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How porn damaged a child

Australian woman Liz Walker has written a book to help educate parents and children.

Australian woman Liz Walker has written a book to help educate parents and children.

Supporting our communities

There are many good people working hard to help improve community safety throughout New Zealand.

Local organisations help make our neighbourhoods safer - do you know of one that could do with a helping hand?

Glimpse inside a woman's mind

The mind map from one wife is proving to be a real talking point.

From the Doctor Who theme tune to a struggling bra, one wife writes out to her husband what she's thinking.

'Chris Martin is like my brother'

What does Gwyneth Paltrow consider her biggest success? 'That I've been able to maintain and nourish my relationships.'

Gwyneth Paltrow opens up to Glamour magazine about her ex, Goop and girl squads.

The short but adorable life of Littlie Hare

Littlie went to work with owner Toni Vallance.

A lot of people fell in love with Littlie Hare, the baby hare, who ended up being smuggled on a plane to Auckland.

Why you have 'bitchy resting face'

Twilight actress Kristen Stewart is the poster child for Bitchy Resting Face.

Victoria Beckham has it, Kristen Stewart has it and even Queen Elizabeth is known for it. 

Kate lands Wimbledon job

The Duchess cheers during the mens singles final between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer at Wimbledon in 2014.

The Duchess of Cambridge is set to take over the Queen's patronage at Wimbledon.

Planning is key for a productive edible garden

Garden designer Bena Denton from Greenbridge Garden design.

Get the relationships right between elements in your garden to maximise efficiency and abundance, writes Bena Denton.

The best chores for weight loss

A spotless house and a workout to boot - winning.

No time to hit the gym? Turns out it's easy to shed calories while you clean.

Is your 'healthy' pantry toxic? video

You're a proud 'health' food fanatic, but are your good-for-you products actually full of chemicals?

Some of those "good" items in your kitchen are actually full of chemicals.

Grow your own mustard

A field of yellow flowering mustard in Blenheim.

If you like a bit of spice with your salad, why not grow your own mustard leaves.  Or better yet, allow the plant to flower and collect your own mustard seeds.  Grind those seeds and you have yourself some mustard powder as good as you can get from any supermarket.

Where's Nek Minnit guy now? video

Nek minnut guy Levi Hawken is an artist, landscaper and skate-boarder.

"Follow your dreams," says the skateboarder who invented the famous catchphrase.

First impressions matter

Unfair as it might be, we make our first impression in a matter of moments.

Qualifications count for nothing, if you don't have social skills to match.

Quest to become hijabi ballerina

Stephanie Kurlow is crowdsourcing to raise money to pursue her dream.

Australian schoolgirl refuses to let her new religion initially derail her love for ballet.

Finding new ways to be a mum

There are many ways to nurture - regardless of whether or not you're a mother.

Always imagined you'd have kids? Sometimes life just doesn't work out that way - and it's OK.

'Education, not acceptance'

Armed with his man-made torso and a ton of courage, Kieran Moloney is using his story to chance public perception on the transgender community.

Kieran Moloney hopes his story of transition from female to male will help challenge some prejudices.

The bias behind 'unisex' baby names

How many of us would dress our little boy in a dress or even a pink floral onesie?

Giving girls traditional boys' names is a hot trend. But where are all the boys with girls' names?

No wharf, no problem video

"Going to the lakes' just not cool unless you bring your ladder!" was the caption for the video of kids doing bombs into the water.

Ladder bombs are the new way to make a splash this summer.

The quiet and the chaos

"Pages and pages of pleasure and pain. Of fact and fantasy. Gladness and grief."

OPINION: Libraries, a place for everyone, offering safe harbour, knowledge, and escape should you need it.

Meet the real life catwoman

Nano says doctors and psychologists confirmed her cat existence when she was 16.

Norwegian woman who hisses at dogs and sleeps in a sink claims she was born in the wrong species.

The journey to adulthood

A U2 concert in 1993 marked the journey into adulthood.

Stories of road trips, school libraries and a U2 concert bring back warm memories of a lasting friendship.

Man's weightloss journey inspires daughter

Sunny, left, and Wiremu Bayliss will be accompanying their daughter Ellie in her first kids' triathlon.

Ellie Bayliss isn't letting foetal alcohol syndrome stop her following dad into world of triathlons.

Truth is stranger than fiction

When it comes to tablet use, parenting blogger Allison Slater Tate argues that “resistance is futile”.  Be reasonable, she advises Gen-X parents.  Set limits.  Negotiate.

The Huffington Post headline read: "Study: iPad Is Most Competent Parent in Households With Toddlers."

Beach, bach, barbecue

Torrent Bay is perfect place to ponder the year that's just been, and to formulate half-arsed plans for the year. ahead.

What better place to contemplate your own funeral and the future of newspaper journalism than a rented bach in Abel Tasman National Park?

My year in preview

Reporter Sam Boyer wanted to hear what 2016 had in store for him.

Wondering what 2016 would bring, our skeptical reporter tried a variety of fortune tellers.

Meet your new favourite tween

Marley Dias: "I was sick of reading about white boys and dogs."

"I was sick of reading about white boys and dogs," says 11-year-old on a mission to make a difference.

When the dictionary is sexist

The dictionary publisher has also apologised for its snarky response to an anthropologist who pointed their sexist examples.

Esteemed Oxford edition vows to review sentences - such as 'nagging' wife - that show how words are used.

A Neighbourly new year

Even if you never set New Year's resolutions, your community can help you make a fresh start this year.

Find out how you can make a difference in your community this year.

Living with anxiety

Living with anxiety can be an isolating experience in a society which doesn't understand the condition.

Lee Suckling has struggled with his anxiety condition in secret. Until now.

Chef makes dreams come true video

25012016 News Photo: Peter Meecham/Fairfax Media 
Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson signs autographs in her new book during a signing session at Paper Plus in Newmarket, Auckland.

Nigella Lawson charmed Kiwi fans at book signing in her first official appearance during two-day NZ visit.

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