BFFs, 100, talk twerking, Bieber

They've lived for 100 years and been best friends for 94 of them, but even Irene Cook and Alice Jensen are perplexed by pop culture phenomenons such as Justin Bieber, twerking and selfies.

"When would you take a picture of yourself?'' asks Alice Jensen of the latter. Good point. 

Featured on American talk show The Steve Harvey Show, the two ladies from Chicago not only make it clear how banal a lot of current pop culture is but also how amazing life-long friendships are.

"Justin Beaver the singer ... he's not doing something right from what I heard?"


Another highlight for us is when Alice - the wicked funny one on the right - is asked what she thinks about the name 'North West'. 

"Spell it," she requests, incredulous, convinced she's heard it wrong. Testify!