Particular palm lines mark people as special, study says - but sceptics disagree

If you can find this marking on your palm, good things will be coming your way (apparently).

If you can find this marking on your palm, good things will be coming your way (apparently).

Those lines around your eyes often tell you what kind of life you've had so far.

One full of laughs and/or sun exposure, for many of us.

However, according to some, the lines on your palm could tell you what kind of life you're going to have - and one particular formation could supposedly mark you out as more special than most.

However whether it rings true depends on whether you buy into the whole palm-reading business.

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According to one palm-reading expert in a new study, those with creases spelling out the letter M on their hand are set for good fortune.

Hand-reading expert Jon Saint-Germain believes the "rare" marking indicates those with it have strong self-motivation and are destined to thrive in their chosen fields.

In his book Karmic Palmistry: Explore Past Lives, Soul Mates & Karma, Saint-Germain says the M-shaped intersections also mean "you have great intuition and are a good judge of character".

However there's a catch - the marking needs to be on your non-dominant hand for you to reap all its positive traits.

Saint-Germain's study has certainly not won over everyone, with plenty of sceptics claiming everyone can see an M on their hand, however faint.

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NZ Skeptics secretary Craig Shearer said people are good at seeing patterns in everyday life, even when no actual pattern exists.

"Suggesting a pattern to somebody will greatly improve the chances of them seeing it, even if it's just one of many equally valid interpretations of what they are looking at."

He added said while palm creases sometimes indicated genetic diseases, "it's drawing a very long bow to suggest that the pattern of creases on a person's palms would have any predictive effect on their life 'success'."

"The real test for these types of claims would be to see whether a particular pattern can be repeatedly and reliably matched up with a particular life outcome, without the palm reader knowing who the subjects are."

Shearer said the fact 83 per cent of Stuff readers reported seeing an "M" on their palms indicated the "suggestive nature" of this type of fortune telling.

"A mixture of an identifying feature that appears to fit most people, along with a set of predictions that make people feel good, will usually hit the mark for many and make them feel positive about the accuracy of a reading.

"While the patterns on your palms may well be fascinating, it pays to be sceptical of claims that don't have solid evidence of their worth, particularly when someone is asking for money in return for their service."

Do you have an M on your palm?

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