How it's possible to not know you're pregnant

A young woman of normal weight may be pregnant and not know it, but it's more likely to happen if overweight.

Why home-cooked trumps fast food

As our uptake of fast foods and 'away from home' meals grows, so do our waistlines. It's time to get cooking again.

Holiday one week, motherhood the next

Kate felt a bit ill during her European holiday. Little did she know she was over 8 months pregnant.

My sons love getting their toenails painted

And I'm tired of people telling them, 'Boys don't do that.'

The first words we said to each other were 'I do'


Married for 33 years, a Hare Krishna couple share the secrets to their strong relationship.

When the school photoshops your six-year-old


"I don’t want a perfect photo, I want a photo of my perfect child."

Is it us or retailers obsessed with body size?


Most people aren't aiming for the catwalk they just want to look fashionable, writes Lesley Drakeford.

We should mix it up with mannequin sizes


Shop mannequins should reflect our diverse society, it shouldn't be one size fits all, says Tina Gilles.

Unwanted girl from Tawa steals the royal show

Flashback queen Ginette McDonald Lynn of Tawa

VIDEO: A young entertainer makes an outlandish offer that tempts the Duke of Edinburgh.

Greek god wins inaugural beard gong

Beard and moustache competition

Facial hair growers bristled with pride after NZ's first beard and moustache competition.

Why some people are more trusting

Generic hacker

Fallen victim to a Nigerian prince? You might just be one scientifically more inclined to trust strangers than others.

Cumberbatch: I'll 'fight to the death' for gay rights

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch 's interview for Out magazine is making us fall in love with him all over again.

Hundreds crash supermarket for kiss-in protest


Hundreds of protestors swarm a British supermarket after a lesbian couple were kicked out for sharing a kiss.

Brigitte Bardot's scandalous life

Brigitte Bardot

With husbands, lovers and numerous suicide attempts, sixties icon Brigitte Bardot has a life as dramatic as her films.

Apple's egg-freezing offer: cool or creepy?

Generic pregnant

Is Apple's offer to cover the cost of egg-freezing empowering, or forcing women into starting families later?

Amal Alamuddin shouldn't have changed her name

Amal Alamuddin

OPINION: So Amal Alamuddin changed her last name to Clooney. Is it wrong to be disappointed?

Twerking 9 till 5, what a way to make a living


Forget work, this 22-year-old is twerking 9 till 5 on Vine and raking in thousands of dollars a second to do it.

Cancer sufferer running out of time

	 Angela Sunkel

Angela Sunkel is battling cancer and trying to raise enough money for what is her only shot at a cure.

Transgender teen becomes homecoming king

Mel Gonzalez

"I wanted to show that a guy like me can live a normal life - still be visible in the community and be widely accepted."

WOW, what a result


World of WearableArt 2014 pulled record audiences amd added $22m to local economy.

This kid is having the time of his life


Charlie, 8, is the internet's latest hero and he's giving Patrick Swayze a run for his money.

'It was like being buried alive'

Kate Allatt

Everybody thought I was in a vegetative state, but in reality I was there the whole time.

High tea... in a funeral parlour

Funeral director Paul Dunstall

Unusual mix of graveside etiquette, coffin size and chocolate are part of Napier's Art Deco Weekend.

Manning up to violent past

Vic Tamati

Vic Tamati has "LOVE" tattooed on his right hand. He got it done as teenager. The fist was the only love he knew.

Video of selfie-obsessed girl goes viral

Selfie girl

It's hard to decide which is sillier: the girl obsessed with taking the perfect selfie, or the person filming and mocking her?

'I gave my eight-year-old medical cannabis'


Choosing medical cannabis was possibly the hardest decision I have ever made. But I don’t regret it.

Five myths adults have about teenagers

teen strap

Think your teenager hates you and doesn't ever listen to you? Read this.

Who is my egg mother?

	 Simone Barclay

What is driving increasing numbers of couples overseas for surrogacy - and why we should care.

The precious world of celebrity blogs

Gwyneth Paltrow

There's a war brewing over who gets to tell us how we should eat, drink, dress and shop.

Be assertive, not aggressive

angry woman

OPINION: The first rule of assertiveness is mutual respect: regard the person you're dealing with as a fellow human being.

Mayor roughs it for a little taste of homelessness

Celia Wade-Brown

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown gave up a basic human right everyone should have - a roof over their head - last night.

Don't touch me: I hate (most) hugs

Models hugging

When did we start ignoring all the rules of getting to know someone and move straight to the hug?

Nudists crowd into capital


Wellington will bare all in 2016 when the capital hosts the world's largest nudist conference.

Daphne Selfe: A model of a certain age

Daphne Selfe

In hot demand at 86, model Daphne Selfe was 'discovered' at 70.

This 29-year-old will die on November 1


Brittany Maynard carries the pill that will end her life in her wallet. At 29, she will die on her terms.

Do sons need to see their mum naked?


I don't feel it's my job to show my son what a 'real woman' looks like, but one mum certainly does.

Losing Dad: A teen finds purpose in grief

Genevieve Liu

"You wonder if you're going to be able to live the same life you felt like you were supposed to."

Parents: Don't stay together 'for the kids'


Unhappily partnered parents: Please don't stay together 'for the kids.' You're not doing them any favours.

Finding who you really are


OPINION: The formula of choosing something, working for it and then being happy never works.

Why this dad wants to be a wife

Aspiring house husband Sam de Brito with stand-in kids Ace and Ruby Jean.

OPINION: Why don't we focus on men's rights to enjoy the same workplace flexibility as mothers, asks Sam De Brito.

Life as a short man: The psychology of height

Oliver Driver, left, and Dai Henwood

Is there really such a thing as short-man syndrome? Bess Manson examines the psychology of height.

People's tales of grieving a pet


'I put his body on a little bed on an ice pack ... friends poured through the house to say goodbye.'

Where are your spelling blindspots?

Where are your spelling blindspots?

We all have words which, no matter how many times we write them, will always trip us up.

Taylor Swift defends Emma Watson


Suggests that if a speech like that had been made sooner she'd have called herself a feminist earlier.

Kiwi selfie makes splash in world contest

Briar Bayes, 12, in a selfie that won her first place in the FEI Solidarity World Photo Grand Prix under 16 category.

Briar Bayes, 12, has a new-found respect for the "over-rated" selfie.

Watch a baby age 4 years in 3 minutes


Viral time-lapse video shows a baby aging four years in just three minutes.

Brave mum loses cancer battle

Vivan Waller

A young Kiwi mum whose battle against cancer caught Robin Williams' attention has died.

Teen pens viral letter about Watson's speech

Emma Watson

"I was inspired by Emma Watson’s speech, but also by Beyonce’s philosophy of female empowerment."

Female celebs tackle the F-word


The question is being posed to female celebrities more frequently than ever before - so what's the right answer?

Royal baby has reportedly been named

Kate Middleton

Bets flood in on the name of the new royal sprog, but a Palace source says it's a done deal.

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