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Shocking video shows effects of party drugs video

Jordy Hurdes has to live with the consequences of drug-taking every day.

"Guys don't get sucked in. It all seems like fun and games and a cheap $25 pill but it's not worth it."

Beware of the 'BFF' mother

Where do you draw the line between mother and friend?

OPINION: The teacher who claims today's mums are damaging their daughters by trying to be best friends is right.

How to avoid boozy work dos

It's not just women who are uncomfortable with the interminable late-night work functions.

Women's careers are suffering because they put family before work dos - so what are their alternatives?

Breadmaking with her own bacteria

This is what Stavri's sourdough starter looked like after a day or two. It has since progressed to a larger bowl.

"Watching the life that has sprung from my loins has finally made me understand why people want to have children."

Why she got 11 tattoos in a week video

Casey Lubin only had two small tattoos before signing up to the project.

US woman transforms her body into a exhibition of the evolution of permanent body art - in just seven days.

This man's wife cries at everything

Lex Gillies, left, has been known to cry when hungover at pictures of piglets

Comedian found his wife's tendency to weep so intriguing he documented each meltdown for a month. 

University bans yoga classes

Should all yoga classes be required to include the spiritual side of the practice?

Are yoga classes culturally insensitive? One Canadian university isn't taking any chances.

Beating the middle-age blues

A new study shows life satisfaction diminishes steadily from early adulthood, reaching a nadir somewhere around the 40s, then picks up again as one grows older.

Don't let that mid-life crisis get you down - happiness is just around the U-bend.

Are you guilty of verbal grooming?

'Love your hair!' 'Your earrings are amazing!' (Or something along those lines, we're assuming, as Jaime King and Selena Gomez say hello).

The female greeting ritual - "Love your hair!" "That dress is amazing!" - is a complicated one.

A'Court: Be a stranger

Sometimes, in our everyday lives, you forget who you are and what makes you happy, Michele A'Court writes.

OPINION: Sometimes, in our everyday lives, you forget who you are and what makes you happy.

Boy defends woman from catcaller

Julia Price was harassed by a man while jogging.

When a man swore at this jogger, little James interjected, saying: "She's a girl like my sister and I will protect her."

A male 'time of the month'?

The 'man period' might not be as mythical as it sounds.

More than a quarter of men believe they experience a "man period", a British study has revealed.

How I beat cancer while pregnant

Rebecca O'Donnell with her son William.

Rebecca O'Donnell‚Äč was 30 weeks' pregnant when she found a pea-sized lump in her breast.

How can you help a child grieve?

The circumstances of the death of a parent don't have to be sudden for a child to experience a severe, almost post-traumatic stress type of grief.

For many children the loss of a parent can have far-reaching and devastating consequences in later life.

'Monster' illness that destroyed a star

Robin Williams who suffered from Lewy Body Dementia.

Lewy body dementia, the illness blamed for Robin Williams's death, is often misdiagnosed - with tragic results.

How we are failing our elderly

"There is something callous about the way people are expected to work their entire lives, to be productive contributors to the economy, only to be shunted away in old age, hidden from view, treated like a burden."

OPINION: Ageing is something that will hopefully happen to all of us. So why do we view elders as a burden?

Steampunk shakes up Wellington

Paula Lester-Garcia of Wellington's Steampunk Emporium

Why does steampunk attract more haters than your average nerdy niche subculture?

Modern manners everyone needs

Was it possible for an entire generation to miss a key chapter in modern etiquette?

OPINION: Why you should always acknowledge a text and put toilet paper at the bottom of the bowl.

Haka-banning troll's Facebook page removed

Did Cassidy Boon bite off more than she could chew when she mocked the haka?

It appears "Cassidy Boon" bit off more than she could chew when she decided to troll New Zealand.

The devices that get under your skin

A 'tattoo' such as the one developed in 2013 by Motorola could contain all your personal and health information, plus passwords and access codes.

Fitness trackers are set to triple in popularity by 2020, and some could be skin deep.

'I must remember to praise him more'

Valerie Littlejohn and her son Bart: "Sometimes I might have something like a hamburger. I don’t think my mum would ever eat a hamburger."

Working with family isn't always smooth sailing, this mother-son pair behind a top Auckland eatery reveal.

Childhood revisited

Shane Roberts has been a dedicated Comic Book reader and collector for 35 years.

Toys, games and dress-ups. It's not just child's play as Neil Ratley discovers.

Stylish DIY Christmas decorations

Creating beautiful decorations on a minimal dosh is absolutely possible, and the simple ideas are usually the most effective.

If you don't have the funds to splash out on festive decor items, 'tis the time to be inspired by these fancy but frugal ideas.

Horrendous website ranks 'hot' refugees

One of the 13 Syrian women the Daily Caller deemed worthy of refugee status due to being attractive.

Popular US media publication uses terror attacks and current refugee crisis as the basis for this horrendously sexist article.

How to handle hopelessness

The inhumanity of attacks like the ones in Paris, and the accompanying dread, boggles the mind.

The events of the past week have left many people reeling. Here are a few ways to deal with it.

Model loses fans with honest photos

The London blogger and model shares a snapshot of her Monday night "defuzzing" routine.

Popular London blogger ditches the posed, glossy images for just seven days - but loses a tenth of her followers.

Avoiding middle-aged loneliness

Men often find they lose friends as the pressures of work and family life take their toll.

Middle-aged men don't have to end up as Billy no-mates thanks to these useful social tips.

Embracing your post-breakup home

Don't wait for things to get better - make the most of the house or flat you have now.

Stop thinking about what you could have had and make the most of what you've got.

Trans man shocked by pregnancy

Azalia, with parents Elijah and Kayden Coleman, is just gorgeous.

Kayden Coleman thought he was gaining weight, but his bloated tummy turned out to be something else entirely.

Teen star questions body shamers

Ariel Winter has spoken out about the harassment and bullying she's received online.

"It sickens me to think a photo of myself with my nieces is suggesting that I'm 'asking for it'," says Modern Family actress.

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