Women warned about coat hooks with hidden cameras in female bathrooms

Creeps have moved on to more covert methods of filming.
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Creeps have moved on to more covert methods of filming.

Coat hooks with hidden cameras are being stuck in public bathrooms overseas with the intention of filming women without their consent.

The hooks, which contain a tiny recording device, are secretly being installed on the inside of cubicals by perverts according to The Bustle

The hooks have  been found in the Florida keys, where the Monroe County Sheriff's Office has posted on their official Facebook about three separate incidents. 

The targets appear to include public spots of interest, including beaches and parks which offer little protection, especially compared to corporate buildings.   

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The spy devices were originally intended to capture intruders on residential properties. They are relatively cheap and can be bought for around NZ$24-$36 online

However, American Douglas Veihdeffer (60) of York County, South Carolina, fitted a camera concealed in a towel hook in the bathroom of his residence, which he also rented out to another family. 

Veihdeffer claimed his things had gone missing and wanted to catch the culprits.     

No hooks have been discovered in New Zealand. If you find a recording device, don't touch it and contact the police immediately.

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