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Are manners in meltdown?

Have we, as a society, become too impatient and impolite?

Chivalry is out, Big Macs at the theatre is in. Is it time we all learnt to behave?

Stranger saves desperate mum

Tawny Nelson with three of her four kids.

No-one would help a stranded single mum and her 4 kids - until an elderly hero came along.

A love that conquered

Norma Milford

A great love story comes to an end following the death of Norma Milford, New Zealand's first postmaster.

5 of life's little niggles

Life throws up small and big frustrations. Sometimes they all seem big.

Life's frustrations can be big and small. Here are 5 small ones that bug us the most.

Planning the end of your romance

"I realise a better sign of intimacy would have been to spend the afternoon discussing our exit strategy."

"I realise a better sign of intimacy would have been to spend the afternoon discussing our exit strategy."

Rural vets pen new book video

Marlborough Vets Peter Jerram (left) and Peter Anderson  have released a new book of rural yarns.

Two Marlborough vets who have worked togetherĀ for 40 years have written their second book.

Why celebs hide behind 'empowerment'

Blake Lively found working with Woody Allen 'empowering'.

With celebs from Kim K to Blake Lively throwing around the term, has it lost its real meaning?

Kind people have more sex

Another reason to be nice.

It turns out people who give more to charity 'get more'.

Jay Z: Beyonce's 'Instagram husband'

It looks like Jay Z may be the latest 'Instagram husband'.

Behind every well-filtered woman, there's some poor sod holding a camera phone.

'I'm ugly, and I know it'

We should teach people, especially women, that their beauty doesn't define them, says the writer.

Why ad campaigns that tell everyone they're beautiful are so dangerous.

Brewery toasts occasion with Rogue Hop Deluxe

Harrington family, from left, Quinn, John, Val, Mason, Johnny, Carl and his wife, Trudy.

Harrington's of Christchurch celebrated its 25th birthday last week by releasing the Rogue Hop Deluxe.

12 of the best kitchen splashbacks

A brass splashback gives a warm glow.

A standout splashback can make all the difference. What's your favourite style?

5 ways to stay sane as a parent

It's important to find time for yourself in each day - even more so when you have children.

Being a parent can be exhausting. That's why it's vital to take care of yourself.

Sex after kids? What's that?

It's so important to find time without the kids with your partner.

Parents share how they make time for sex.

How to be Ab Fab 2016-style

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley return as Edina and Patsy in the Absolutely Fabulous movie.

Eddy and Patsy update us on what - and who - is absolutely fabulous these days.

Is misogyny a hate crime?

Is wolf-whistling just like racism or homophobia? A UK police force says it is.

A UK police force says misogyny is on par with racism and homophobia. Do you agree?

Being the 'other' granny

What do you do when your grandchild spends more time with the other side of their family?

What do you do when your grandchild is much closer with the other side of their family?

Frenched by a poodle

Even a true dog lover has her limits.

OPINION: Even a true dog lover has her limits when it comes to animal affection.

Choose the best dining table

In a modern open plan space, clear furniture can make the space seem more open and light.

Experts tips on finding the right-sized dining table and the best chairs for your home

You're more unique than you think


Popular myth says everyone has a doppelganger out there. Let's put that to the test.

How queer teens gave me faith

The attack on the US gay club in Orlando, Florida, left me reeling for weeks.

"What these teens might never know is how much they've changed the course of my life for the better."

Kid-friendly DIY projects

Use a porcelain pen to doodle on a coffee mug - no one else will have one like yours!

Fed up with school holiday outings? Here are four craft projects to keep the kids happy at home.

Plus-size fashion guide to the beach

The fabulous Tess Holliday flexing at Mooloolaba.

" I refuse to let those fears stop me getting my ocean on and neither should you."

Parenting tips for Mick Jagger

At 72, Mick Jagger's set to be a dad again.

This writer offers the Rolling Stones singer his dad-to-dad advice. Hilarious!

Is work-life balance impossible?

Can you actually find a happy work-life balance - or should you just accept an imbalance and make it work?

Are we better off just accepting the imbalance and making the best of it?

The woman who stood up to mafia

Photographer Letizia Battaglia says the mafia is stronger today than ever.

"I am doing my duty as a woman, an Italian, a citizen of the world to fight against corrupt forces: the mafia!"

Working mums better at job

The skills developed by mothering should give women even more confidence in the workplace, not less.

Why working mums - especially if they work part-time - are more productive.

'I just discovered I'm a Mombie'

"I'm not that tired," you think, Facebooking with one eye open.

Do you, despite being dead-tired, stay up late because it's your only kid-free time?

Running for rape survivors

To mark the anniversary of her rape, Claire McFarlane is setting out on her next project aimed at bringing justice to ...

Claire McFarlane marks the anniversary of her attack by launching a beach run project to raise awareness.

What can I do for my dog's frequent ear problems?

To help prevent ear problems, ensure any hair growth around the entrance to your dog's  ear canal is kept short.

Veterinarian Dr Bruce Chard responds to reader questions about common pet problems.

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