'Are you looking at my butt?'

02:02, Mar 19 2014

They like big butts and their eyes can't lie: YouTube prankster Yousef Saleh Erakat has started a series of videos that aim to document what girls go through when they wear leggings or yoga pants.

The first video (above) featured Erakat bending over the boot of his car to see how men muttered sexually suggestive things and stared as they walked by the sight of his behind - shocking them when turning around and revealing he is in fact a fella.

And in the second video Yoga Pants Prank 2, which had over 1 million views in its first 24 hours online, he has a female accomplice helping him sell the prank. She asks the men which bum they prefer.

Granted, the fact that they actually invite comment on their bodies in the second video makes it feel less about proving a point about #everydaysexism and more just trickery, but it is still mighty amusing to see the shocked reactions of the men.