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Kiwi in their natural habitats

Teaching an old dog new tricks, such as how to avoid endangered kiwi in the bush.

Some holiday neighbours really ruffle your feathers...

'Refreshed by the forest's life force'

A walk in native bush is always uplifting.

There's lots of evidence to show that connecting with nature improves our mental health. It's called ecotherapy.

The man in black is a man of verse

Country music singer-songwriter Johnny Cash.

Paula Green can't help moving to the rhythm of Johnny Cash's poetry.

The term 'alpha male' has to go

Beta status is often relegated to those who want to be alpha males.

It's high time we rid ourselves of the term "alpha male".

What is the black spot on my cat's eye?

When a clear surface or cornea of the eye dies it could lead to a black round raised growth usually in the centre of the eye.

Veterinarian Dr Bruce Chard responds to reader questions about common pet problems.

'Ultimately, I chose life not death' video

"Resilient people have bad days as well, and they still get angry," Dr Lucy Hone.

Lucy Hone lost her daughter Abi in a car crash in 2014. This is how she found hope in the wake of death.

Why these Kiwis meditate video

Yogamani Saraswati.

Mindfulness continues to attract hordes from the chaos of modern life. Kiwi practitioners talk about the life-changing effects.

When education saves a life

Author JD Vance.

JD Vance was headed for trouble when his grandmother intervened and he got serious about school. Other parts of his story are less clearcut, finds Eleanor Black.

Summer break? Give me a break

I did not spend my summer holiday serving gourmet nibbles to attractive guests and drifting around in gold sandals and a ...

A sub-optimal summer anyone? A short list of people deserving of rain and chilly winds.

'I read his hot emails to his ex'

I sneakily read my boyfriend's old emails to his then-girlfriend and they are so hot, I'm worried he's not over her.

I secretly read my boyfriend's old emails to his then-girlfriend and am worried he still has the hots for her.

Prince William takes over royal duties video

Prince George will begin school in London this year and Princess Charlotte will also go to nursery there.

Second-in-line to the throne, William has quit his pilot job to help the Queen with official duties.

How to fix a broken social filter

Fiona Barber is done with keeping her views to herself. Call centre employees, beware.

Fiona Barber is done with keeping her views to herself. Call centre employees, beware.

Book reviews

Settle For More by Megyn Kelly and The Nix by Nathan Hill

Best Books I Never Wrote: Scott Hamilton

Author Scott Hamilton.

Judith Binney, Redemption Songs: A Life of Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki 

It's hard to stay fearless

Columnist Che' Baker wants to be like Pukekohe great-great-grandmother Mary Manssen when she is older, who at the age of ...

Columnist Che' Baker use to live carelessly on the edge. Now she is trying to ensure she still becomes that 82-year-old sky diving over shark infested waters.

'I'm glad I didn't make changes'

Ruby Rose: 'I want to have babies one day, so I'm glad I didn't make changes earlier in my life.'

Ruby Rose is glad she didn't have gender reassignment surgery because she wants to be a mum someday.

When you're an accidental model

Teagan Voykovich, left, alongside a friend were the faces of the NRL Auckland Nines singles zone.

Teagan Voykovich isn't the only one to have her image used in advertising without her knowledge.

Growing up Christian, and gay

Wez van der Linde talks frankly about wrestling with homosexuality while being a Christian in his book Space for the ...

"I'm a perfectionist, I want things to be right, I want things to be perfect. And for me, perfect was not being gay."

Aussie: I choose Waitangi Day

Angela Cuming (left) with her fellow Aussie Nicola Brennan-Tupara.

OPINION: As the years have gone by NZ has never stopped amazing me, never stopped giving me reasons to be proud.

Weather: Welly vs London

Hail and rain storm hits Wellington city scenes.

OPINION: "The sideways rain that cuts into you like the bitterness of a thousand failures is taking some getting used to."

How to know if you have arthritis

Do you get recurring pain in your joints?

Arthritis affects more than over half a million of us and is the leading cause of disability in New Zealand.

4 tips to overcome chronic lateness

If you're always late, make 2017 the year to change all of that.

If you're always late, make 2017 the year to change all of that.

When straight men kiss for fun

Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield

Hetrosexual men locking lips - is it good for LGBT equality or actually a step back?

Separated from licence

Lisa Scott prepares to head north on her Divorce Roady.

Divorce Roady Lisa Scott writer loses licence for seven months for drink driving.

Secrets of my divorce roady

Scott just before "having a big cry" in Cape Reinga.

A sword of Damocles hung over my divorce roady - I'd been caught driving drunk.

Is this the age of the rude?

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump - a fan of shouting, and pointing.

OPINION: What I dislike the most about Donald Trump is his lack of manners.

From dog meat to loved pets

Daisy and Tulip in a cage at a farm in Wonju, South Korea. The dogs were brought to Alexandria, Virginia, US, in April 2016.

They were raised to be eaten in South Korea - but these dogs got a second chance in the US.

Meghan Markle meets Kate

Meghan Markle has reportedly met the Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince Harry's girlfriend meets the Duchess of Cambridge - and apparently gets the thumbs up.

'I found my doppelganger'

Santana Gutierrez and her first doppelganger.

When this teen bumped into one lookalike, she wasn't expecting to discover another... and another...

Leah McFall: Crush landing

Finding your girl crush is like parachuting into a French field and discovering the resistance is already in the barn.

Get your shopping trolley ready. This is the year for snapping up like-minded souls.

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