Instagram has removed a photo of Toronto-based poet and artist Rupi Kaur which is part series about menstruation.

Why did Instagram censor a photo of a fully clothed woman on her period?

'Morning, Nate'

Nathaniel Taylor, right, with fiancee Phillie Holmes in Invercargill. Taylor struggled to tell family members he was transitioning from female to male.

Nathaniel Taylor confronts the costs of transitioning from female to male.

Brittany's message lives on

Brittany Maynard

No-one should have to leave home "for a gentle death", the cancer sufferer tells lawmakers in video made days before her assisted suicide.

Mum's bikini photo is an inspiration

'I'M PROUD OF THIS BODY AND EVERY MARK ON IT': This photo from Rachel Hollis' Mexican holiday has given fellow mums a great boost of body confidence.

When an American mum posted this shot to Facebook, she had no way of knowing the body-confidence campaign she would spark.

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