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One in a million video

TOUCHING MOMENTS: Tessa Prebble has no regrets about the short time she got to spend with daughter Eva, who was born both blind and deaf.

To her mum, she was one in a million, an unlikely joyous child with a rare condition who died before her time.

'You're just causing drama'

A DIVISIVE WORD: The term "drama" can quickly become a substitute for calling the other person "crazy" or "irrational".

Sometimes drama is real. But sometimes, it's a word used by men to shut down discussion.

Be ready to talk death, urges doctor

Pro choice: Dr Ron Jonquiere.

Dutch doctor Rob Jonquiere says attitudes to euthanasia in the Waikato have changed in the five years since he was there last.

Anzac tattoo goes viral video

A poignant tattoo honouring Kiwi war veterans has caught the world's imagination, going viral on social media just days after being inked onto a Lower Hutt man.

Leo's parents to give it a go

08022015 News photo. Supplied. Down Syndrome baby Leo Forrest, whose father is fundraising to bring the child from Armenia to New Zealand. PIC: GoFundMe.

A mother accused of ditching her Down syndrome son has reconciled with her Kiwi husband and wants to move to New Zealand after $660,000 was raised to help the boy.

Parents get daughter's birthmark tattooed

SHOW OF SUPPORT: "We wanted Honey-Rae to feel special, that her birthmark was something to feel proud of and not embarrassed by."

Couple get inked to show their 18-month-old that her blemish "was something to feel proud of and not embarrassed by".

Messages from beyond

Sue Nicholson says she hears, sees and feels the spirits of the dead.

Spirits led self-proclaimed ‘psychic medium’ Sue Nicholson to use her supernatural powers to help others

Dads should complain more

dad diaper

If Daddy is going to be an equal parent, then Scary Daddy needs to be recognised and supported too.

Why I had labiaplasty at 16

A SENSE OF RELIEF: "The decision was not driven by vanity or sexual desirability. I had never had sex or even been kissed."

The decision was not driven by vanity or sexual desirability. I had never even been kissed. But I felt ill.

No-one showed up to his birthday

'YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH THIS MEANS': Strangers and emergency services pulled together to make sure Glenn had a happy birthday, after no friends showed up at his party.

Autistic boy was devasted when no friends came to his party. But what happened next will warm your heart.

I want my kid to be gay, too

Gay rights

OPINION: If my daughter is gay, I don't worry about her having a hard life - but I do worry about people expecting her to have a hard life.

Turning their lives around

14102014 Feature, Photo : Chris Skelton/Fairfax NZ
Aaron Menzies is a former Auckland Diocesan teacher who had to leave work because of severe anxiety. For feature on how people retrain their minds.

After both her hands were severed by her sword-wielding boyfriend, Simonne Butler managed to change her life.

High tea and cricket

CLASH OF THE CAKES: Cricket fans choose between Kiwi lamingtons and British scones.

The British invasion has hit Wellington's Civic Square - in the form of scones.

A hug from mum

TIME FOR A HUG: Yvonne Leven, 71, of Manapouri with a computer photograph of her mother Evelyn (Maisie) Lawrence, of Manchester, England. Given up at birth 71 years ago Leven found her mother was still alive and is about to make the trip to Manchester to meet her.

After 71 years Yvonne Leven is going to meet her birth mother for the first time.

Struggling mum of four wins $251m

JACKPOT: Marie Holmes and her four children - one of whom has cerebral palsy - "won't have to worry about the word 'struggle'" anymore.

She quit her job to care for her kids, one of whom has cerebral palsy. Now she'll be able to send them to college.

'Accept me for who I am' video

'NEEDS SUPPORT MORE THAN EVER': Nine-year-old Milla with mum Renee Fabish.

Nine-year-old transgender Kiwi gains worldwide support after pleading for people to accept him in inspiring video.

Birth photography - gruesome or awesome?

"RAW EMOTION": Jason Rouse is overcome with emotion after his wife Allie Pollock gives birth to the couple’s first child, Ashton, in Waikato Hospital.

When Jason Rouse told his rugby mates there would be a photographer at the birth of his child, they thought he was crazy.

School's out forever

For a while, teaching felt right. I went all in. This is me until retirement, I told myself.

Leaving high school was hard. Then one day I woke up and I was a high-school English teacher.

Why I can't be bothered with birthdays

CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION? "Once we hit 21, let's stop celebrating our birthdays."

We should need no pretext to entertain our friends, especially not with a reminder of looming mortality.

Unexpectedly expecting

Researchers discovered that one in every 2455 births occurred where the mother was unaware she had been pregnant at all.

How do you adjust when suddenly, without warning, you’re someone’s mum or dad?

Hunt on for dad's secret war love child

DASHING: American sailor Max Wiley Thompson in World War II.

American man Marcus Thompson is convinced he has a secret half-brother in New Zealand.

Shining light on transgender rights

ON A JOURNEY: Bruce Jenner is transitioning into a woman.

Depending on how Bruce Jenner's story is presented, his reported transition may herald a new cultural shift.

Baby Leo's mum speaks up

DAD'S MISSION: Samuel Forrest plans to bring Leo back home.

A woman accused of disowning her newly-born Down Syndrome baby has told her side of the story.

Veteran too late

TOO LATE: Garth Powell with his wife, Elma, left, and Yvonne Rountree, the daughter of his lost love, Noeline Bird.

An American war veteran waited decades to find his lost Kiwi love - but he was seven years late.

Neglect or common sense?

27012015 News Photo : Chris Skelton/Fairfax NZ 
Daisy and Isaac Nalder walking to school for story on wether or not young children should be walking to and from school unsupervised.

As children head back to school, we ask is free-range parenting neglectful or just letting kids be kids?

Dad's mission for baby Leo

BABY LEO: His dad Samuel is fundraising to bring him home.

Little Leo's Armenian mother won't have him in her house. So his Kiwi dad is stepping up.

Dad of twins faces life solo

HAPPY TOGETHER: Wellington couple Nadine and Brett Wooffindin with their twin boys, Jack, left, and Max.

Instead of starting a new life together, Brett Wooffindin woke up in the night to find his wife dead.

A taste of naturism

Free Beaches NZ national president Mike Ward.

Summer is the perfect time for some people to get their kit off and let it all hang out.

Why you should swear more

Kim Sears’ mouth got her into trouble.

Dropping an F-bomb is preferable to planting a punch so why does swearing still upset people?

'I just want to feel safe again'

Disabled pensioner Alan Barnes broke his collarbone when he was pushed to the ground by a mugger outside his home.

Donations from as far as NZ flood in for disabled pensioner mugged in the UK, as total hits a whopping $567k.

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