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Twitter: Rape threats, then no response


What it was like to be a woman on Twitter in 2014

SBW reveals biggest challenge

FATHERHOOD: Sonny Bill Williams missed the birth of his daughter while on tour.

Superstar athlete Sonny Bill Williams' greatest challenge has nothing to do with sport.

100 and dancing on table tops video

SURPRISE! Centurion and mad Phoenix fan Eileen Smeaton got a surprise visit from several Wellington Phoenix football team members at her birthday celebrations in Wesleyhaven Village, Naenae.

Eileen Smeaton's jaw dropped when she saw the special guests on hand for her 100th birthday bash.

Legless quake survivor's gift

SUPPORTIVE: Kate Barron, who lost her legs in the February 2011 earthquake, has donated a carload of goods to the City Mission.

Double-amputee Kate Barron could be forgiven for thinking only of herself at Christmas.

The most awful lie I've ever told

ECONOMICAL WITH A LIE: The author prefers to save her big lies for her fiction writing.

Not only had I kissed someone I shouldn't have, I had fibbed to my best friend. Was this the real me?

It's going to be a cheeky Christmas gallery video

Prince George

New photos of a smiling, chubby-cheeked Prince George have been released for Christmas.

Why we banned Christmas

The Henderson family, talking to America's ABC news.

Have you ever been tempted to cancel Christmas? These parents did and it has been the best decision they ever made.

More women choosing 'child-free'

CHILDLESS BY CHOICE: Former Prime Minister Helen Clark.

Being childless by choice comes with its own challenges; number one being other people's reactions.

For some, mum's not the word

CAMPAIGNER: Jody Day speaks for childless women who have to endure the scrutiny and stereotypes of our baby-centric society.

Jody Day speaks not for the mothers, but for the childless women judged by our baby-centric society.

Embrace the bromance

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper shakes Tony Abbott's hand.

Dom Knight thinks it's time for men to drop their guards and show some affection. Tony and Stephen are forging the path ahead.

Childless in the office

woman napping in office

Do women without children have to work harder?

I have a death-row pen pal

Nicola Cameron and her pen pal Damon.

We talk about family and faith - never how he killed a guy or how he's likely to be executed before I see him again.

'The whole city is shocked'

WHAT'S GOING ON? Thousands of people are theorising about why the woman is baring her legs.

A woman walking the streets with bare legs has captured the world's attention.

Anniversary of a 20-hour marriage

Kylie Gwynne and Annette Cairnduff (author), who were married in Canberra on 11 December 2013.

Our union is blissful, but our marriage was made legally invalid just after we tied the knot.

LOTR inspires sandal odyssey gallery

Naresh Kumar, formerly of India, relaxes at Stirling Point, Bluff, after walking the length of New Zealand on the Te Araroa track in his Bedrock Sandals.

When Naresh Kumar saw the signpost at Stirling Point, Bluff for the first time, he fell to his knees and cried. 

Through the lens of inebriation


OPINION: Drinking to get drunk isn't something I do.

Told to fire her 'hot' cleaner

A HOT SWEDISH CLEANER? YOU SHOULD FIRE HER: "It plays into the very worst stereotypes of both men and women and it's insulting to everyone involved."

Worried a younger woman mopping the floor would be too much temptation for her work-at-home husband.

Rosalie's 'haven'

SEX WORK: Rosalie Batchelor escaped an abusive home life into prostitution, and now wants to help women in the same situation.

After 20 years of sex work, Rosalie Batchelor wants to help women off the streets.

Bullied woman has last laugh

Louisa Manning as she is today, sans monobrow.

He bullied her and called her "Manbeast" in high school. Eight years later, she got her revenge - and an apology.

Passive-aggressive emails

"SENT FROM MY iPHONE": If you want to go the whole hog, feel free to throw in a few typos and extra spaces to show that you're really on the go.

The words "FYI, see below" are powerful enough to ignite feelings of anger and dread in even the calmest of office workers

The rise of the soggy Weetbix


A girlfriend recently asked a waiter at a beachside cafe "what is your most delicious cake?"

'Bubbly' father-to-be loses fight

WEDDING DAY: Nicola and Steven Ashley.

Steven Ashley found out he was to be a dad at the same time he was diagnosed with cancer.

Girl puts end to sexist marketing

Parker Dains' letter to ABDO Publishing

When a 7-year-old realised her insect book was a series "for boys", she took its publishers to task - and won.

Rising to face the day

REPETITIVE WORK: Making yourself presentable can become a tedious routine.

OPINION: Making yourself presentable for the outside world can be tedious, repetitive ordeal.

The ultimate smackdown video

Pregnant woman cuts down anti-abortion protesters outside London clinic.

Heavily pregnant woman leaves anti-abortion protesters speechless after she'd had enough.

What will be hot in 2015?

DANGEROUS TIMES: 2015 is expected to see a rise in shot-down drones as more people suspect them of spying.

Pre-paid restaurant bookings, mum jeans, and personal robots are all on the rise.

Making sure the joke's not on you

There's a certain skill when it comes to telling jokes, and not everyone has it.

OPINION: There's more to telling a joke than remembering the punch line.

Don’t tell girls they can have it all

BALANCING ACT: Childhood should include a good balance of everything - not just work and ambition.

Are mothers giving their daughters unrealistic expectations for the future?

Lives apart, but so close

Margaret and Joy

Imagine meeting your double at school sports, or regularly being mistaken for someone you haven't met.

Facebook: No photos of my baby

CON: My extended friendship circle doesn't get to see amazing moments like these.

There are pros and cons to this policy.