Video: This kid knows how to argue

00:29, Mar 13 2014

While most parents probably don't expect a smooth ride when saying no to a three-year-old, this young man's performance in the face of a telling-off is the most terrible, yet adorable we've ever seen.

Life is seemingly simple for Mateo - all he wants is to eat cupcakes.

Unfortunately for him, his mum has other ideas.

This hilarious video shows the wee fellow attempting to open his mum's eyes to the merits of cupcakes for dinner.

Titled 'My three-year-old must argue and debate everything,' the clip has already been viewed over 1.4 million times.


In reply, his mother is heard admonishing the tot for going behind her back and asking his Grandma to give him the lusted-after treats.

But instead of accepting a telling-off, Mateo answers back telling his mum to 'listen, listen, listen' and even eventually addressing her by her first name.

Seems like this mother must be used to a fair amount of backchat considering she even manages to hold her tongue when the cheeky chap replies: "Linda, honey, just listen."

We're thinking young Mateo has an uncanny ability to imitate his father - what a great demonstration of the crazy sponge-like quality of a child's mind.

Definitely a future lawyer or salesman in the making.