Selfies with homeless people: awful

Last updated 14:16 12/02/2014

MISGUIDED: "By and large the snappers don't appear to be terrible people. They're merely a wee bit dopey - at worst guilty of a gaping void where their sense of emotional intelligence should be."

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Just when you thought you might have seen your last duckface in an inappropriate setting, the internet and "Young People" throw up this doozy.

Apparently, according to new Tumblr Selfies with Homeless People created by Jason Feifer, the same guy behind Selfies in Serious Places, the latest fun thing to do with your social media account is to post selfies with homeless people.

Yep, the people who through mental illness, or addiction, or a hospital bill they couldn't afford to pay, or a series of unemployment with no safety net or basement at mum's to fall back on and ended sleeping in the streets, are now the butt of some truly feckless people's jokes.

As Samantha Escobar writes in The Gloss, think about it,

"If you have ever needed medicine, therapy, surgery or a doctor's care, can you imagine not only being unable to obtain it, but also having to find somewhere to sleep at night that isn't deathly cold and deeply unsafe? Then, some privileged jerk comes along and decides that despite the air in your lungs, blood in your veins and thoughts in your head, you aren't a person but a prop for a cute, fun selfie."

It's a case of serious lack of empathy, but perhaps not a case that the youth of today are total psychopaths.

As Pip Ross wrote in her piece for Daily Life on Jason Feifer's first catalogue of people's internet mistakes, Selfies in Serious Places, mostly, the kids taking the selfies aren't monsters, just dopes with a social media account.

"By and large the snappers don't appear to be terrible people. They're merely a wee bit dopey - at worst guilty of a gaping void where their sense of emotional intelligence should be, but mostly just having a series of slightly thoughtless moments that would have been better left unrecorded. "

How this thoughtlessness can be fixed is through better understanding of the value of a human life, and not just the one looking back at you in the selfie setting on your smart phone. Parents, teachers, older brothers and sisters, we need to pass this message on better so that the kids will be alright.

See the full collection here.  Then think about making a donation to somewhere like the Auckland City Mission. 

- Daily Life

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