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Dolphin returns phone to cheerleader video

The helpful dolphin returning Teressa Cee's phone to her.

Teressa Cee trumps us all after dropping her phone in the ocean, and having it returned by a dolphin.

Is it OK to ask someone's pay? video

Would you talk about your salary?

Should you be willing to offer up salary information, or is it a definite no-no in your books?

Singletons redefining 'spinsterhood'

Is the popular conception of a single woman finally shaking free of the "crazy cat lady" stereotype?

With more women actively choosing to stay single, is the often-insulting term losing its stigma?

The middle-aged social whirl

With luck, Oprah will share some weight-loss stories.

OPINION: It's time to put a winter of discontent behind us, to look forward to some hot tunes and some hot damn.

Where a self-help writer gets help

Oliver Burkeman: " I'm convinced that half the stress we feel isn't from having too much to do, but from trying to keep track of it all."

British author Oliver Burkeman reveals the best advice he ever received and his fast track to relaxation.

Memories from the darkness

Cormac McCarthy's The Road was always good for a few existential dilemmas.

Let's recall the dystopian novels which made childhood great.

I don't drink and I'm 25

What if this year, you decided to celebrate without alcohol and instead, decided to celebrate with the people around you?

I'm 25 years sober at 25 years old. Here's why you should give it a go.

Melania Trump, first lady? video

Melania Trump speaks four languages. She met Donald Trump at Manhattan's Kit Kat Club.

Model, entrepreneur and unofficial pollster, Melania Trump is in the spotlight.

Obituary: Wellington scientist John Lancashire

John Alan Lancashire QSM.

Wellingtonian John Lancashire was someone who could "tackle anything".

Blake Lively admits failure with site

Blake Lively said her site wasn't "making a difference in people's lives", and has thus decided to close it.

Actress closes "shoppable lifestyle" venture where aprons go for $170, saying it wasn't changing lives.

Drive-in to the future

Firefly Cinemas founder and director Jonno Morrissey with a DeLorean car, made famous from the Back to the Future franchise, which will be front row at a drive-in screening in Lower Hutt's Riverbank carpark.

Lower Hutt Riverbank carpark is set to host four drive-in movies, for Back to the Future and Halloween fans.

Sink or learn to swim

Having fun in the water is considered a Kiwi birthright, so why are so many of our school pools disappearing?

As a nation surrounded by water we have to be serious about water safety, so why are so many school pools being closed?

Burned child finds caring nurse

Amanda Scarpinati, the child in the photo who suffered burns, tracked down the nurse holding her and thanked her for caring for her.

After 38 years, Amanda Scarpinati solved the mystery of her treasured photo.

Elderly forced into prostitution

An elderly woman stands at a small, bustling plaza in front of the Piccadilly theater in Seoul, South Korea, a a place where elderly prostitutes openly solicit customers for sex in nearby motels.

"I know that I shouldn't do this," the 76-year-old prostitute said. But she needs the money for arthritis treatment.

Boyfriend proposes to dead girlfriend

Grief-stricken Josh Thompson proposed to girlfriend Abigail Hall after her unexpected death, with her parents' approval.

Heartbroken man announces engagement to student following her shock death with picture of ring on her hand.

'It was our job to give him a chance'


Jaxon has made it past his first birthday against the odds, however the joyous occasion has been tainted by online abuse from strangers.

Got too many dogs? Build them a train video

Eugene Bostick and his dog train.

A US dog lover has taken in so many stray canines, he's built a train to travel around town with them.

To heck with positivity

Inspiration overload on social media has prompted a backlash mocking the shallowness of the self-help movement.

Life is hard. Just give up. Welcome to the anti-inspiration revolution.

Crowdfunding: Money for nothing

Is the crowdfunding route just a digital take on the begging bowl?

Fundraising online is commonplace these days, but does that justify sticking your hand out for a cute dog or nice dress?

Mansfield's wow factor

Katherine Mansfield. A portrait of the writer in a red dress.


The naked and the dread

A moment that won't last forever.

When do you think, my husband asked me the other day, it is no longer appropriate to wander around naked in front of the kids?

The unglamorous Instagram reality

Instagram photos are not always as perfect as they seem.

There's a running joke on Instagram that the selfie and the tagged picture tend to be chalk and cheese.

'It was lose weight... or death' gallery video

Skin removal surgery is out of Payne's price range, but her positive attitude is inspiring. "I've only got one body so I'm going to make the most of it."

Once, Grace Payne would drive to the letter box at the end of her driveway. Now, 112kg lighter, she's bungee jumping.

How to quell inequality anxiety

Peta Mathias, Your Weekend columnist

Dear Peta,

'That female must be attractive' video

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet calls himself a feminist. Excuse us for being a little unconvinced.

A female Dalai Lama must be attractive, or "not much use", Dalai Lama says.

I regret my tattoo

Victoria Beckham's tattoo removal has sparked rumours her marriage is breaking down, but it's more likely that she's just sick of it.

In my 20s I was thrilled to get my Chinese character tattoo. Now, like Victoria Beckham, I want it gone.

Surgeon's small act of kindness

The girl had a pre-existing heart condition that required surgery to fix it.

Two-year-old about to have heart surgery was inconsolable - until her doctor and his smartphone stepped in.

Working beyond 65

Staying in the workforce after turning 65 is a growing trend in NZ and overseas.

Retire at 65? I can't think of anything worse. The number of older people in work is rising, figures show.

Dashed hopes and dreams

Greg Bruce

The day I was told, you've got a great face for TV - TV scriptwriting.

The selfie spoon: it's a thing

The selfie spoon, it's a thing.

The last frontier in food photography has at last been breached.

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