Do you need a hug?

22:49, Jan 08 2013

Are you feeling a bit down? Do you have the post-Christmas blues? You need a hug - and an innovative website has as many as you need, for free.

The Nicest Place On The Internet is the perfect place to go if you're in need of some virtual reassurance. Here, complete strangers reach out to give hugs to all-comers. A little bit weird, yes, but definitely heartwarming. And probably a lot safer than approaching strangers in the street and asking them if they fancy a cuddle.

The site is the brainchild of US art directors Lauren Perlow and Jeff Lam, who created it after a bad day at work.

"What we craved was something honest and good, unhappiness-offsetting, fail-proof and grin-inducing," the pair told The Positive Day.

The site has received millions of hug video submissions from around the world since its launch in November 2011. If you're not keen on hugging strangers, even virtually, you can create your own personalised hug 'mixtape' for those special friends.