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When transitioning doesn't help

Walt Heyer became Laura Jensen but after eight years returned to being Walt.

Gender identity is far from an exact science - and those who change their sex but still feel "wrong" are paying the price.

Gwyneth's conscious uncoupling works

Gwyneth Paltrow's split from Chris Martin has confused most media watchers.

Experts say there is such a thing as a good break-up.

My girlfriend has gained quite a bit of weight – should I say something?

Jaquie Brown is here to solve all your problems.

OPINION: My girlfriend has gained quite a bit of weight – should I say something?

A different way to see video

Having gone blind in later life, Elaine Waters has had to learn to see differently.

Almost 170,000 Kiwis have some form of vision loss. All of them see the world differently.

Boulevard of dreams

Gone is the dancefloor at Boulevard on Dixon St, Wellington.

It seems only yesterday that Hope Bros. opened, but actually it was more like a decade ago.

Anatomy of a 'real' man

Richie McCaw (C) of New Zealand during the 2015 Castle Rugby Championship rugby match between South Africa and New Zealand at Ellis Park in Johannesburg, South Africa on July 25, 2015??Barry Aldworth/BackpagePix

What makes a "real" Kiwi man and how living up to it can be harmful.

Family Album - Lydia Bradey

Wanaka climber and author Lydia Bradey.

Lydia Bradey, the first woman to have climbed Mt Everest without oxygen, reveals her life in pictures.

People who remember everything

Giuliana Mazzoni tests someone to see if they have HSAM.

Think it would be awesome to remember every single day of your life? Well, yes and no.

Transplant recipient takes first breaths video

Alana Taylor, 28, has suffered from cystic fibrosis since birth. She received a double-lung transplant on Wednesday.

A Christchurch woman who received new lungs has taken her first breaths.

Oprah 'transformed my life'

Christchurch woman Lisa Yardley's dream came true when she met Oprah Winfrey last year. She has bought tickets to Winfrey's first-ever New Zealand show in December.

Die-hard fan Lisa Yardley could be the reason for Oprah Winfrey's trip to New Zealand.

8 stunning sensations

8 stunning sensations to feel before 8 in the morning - Nespresso sponsored content

Incredible things happen while you're sleeping. These eight examples will make you want to be an early bird.

I feel really safe: cycling student video

Biking to school can be faster than going in the car for Hamilton student Ryan Farrell.

Big, noisy trucks catch the Hamilton 12 year old by surprise sometimes, but it's the only time he's ever worried.

Offshore and off the grid

A tropical island holiday doesn't have to be promoted to the world on social media.

OPINION: OPINION: There is no video evidence of it to go viral, so you are just going to have to trust me when I tell you I had a great tropical holiday.

There's little that lasts

Little beats the longevity of a real silver spoon.

We live in a disposable age. Some things that do last: Landfills of plastic bags. Edmonds Baking Powder tins.

Living life with a stutter video

Marty van der Kley, centre, a graduate of the McGuire Program for people who stutter, was among those who spoke publicly in the Re:Start Mall as part of their training.

Six Kiwis forced to speak with a painful stutter for most of their lives take on a brave feat.

Hilarious obit goes viral

Mary "Pat" Stocks on her 90th birthday.

Son's obit honours mum "who leaves behind a very dysfunctional family" and was known for her salty language and bland cooking.

Are you a 'Dr Jekyll' drinker?

Know a "mean drunk"? It might not have anything to do with how much they drink.

Study identifies four kinds of "drunk personality" types, and they have nothing to do with how much you drink.

'Maybe he's not that into you'

Waiting for that bended knee romantic proposal?

OPINION: Dear Jaquie, I've been waiting for a proposal for five years. Help!

'I let my boyfriend drink my blood'

American florist Blut Katzchen is a self-confessed "black swan", a person who lets others drink their blood.

Blut Katzchen spends her days as a florist. But by night, she has an altogether more unusual way to relax.

How this woman changes young lives gallery

Nancy McConnell and Martin Hansen.

Nancy McConnell is driven to bring work into the lives of disengaged young people.

My mum's relationship with food

To my mother, life is black-and-white: thin is good, and weight - even the smallest amount - is the devil.

To my mother, life is black-and-white: thin is good, and weight - even the smallest amount - is the devil.

9 fun facts about mornings

man hitting snooze button on alarm clock

These facts might change how you start your day.

Changing rooms and fortunes

Columnist Ali Ikram

Accepting the fleeting nature of acclaim in the pavilion of life.

Plumbing the depths

Peta Mathias

Dear Peta, we have an occasional and mysterious pool of water near our loo - but why?

Trans teen fights to play in her team

Caitlyn Jenner's ESPYs speech has inspired Alex Trujillo to fight for her right to play in her school's girls volleyball team.

Caitlyn Jenner's ESPYs speech has inspired Alex to fight for her right to play volleyball.

Knitting injury into success

Cam Low discovered knitting after being laid low with broken bones.

Rather than wasting hours in front of the TV, this recuperating ski instructor instead turned to making beanies.

'Sexist men online are losers'

While both genders are frequent victims of online abuse, women tend to get the worst of it.

At least that's what a study of men and women playing video games together has found.

'I kept my husband's cancer secret'

Film director and writer Nora Ephron, who died in 2012, kept a secret from all those outside of her immediate family: that she had suffered cancer for years.

Keeping my husband's diagnosis hidden for the past five years hasn't been easy.

'Abolish men's and women's loos'

A gender-neutral restroom at the Unviersity of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada.

OPINION: Gender-specific facilities leave many trans people feeling humiliated, writes the president of AGender NZ.

Hodge-podge meets fusion

Fusion Virtuoso's service is attentive.

Fusion is fine - except when it's hodge-podge.

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