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Trudeau photobombs prom group video

Now that's a memorable prom photo.

The Canadian PM jogged through some teens' prom photos and no-one even noticed - at first.

Rise of the 'Sad Dad'

Actor Brad Pitt opened up about his feelings on the end of his marriage to Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt is one, so is Ben Affleck, but the trend for newly introspective men isn't just because of divorce.

How to tell if you're getting dumber

When you don't realise you're dumb, that just makes you extra dumb.

OPINION: "If you're really stupid, you're too stupid to know how stupid you are."

Growing up in a house with no men

We were like sisters my grandmother and I. Pitted against each other for my mother's attention.

COMMENT: "Men were strange; somehow exotic."

William's university flame at wedding

Prince William (left) may have bumped into an ex-girlfriend at sister-in-law Pippa Middleton's wedding.

Even royals aren't spared the awkwardness of bumping into an ex at a wedding.

Who fancies a broccoli cuppa?

Broccoli tea for two.

Broccoli is not the nicest tasting or cheapest vege, but there's no denying it's really good for you ... but tea?

Does a car make the man?

Fiat or Ferarri? A man's car can say something about him.

OPINION: You can tell a lot about a guy by his car, says Lee Suckling who has owned everything from Vespas to V8s.

Dumpster diving to save on groceries

Dumpster diver David is trying to reduce food wastage by rescuing groceries from supermarket skip bins.

An Australian working professional says he has saved thousands by foraging in supermarket bins.

Are you a midster?

Age is seen as an asset in Karen Walker's advertising.

Millennials, schmillennials. The hot new demographic is the midster.

America under Trump

The Lorraine Motel was the scene of the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King, and is now the National Civil Rights Museum.

OPINION: We're back from the US and the first question asked is "how different is it under President Trump?"

We deserve better girls' nights

If only supposedly female-orientated comedies could, unlike Snatched, be hilarious and clever and not feature a tape worm.

OPINION: Why is it so hard to find a good girls'-night-out movie?

Anne's timeless appeal video

If there's one correct trait Anne with an E actress AmyBeth McNulty has in order to play Anne Shirley, it's "just the ...

OPINION: Whether you watch the new Netflix series or not, Anne of Green Gables is worth revisiting.

Anne Hathaway slams 'rumour' sexism

"Stop trying to reduce our gender to a caricature."

"Stop trying to reduce our gender to a caricature."

Why I love being queer

Elizabeth Duck-Chong: "We must also take time to find the joy in ourselves and our community. I mean, we're not called ...

OPINION: From sharing clothes to being part of an acceptant community, here are 5 perks of being gay.

Mothers give us a past

Mother's Days are a perfect reason for baking for a cake.

OPINION: So much history comes to us through our mothers, writes Rosemary McLeod.

Flockumentary will win you over - easy video

A key to the success of Pecking Order is that director Slavko Martinov plays it straight, never undercutting his ...

REVIEW: Pecking Order is a kind of Best in Show meets political thriller by way of Country Calendar.

Video offends an entire generation

Michael Graziano and Alexander Thomas James Hennessy from Global Degree.

The narrator of the clip accuses older people of choosing a boring, conformist life.

I was easy prey for an older man

Writer Clementine Ford: "How many girls are preyed on by older men because those men correctly identify how desperate ...

He took me up to his apartment while his wife was out, and tried to manipulate me into giving him physical affection.

Pub parodies sexual harassment

Aussie pub pulls posters telling men to alert staff if their date 'won't stop talking about herself'.

Aussie pub pulls posters telling men to alert staff if their date 'won't stop talking about herself'.

TV's best Mums

Lauren Graham has played two very popular TV Mom - Lorelai Gilmore and Sarah Braverman.

Our favourite TV Mums: from Beverly Crusher to Breaking Bad's Skylar White

Manifesto: A man and his mum

You don't have to psychologically separate from your mother to be masculine.

OPINION: Men, you don’t need to banish your mother to establish your masculinity.

A special word for all mums

The generation gap: Lynda Hallinan's mum, with her mum, circa 1947.

Mum was always there for us, and she still is. She's my best friend.

The joys of disconnecting

I have tried to avoid it when I'm on holiday as much as humanly possible, but it's getting harder and harder.

OPINION: Why the best moments in life are non-wifi moments.

Bittersweet memories of Whitney

Whitney: Can I Be Me containes never-seen-before footage from Houston's 1999 European concert tour.

A new look at an iconic 1990s singing sensation shows why she never stood a chance of having it all.

It's all about middle-aged me

Best to steer of Hedonistas. Chances are their minds are on self-gratification rather than the road.

OPINION: A scooter-riding gang of middle-agers who do nothing but suit themselves... Where do I join?

Wife 'allowance' an insult

Former TV presenter Kelly Landry outside court in Sydney.

COMMENT: Money is main area of conflict in a relationship. Paying your partner an allowance isn't the answer.

TV gems tucked away from prime-time

Ocean Parks is a look at marine parks around the world.

REVIEW: Why sometimes it's good to get out of the prime-time bubble.

Why I won't use the word 'adulting'

Deploying "adulting" to describe what's otherwise known as "life" is a sure way for woman not to be seen as an adult.

OPINION: Deploying "adulting" to describe what's otherwise known as "life" is a sure way for woman not to be seen as an adult.

The 'OK sexist' list

Blokes, to keep her happy, avoid saying something sexist or patronising.

OPINION: What men should know about what is acceptable - or not - to say to a woman.

Eating well in your later years

These chicken drum sticks were dipped on orange rind and juice then bread crumbs..

When you're older don`t be afraid to use extra fat, butter, oil, cream - in the later years of life these foods will help with weight gain.

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