Kiwis outraged over claim haka a 'misogynistic dance' video

Cassidy Boon/Youtube

Canadian comedian Cassidy Boon has made a video appearing to mock New Zealanders and the haka.

Kiwis are outraged over a Canadian comic's video claiming the haka is a "misogynistic dance" that aims to intimidate woman.

In the video, subtitled "The Boon's Great Kiwi Takedown", internet provocateur Cassidy Boon calls New Zealand "a country full of intolerance and racism".

But it appears she might not be totally serious.

Cassidy Boon has called for a social media campaign to ban the haka because it is sexist - but is she serious?
Youtube/Cassidy Boon

Cassidy Boon has called for a social media campaign to ban the haka because it is sexist - but is she serious?

Boon has risen to internet notoriety for a number of other satirical stunts. She pretended to sue for rape a man who rescued her from drowning, and claimed vegemite was racist because it resembled the skin of Australian aborigines.

Pop culture website Konbini says Boon is "a prankster who believes in what she calls 'true gender equality' and clearly doesn't have much time for a lot of the debates currently surrounding feminist issues".

Her New Zealand video makes a number of inflammatory remarks that appear designed to provoke a reaction.

Boon starts out by saying she thought New Zealand was a "pretend country like Narnia".

"So like, being the intellectual that I am, I did some research on this new country, and what I found was not pretty," she said.

She attacked New Zealand's race relations, saying "[t]he indigenous people are called Maori, and they're treated like dirt".

"At first, I thought they treated their natives well when I saw that they have a football team called All Blacks, which I assumed to be a safe space for black people to practice sports and explore their feelings in peace, but it turns out, of course, that they allow white people in the team."

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Boon singles out the haka for criticism, claiming it is a "sexist dance" asserting male dominance.

"These people will literally stick their tongues out and make exaggerated, masculine movements that hint at domestic violence and rape. It's obvious that the Haka isn't really meant to scare the opposing team, it's meant to assert dominance over woman and scare us into submission," she says.

She goes on to say she is starting a social media campaign to get the haka banned, called #banthehaka.

"I am not letting you haka hobbits win," she says.

Although Boon seems to be mocking the kinds of radical, hyper-sensitive opinions she pretends to have, plenty of Kiwis have failed to get the joke. The video may be satirical, but the outrage is genuine, with Kiwis rising to the bait on Boon's social media profiles.

The video has received over 26,000 comments on Facebook, mostly threats of violence from outraged New Zealanders. 

"Its traditional u dumb girl!!, [sic]" one person says.

Cassidy Boon has been contacted for comment.


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