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The lowest form of wit? Yeah right

Good news for Chandler Bing - researchers have now said that sarcasm in fact displays the highest form of intelligence.

Oscar Wilde was partly right – it turns out sarcasm shows the highest form of intelligence, according to Harvard.

'Shrinking Violet' unveils post-surgery stomach video

Elora Harre's post-surgery body. The Christchurch woman had 2.5kg of excess skin removed after losing 55kg over 3 years.

"Shrinking Violent" Elora Harre has emerged from excess skin-removal surgery with a new stomach that has "changed her life".

Raising an eyebrow to middle age

Tom Cruise mocks his Oprah mid-life crisis by repeating his couch-jumping stunt on David Letterman's talk show, 2005.

OPINION: Botox, fast cars, leaping on Oprah Winfrey's couch: all signs of a mid-life crisis. Now add eyebrow tattoos, says Lynda Hallinan

I want a nightclub for old people

Why should young people be the only ones who get to have fun on the dance floor?

If there's a great place for 40-somethings to have a boogie, I haven't found it yet.

'I love every minute of it'

Thalia Harteveld, 86, right, has collected for Daffodil Day in the foyer of the hospital for 25 years. Monica Munt, left, was also collecting.

Thalia Harteveld fundraises every Daffodil Day to honour father who died of cancer in 1962.

Us Two: Darren Meredith and Ezra Huege de Serville

Darren Meredith (sitting) and Ezra Huege de Serville

"He'll hate me saying that, but he's a really sweet person"

Megan Nicol Reed: On girls' night out, a pact

To debauchery - and grooming.

"In the midst of our dissipation, I had an epiphany. Shush, I said. Could I have your attenshun"

To learn how to lucid dream, read this

The first rule of Dream Club is that you can definitely, absolutely, talk about it.

Learn to dream lucidly, 'Inception' your enemies and bore everyone with your dreams

Beautician reveals sexist requests

It's not uncommon for men to demand their partners get waxed, says this beauty therapist.

"He literally gave me his wife and some money, right there and then in Bunnings, so I could wax her head to toe."

Megan Nicol Reed: Oh, the places you'll go!

Not a good old-fashion date scone in sight.

Part two in a series on small towns which shall remain nameless.

Us Two: Monishita Tania and Mohammad Alam

Monishita Tania and Mohammad Alam plan to open a dairy together.

The Bangladeshi friends met in Auckland last year, and are working together to build a future here.

Let the pub make its call on tattoos

Jesse Wright was turned away from a bar for his facial tattoos. The 75 on his cheek refers to the year his mother was born.

OPINION: I have tattoos, so why am I rolling my eyes here?

Hooked on colouring in

A fox from Animorphia, coloured by Kat Bifield

Colouring in books for grown-ups is the new black and a global publishing phenomenon.

It wasn’t us who killed the video store

Columnist Ali Ikram

Time’s up for an era of timeless magic, by way of the video shop.

Women of NZ: I'm sorry

Martin van Beynen

Martin van Beynen apologises to all foulmouthed Kiwi women – OK girls, curse like troopers.

A definitive guide to man tribes

Spornosexual? Omnisexual? It's hard to tell.

Maleness today comes in many different guises - it's time to pit the lumbersexuals against the YOLOsexuals in this International Championship of Manhood.

Women 'entitled to use all words'

When asked about van Beynen's column, comedian Urzila Carlson said she wouldn't waste her time on "this s...t".

Kiwi ladies swear too much? F… off, say New Zealand's top female comedians and linguist experts.

A Life Story: Sister Mary Walburga

Sister Walburga of the Home of Compassion.

OBITUARY: Sister Walburga once said she'd rather be "found dead in a paddock", than become a nun.

Kiwi women swear too much

Men curse far too much too and women shouldn't join them, writes Martin van Beynen.

OPINION: Men curse far too much too and women shouldn't join them.

'Vile' page Photoshops women thin

Melissa McCarthy

Just when you thought body-shaming couldn't get any worse, it reaches a new low.

Not just any old shed

It seems as though Shed 5 has been around for as long as the Victorian building which houses it.

Shed 5 is opulent and old school, swimming against the tide.

Be open to surprises

Peta Mathias

Peta Mathias – traveller, writer, cook, bon vivant – offers her unconventional wisdom for the dilemmas of modern life.

We could live to 150 - researcher

Ageing like it was a disease and we should fight it, says Harvard professor David Sinclair.

Ageing is a condition worth treating, say one United State researcher.

Why is he holding a teddy bear?

A white teddy bear comforted students at the scene of a vicious house fire on Sunday.

A pristine teddy bear was an unlikely presence at a ferocious house fire in Christchurch.

Why I had a breast reduction

"Making the decision to undergo surgery was not one I took lightly. But, after years of mental and physical suffering, it felt like my only choice."

While other girls were wearing training bras, I was already a 34DD. And it only got worse from there.

Leaving home

Playwright and performer Buddug James Jones tours her show Hiraeth.

Welsh playwright Buddug James Jon discovered the meaning of home only by leaving it.

Galassi's galaxy

Muse, by Jonathan Galassi

One learns to write a book by writing it, says publishing "gentleman" giant Jonathan Galassi. He talks with Marco Sonzogni ahead of a New Zealand visit.

When women say they're a 'hot mess'

A writer has cited Anna Kendrick as a prime example of a successful woman "pretending their lives are in shambles".

Is it an attempt to be relatable? Or is it a defensive measure against judgement?

Heartbreaking story inspires action

This woman's heartbreaking story triggered an outpouring of support from people wishing to help.

It's a tragic story with a hopeful ending - thanks to the powerful influence of social media. 

How I started an animal sanctuary

Carolyn Press-McKenzie, founder of no-kill shelter HUHA - Helping You Help Animals.

The founder of animal sanctuary HUHA has rescued several arks’ worth of animals, yet her journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing

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