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How to get anyone to like you

Asking for a favour can be helpful in establishing good relationships.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. So if you want to make sure that it's going to show you in the most favourable light, you can employ a little bit of science to help you out. That's right, you can trick people into liking you.

Cancer remedy corroded nose

The small area of treatable cancer can be seen here as a patch of redness in the centre of the woman's nose.

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Video shows how salve ate away at a woman's face.

Chocolate - the new party drug

Chocolate is the sweetest new party drug.

It's sweet, delicious and perfectly legal. It's also becoming the party drug of choice.

Forget FOMO, embrace JOMO

Some people would rather just stay at home, propped up on the couch, than go out.

Relief to introverts the world over - there's such a thing as JOMO: Joy of Missing Out.

Queen graces Vanity Fair cover

Celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz took the photo of the Queen and her corgis.

The 90-year-old monarch and her corgis were photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

Are we ready to live to 100?

A longer life can be a gift if you enjoy good health and wealth, but the opposite can also be true.

''People will experiment with different ways of living, because with the extra gift of time, where's the rush?"

Friendly falcon moves on in video

'Hawkie' is a NZ Falcon, which are quite rare, and has taken to hanging out ...

A rare bird has flown into the lives of a Manawatu family. And he won't leave.

Stop hiding your emotions

We conceal our feelings for a number of reasons.

Keeping all those negative feelings bottled up inside? You're not doing your relationship any favours.

Making housework fair

Women are more likely to do less enjoyable tasks like scrubbing the toilet.

Men need to be equal housework sharers, and not just helpers.

People told not to 'save' dog

The British RSPCA said it had some concerns over the casual note.

Dog locked in car is perfectly happy, according to a note left in the window.

'Guess who stopped a rape?'

The women were hailed as heroes for taking action.

Three women saw a man spiking his date's drink and decided to take action.

The changing face of death

In 2015 there were 61,038 births, and 31,608 deaths in New Zealand.

Would you turn you loved one's ashes into a diamond?

The long journey back home

A family reunited for the first time. From left: Cristina Graham; Jonquil Graham; Cristina's birth mother; Cristina's ...

Last year Cristina Graham returned to Romania to meet the family that gave her away 25 years ago.

How do we choose a partner?

When it comes to choosing a romantic partner science knows surprisingly little.

Science is in the mostly dark when it comes to love, romance and how we pick a mate.

Women attacked every 10 seconds

Twitter users - male and female - sent 200,000 aggressive tweets using the words "slut" and "whore" during a three-week ...

 Imagine being called a "slut" or a "whore" every 10 seconds - that's a reality for women on the internet.

Winter arrives, according to TradeMe

Chilly weather over the country has given Kiwi's a serious case of winter-brain.

Sales of blankets, heaters, firewood and snow chains soar as the mercury drops.

Giving strangers tips at the gym

There's nothing wrong with trying to help when you see someone's lycra-clad activity going awry - just do it carefully.

Want to show a stranger how to perfect their form? Tread carefully, and follow these tips.

When the property ladder needs a real ladder...

The number of times I’ve sat in the back of a service vehicle to add ballast, as a driver grinds the gearbox to find ...

You may wonder why my husband and I bought this house. The plain fact is, we got stuck on the day we first did a drive-by

A letter to childhood bullies

Saying sorry might make a world of difference for somebody who's been struggling with the effects of their dark ...

It's never too late to say sorry, no matter what your part was in the bullying process.

Why are child-free women criticised?

Several recent studies point to an increased social acceptance of women who choose to remain child-free in societies ...

Women who choose not to have children are labelled everything from selfish to shallow. But why?

This photo has everyone confused

The hugging couple that has everyone confused.

Stare at it for a few seconds and you'll realise something's terribly wrong.

Hopping mad over mucky hens

Flynn is a free-range, defecating despot of a happy hen.


Manners that have fallen out of favour

It's far more polite to respect someone's wishes than pick up the tab.

Here's a memo to the clueless-yet-well-meaning folk about old-school social etiquette that's now just plain rude.

How to burn fat at work

There are plenty of ways to burn fat and stay in shape… even when we're deskbound.

Stuck at a desk all day? That doesn't have to spell doom for your fitness goals.

Why male friends freak me out

'There's a part of me that has never stopped feeling a kind of quivering caution around men.'

"There's a part of me that has never stopped feeling a kind of quivering caution around men."

Can you spot the gherkin?

Can you find the gherkin hidden in this drawing by Sally-Ann Heron?

This latest hidden object challenge is a real pickle.

The age you're most popular

Social circles decrease until the age of 45 when the number stabilises.

What age do we hit peak friendship? Scientists believe they may have found the answer.

Why are we obsessed with tragedy?

Wellness blogger Belle Gibson claimed she had beaten terminal brain cancer.

We live in an age that has an insatiable appetite for the salacious, the scandalous, or simply the unbearably sad.

Teen secretly takes boyfriend to prom

Myren and Ralph, on their way to prom.

"My parents told me I couldn't go to prom because I wanted to go with my boyfriend so I had to go behind their backs."

Grim truths in the family tree

The writer's great aunt, Eleanor Cohen, was born into an immigrant family and lived beneath The Rolling Stones.

David Cohen uncovers some disturbing connections while exploring his family’s past.

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