Beyonce wants us to own our sexuality

20:47, Apr 09 2014
WORKING IT: Beyonce's stunning Out magazine cover.

Beyonce has covered LGBT glossy magazine Out magazine, looking stunning and more than a little Marilyn-esque in a blonde bob, and has spoken about sexuality, feminism and self expression.

Speaking about the double standard when it comes to sexuality (women who like sex = trollops and men who like sex = studs, or just real 'red blooded' bloke, which is almost as offensive), Beyonce wants women instead to be more forthright about their sexuality. She wants them to own it.

The magazine asked Beyonce about her latest album that she dropped secretly last year, and its messages of sexual liberation. 

Out: Your new album is also your most sexually liberated project. The confidence and maturity and the fantasy speak to women almost as if in code. How do you create this conversation?

Beyoncé: "I'd like to believe that my music opened up that conversation. There is unbelievable power in ownership, and women should own their sexuality. 

"There is a double standard when it comes to sexuality that still persists. Men are free and women are not. That is crazy. The old lessons of submissiveness and fragility made us victims. Women are so much more than that.


"You can be a businesswoman, a mother, an artist, and a feminist-whatever you want to be-and still be a sexual being. It's not mutually exclusive."

Beyonce also spoke about the feminist lyrics in her new album, and how they might be received,

"While I am definitely conscious of all the different types of people who listen to my music, I really set out to make the most personal, honest, and best album I could make. I needed to free myself from the pressures and expectations of what I thought I should say or be, and just speak from the heart.

"Being that I am a woman in a male-dominated society, the feminist mentality rang true to me and became a way to personalise that struggle...But what I'm really referring to, and hoping for, is human rights and equality, not just that between a woman and a man.

"So I'm very happy if my words can ever inspire or empower someone who considers themselves an oppressed minority...We are all the same and we all want the same things: the right to be happy, to be just who we want to be and to love who we want to love."

Beyonce has been criticised in relation to feminism in the past, from posing in her knickers to talk about the exploitation of women on magazine covers to using feminism to sell records, but at least she's talking about feminism as something to inspire and aspire to, and if anybody's going to sell it (and boat loads of records) it's Queen Bey.

Read the full interview at Out Magazine.

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