The week in celeb Twitter and Insta pics

22:44, Oct 13 2013
Kylie Minogue
So, poor old Kylie hasn't been so lucky, lucky, lucky, this week (she's split from her Spanish boyf, in case you haven't caught up), but she doesn't need her love to keep her warm when she's got one of these faux fur throws from the Kylie At Home range to snuggle up with. (Really, Kyles, spruiking blankets on your Instagram feed? What's next, adverts for Briscoes?)
Zayn Malik
Lest you think the life of a boyband mega star is all glamour, One Direction's Zayn Malik shows that he still washes his own hair, even in grotty backstage bathrooms.
Val Kilmer
Val Kilmer, who is looking increasingly like someone's middle-aged dad and less like the Jim Morrison figure I remember, snapped this shot of himself in front of a pic of his much younger self and Kevin Spacey. They're in a Chekhov play, in case you're wondering about the hair/chops/beard action.
Kim Kardashian
On the left, Khloe Kardashian is clearly regretting choosing that feathered coat. On the right, sister Kim is preparing to offer help from her stylist/baby daddy Kanye. Raise your hands if you think this will improve the situation...
James Franco
Only James Franco could pull off the 'shot from below' selfie and still look good, even with a hint-ette of double chin.
Rachel Hunter
Our Rach is always keen to play the goat - or the crayfish. Reckon it's a NZGT act in the offing?
I don't know what mascara Madonna is using here to make her eyelashes look THAT defined, but I want it. The slightly glazed expression is because she had been thinking deeply about ART. You know, as you do.
Justin Bieber
What has been seen cannot be unseen - so I'm sorry if I've put you off your lunch with this shirtless Bieber shot. The guy on the right is his trainer - blame him.
Wedding photographers, take note: all brides are going to want one of these 'quirky' Insta-frames this year. We're not sure they'll go for Beyonce's outfit though...
Tyra Banks
Worried that her 'smize' would cancel out her 'fierceness', Tyra Banks brought some extra animal magnetism to the party. Did she borrow that wig from Cher?

In this week's pics, Kylie spruiks blankets, Madonna tries thinking deeply and Bieber gets ripped.