Kiwi goth turned away at Louvre Museum because of the way she looks

YouTuber Black Friday shared the details of her unpleasant trip to Paris.
Facebook, Black Friday

YouTuber Black Friday shared the details of her unpleasant trip to Paris.

A Kiwi YouTuber and her husband were denied entry to Paris' Louvre Museum, and kicked out of the famous Pere Lachaise cemetery.

"Black Friday" as she is known online, posted a video earlier this week detailing her experience in Paris on a trip earlier this month.

Dressed in gothic garb (her usual style), the couple lined up at the Louvre only to be met by a security guard shaking his head.

"We lined up and we went through the security thing and had our bags scanned, and the other security staff there just told us that is was not possible for us to go in," she said in her video.

"It was impossible. Not because we had anything dangerous in our bags ... not because we were carrying weapons or anything, because of the way we looked."

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The Louvre's security reportedly told the couple their clothes and hair would cause too much attention to be drawn to them, and people would want to cluster around and take photographs with them.

"I was,like, is this really happening, an art museum is telling us that we can't come in to look at the art because we look too artistic?" she said.

Sent away in tears, Black Friday used her social media channels to talk about the incident.

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It wasn't the only negative experience the goth couple had on her Parisian jaunt, however. "The next day, we got kicked out of, and nearly arrested, at the Pere Lachaise cemetery," she said.

The cemetery is a tourist attraction in its own right in Paris, home to famous graves such those of Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde.

"Absolutely disgusting, disgraceful case of discrimination... we were absolutely heartbroken, it was crushing," she continued.

"I was there mainly to see Oscar Wilde's grave... and you know what, I think he would be rolling in his grave if he knew, because Oscar Wilde was known for his outlandish flashy fashion and he believed in standing out from a crowd."

The Louvre Museum has since reached out to Black Friday and offered her and her husband a VIP tour as an apology.

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