A middle-class Christmas wish list

04:07, Dec 17 2013

Writing my Christmas wish list...

• So the big dilemma this year is whether to go for a sustainable theme (so on-trend) or ultra-modern. I've seen the cutest little raffia bells made by some poor Peruvian women at the local Trade Aid shop. But then I spotted this mango-coloured LED light Christmas tree which would tie in perfectly with the splashback. Anyhow, to cut a long and complicated story short, I've decided to cover my bases and do both. Sustainable for the living room; ultra-modern for the dining. Covered!

• This year I think we ought to get each other something personal. Get each other what we really, really want. Our heart's desire. Country Road vouchers!

• Something spiritual to brighten up the lounge. I've seen this set of chubby little Buddhas in three shades of highlighter and they'd be perfect. So Zen.

• I'd like to give the house more of an industrial feel. This vintage shop up the road is selling old fruit boxes. They're from Ecuador or somewhere. They're really authentic. Rusty staples. The whole shebang. I thought we could, you know, display precious stuff in them. Collections. That sort of thing. Play up the irony.

• Something chevron. Anything! A throw. A beach towel. A mug. It's so fresh. So new. So... chevron!


• This year I've resolved to be more outdoorsy. I've seen this three-bedroom tent. It's got a pergola and these dinky little cupboards. There's a spice rack and a place to hang your clothes and a mirror.

• Yes, we're really going to get back to basics. I've also seen this portable wine fridge and pizza oven. Keep it simple, you know.

• The Breaking Bad box set for some festive viewing.

• The Luminaries for a light summer read.

• A pendant. Something original. Goofy. I've seen a few of the mothers at the school gate wearing these funny little silver screws. Something like that. Maybe in gold though. You know, to be different.

• I know this is meant to be about me and what I really want (which, if you really want to know, is time, more me-time - you know, time for me), but I like to keep it inclusive - all creatures great and small and all that. So I've picked out something for Toby. There are these leopard-print collars that would look great with his colouring. He'll love it.

• There are these new dog beds, too, that you can get upholstered to match the walls or the sofa. Your Karl Maughan print even. You know, pick out the baby pink of the hydrangeas. Like, whatever really. I was thinking maybe chevron.

• I would like some thoughtful gifts this year. I mean, it is the thought that counts after all. Although last year I was given this rosehip oil for stretch marks, which was perhaps a little too thoughtful.

• For me, 2014 is going to be all about coconuts. Coconut water, coconut sugar, coconut oil - you name it, I'll be into it. It's going to be nuts!

• To keep with the sustainability theme I'm trying to be budget conscious. Keeping it simple, you know. Useful gifts. Plain gifts. There are these organic cotton lounging pants I've seen which would be great for like lounging.

• What would actually be really useful is if someone wrote my annual newsletter for me. A freelance journalist looking for a little pocket money maybe. I gave up personalised Christmas cards a few years ago because they took so much time, but this year I've been so busy I can't even find half an hour to get all my whanau's little successes down on paper. It only goes out to our nearest and dearest. Our top 100.

• If next year is going to be all about the coconut, then 2013 was definitely my year of kale. I think I might have turned into a kale chip, I've eaten so many! Anyhow, I was thinking a kale wreath might be nice. Symbolic, you know.

• I had the sickening realisation the other day that all my scented candles clash. There's some chocolate ones left over from my brown phase. And pomegranate just feels last year, somehow. So I thought I'd have a big clear out (maybe drop them off to the Salvation Army; someplace where they'll be going to a good home) and start afresh. To give you the heads up, anything vanilla or coconut would be happily received. 

• I thought at first that those stick figure stickers everyone has on their car were a bit naff, but now I'm starting to feel like I'm missing out, like I've missed the boat, so to speak. I'd like some that really represent our little whanau. Speak to us. Maybe me in my gym gear. My husband with a fishing rod. The kids playing soccer and tennis. We try to keep active. The family that plays together stays together, after all. Oh, and I mustn't forget Toby! 

• I did think about forgoing presents this year. Giving money to the Philippines instead. But... I don't know... it just wouldn't be Christmas.

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