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Aspire to lead despite sexism video

HUMOUR INTACT: Former  Australian prime minister Julia Gillard speaks to an audience at St Margaret’s College as part of her book tour of New Zealand.

As someone who took on the uglier side of sexism and misogyny, ex-Australian PM Julia Gillard showed it is possible to survive.

NZers are loners: study video


Despite our uber-friendly reputation with the rest of the world, we Kiwis wish we had more mates.

Not all parents like kids

SPECIAL BOND: Some expectant parents worry they won’t like their own offspring.

Don’t assume all parents love children. They may actually only love their own, and that's okay.

Why men think it's okay to catcall

HIS RIGHT?: This man says it's his 'right' to catcall women on the street.

If women dress in tight clothing they're asking to be harassed, teens say.

Salt-N-Pepa rap goes viral video

GANGSTA STYLE: Chelsea Ranger gets in the groove to Salt-N-Pepa's None of Your Business.

It was just a simple sing-along to the radio - that's been viewed a startling 3.3 million times.

Warne was right, the autograph is dying

Phone fetish: Katy Perry was welcomed by smart phones instead of smiles at Loreto Mandeville Hall in Melbourne.

Fans are turning their backs on their favourite celebrities in an attempt to get closer to them.

Grieving dad thanks supporters video

TENDER MOMENT: Chris Piccio with his son Lennon.

A grieving father who serenaded his dying infant son is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support.

'You never fully recover'

LIFE BATTLE: Renee Walker talks of her struggle with an eating disorder.

Renee Walker was mercilessly teased at school. So began a 20-year battle with an eating disorder.

A betrayal of feminism?

Pink Ribbon

Since doctors removed my breasts and rebuild them again, I've questioned my feminist cred and tossed out my jeans in favour of dresses.

Steps to sex change take 20 years video

Hard road: Robyn Thorne's gender reassignment has taken a devastating toll on her life.

In July, Peter said goodbye to his wife and flew to Thailand, only to return as Robyn.

A tragic, tragic story video


His wife died on the same day his son was born. Four days later his son passed. His serenade will break your heart.

Shaming won't get you donations


There's a good way to ask for donations and then there's a bad way.

Kid watching film is so emotional video

toddler watching Chipmunk film

Watch the emotional arc of a kids' film play out on a toddler's face.

The worst word of the year

FEMINIST: An unexpected pick for the worst word of 2014, but it's leading the poll at the moment. Beyonce would disagree.

If you could like totally banish one word literally from the face of this Earth, LOL, what would it be?

You listed what on eBay?

FOR A GOOD CAUSE: April Creed is selling the future rights to her uterus on eBay to help fund her friend's cancer treatment.

For sale: Future rights to one worn-out but highly spirited, 1970s-model uterus. Yes, really.

The new 'one night stand'?

QUICK WORK: "Before you can say ‘BFF’ me and some poor woman are swapping numbers and vowing to *do brunch* together the next day."

You wake up to a text. 'Hey! I had a great time last night! Hope to see you again! x'.

Royal baby bump under wraps gallery

kate Middleton Prince Willaim

Kate Middleton shows off her baby bump, but is she dropping a hint with the colour of the coat?

Brittany's legacy of dignity

BRITTANY MAYNARD: The 29-year-old brain cancer sufferer who chose to end her life last Saturday has reignited worldwide discussion about voluntary euthanasia.

A Wellington woman has a stash of a lethal drug at home, which she plans to swallow one day.

A cancerous tale

Cancer scam: Elle even shaved her head to make people believe she had cancer.

It's a sad story. A mum-of-six diagnosed with cancer, to later discover it had become terminal...

'Stop being a feminist'

MY CHOICE:  If feminism is the belief that women are as human as men, that women should be able to own their bodies and make choices about their lives, who could possibly disagree with it?

When loved ones attempt to 'rescue' you from gender politics.

Jolie opens up about marriage

Angelina Jolie

The newly married actress on her relationship with Brad and a potential move to politics.

Photo receives 'stunning' response

PROUD MUM: Jacci Sharkey's Facebook photo has gone viral.

A photo of a mother breastfeeding her baby in her graduation gown has garnered worldwide support.

Mt Kilimanjaro at 75, what's next?

Hamilton woman Anne Wilson, 75, on Mt Kilimanjaro.

Hamilton woman Anne Wilson doesn't want to grow old the conventional way.

She's changed the debate

Brittany Maynard's story has touched the hearts of millions around the world.

Brittany Maynard ended her life voluntarily, and she's changed the way we talk about euthanasia.

They doubt my son's deadly allergy

HIVES: Little Weston, pictured during an allergic reaction.

Just a tiny amount of egg leaves my baby swollen and breathless. So why do people call me a liar?

Rory wants company on wellbeing walk

WALKING BOOTS: Rory Hart wants to raise awareness about mental health by testing his own physical health in a five-month trek through New Zealand.

One post-grad student is doing his part to raise awareness of mental health with a fund-raising walk.

Brittany Maynard ends own life video

Brittany Maynard's story has touched the hearts of millions around the world.

The 29-year-old had said November 1 would be the day she died, and it was.

A tale of pain and joy video

WITH HER BOYS: Rachel on her wedding day with sons Cody and Jakob.

An Auckland woman's real-life love story is so touching it caught Oprah's attention - twice.

Zara Phillips: It's all about the feed

MUMMY'S GOT THIS: Zara Phillips introduced her daughter to the equestrian circuit early on.

High performance horses and babies. They're all the same to the Queen's granddaughter.

'How could I protect myself?' video

Shoshana Roberts spent 10 hours walking around New York, recording every instance of street harassment. She's now receiving online rape threats.

The actress in a street harassment video is now victim of awful online threats.