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Boxer bans female reporters?

Floyd Mayweather Jr has been arrested several times for domestic violence.

Floyd Mayweather reportedly blocks two female journalists from the ringside for reporting his domestic violence history.

Family mourns death of brave mum

Dionne Davis.

Dionne Davis, who last year allowed NZ to follow her through the process of her treatment for cancer, has died, aged 46.

The guide to reaching 100

Staying healthy and happy are important to living till 100.

Staying slim, not smoking and owning a home could be the secret to living to a ripe old age.

The rise of high school feminism

Wellington Girls College Feminist Club.

Feminism is firmly on the agenda for a growing number of teenagers.

These people are angels

Joan Davis, centre, talks to her team members before helping the family members who are mourning the deceased involved in the fatal car accident. Davis says it's gratifying to help people when they're at their most vulnerable.

A team of 250 Angelenos volunteer to spend their days and nights helping people at their worst moments.

Can a pet psychic save my cat?

Charis Connolly lays her healing hands on Molly the emotionally damaged cat.

A cat owner puts his deranged feline in the hands of an animal spiritualist.

From saccharine to sadistic

In the old days, anything with the slightest element of fear left me scrambling for the nearest cushion to hide behind.

How a sitcom junkie expanded her cultural horizons and transformed herself into a bona fide scream queen.

Kim K speaks about Bruce's transition video

kim and bruce

"We all really support him. Is it a hard adjustment? Yes."

Poppy calls out bully for fat jibes

English yoga instructor Poppy went skydiving with The Bachelor Arthur Green on tonight's episode.

Bachelor finalist uses interview to name the high-school tormentor who teased her "tree-trunk thighs".

'Women shouldn't have to deal with it' video

Wolf-whistling is no longer tolerated on New Zealand building sites, but in the UK police investigated a firm after a woman complained workers targeted her for a month.

British woman sparks police probe after reporting "intimidating" wolf whistles from a construction site.

Why you shouldn't call yourself Mrs

If it's not necessary for men to indicate or withhold their marital status then why should we?

If it's not necessary for men to indicate or withhold their marital status, then why should we?

China's lost children

London-based Chinese writer and journalist Xinran.

China's one-child policy has left a legacy of pain, according to one of the country's top writers Xinran.

Giving birth in house of horrors

While in captivity, Amanda Berry gave birth to a baby girl named Jocelyn, who Berry believes was conceived that morning after her mother died.

Cleveland kidnapping victim Amanda Berry tells how she gave birth to her rapist's daughter in captivity.

Public shaming victim stands tall

Drexel University professor Lisa McElroy was humiliated after she sent her students an email titled "great article on writing briefs" - but the link went to an extremely graphic pornographic video involving anal beads.

OPINION: She accidentally emailed her students a porn video about anal beads.

Grieving dad's honest obituary

Molly Parks died age 24 after years of battling her addictions.

Molly Parks succumbed to addiction aged 24 - but her family decided not to gloss over the facts in case it may help save a life.

'Rape made me feel powerless'

Actress Lena Dunham poses at Elle Magazine annual Women in Television dinner in Los Angeles, California January 13, 2015. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni  (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

Girls star Lena Dunham opens up about surviving sexual assault while accepting an award.

Kim 'the most accepting' of transition

Bruce Jenner has told Diane Sawyer he's transitioning to become a woman.

US Olympic champion Bruce Jenner said Kim Kardashian was the first who "caught" him dressing as a woman several years ago.

The allure of the ponytail

Egyptian women would have worn the classic pony in ancient times.

John Key joins Elvis Presley in falling for the pull of the ponytail.

The outdoor classroom inspiring Kiwi kids

Budding yachties Liam and Rhys Blackmore.

An outdoor classroom in the Marlborough Sounds has been built on community spirit, goodwill and hard work.

Homeless man gives money away video

Yousef Saleh Erakat posed as a homeless man and tried to give out money to passers-by.

Are you too good to accept money from a homeless person?

The secret anxiety of actors

Nothing Trivial actress Tandi Wright gets overwhelmed in big crowds.

Entertainers are all extroverts, right? Wrong. The shy performer is surprisingly common.

Am I a failed feminist?

Cecile Meier

OPINION: I was pretty confident in my feminist status until my husband went away for work this week.

Louise Nicholas wins Anzac award

Louise Nicholas receives the 2015 Anzac of the Year award at Government House in Wellington.

Rape survivors' advocate has been awarded the governor-general's Anzac of the Year award.

I lost both parents in my 20s

When she was 19, her father 'checked out', and when she was 26 she sat with her mother "until the last, last rattle of her lungs".

You know that feeling when your heart is so heavy, you think it will fall out of your chest and there will be nothing in its place?

Look who's talking

Peta Mathias.

Peta Mathias – traveller, writer, cook, bon vivant – offers her unconventional wisdom for the dilemmas of modern life.

Charlize's advice for women

Charlize Theron thinks we should celebrate women, of all ages.

"Don't have a nervous breakdown and don't hit the Chardonnay too hard". Alright then.

Anonymous note attacks Lupus sufferer

The anonymous note reads: "You should be ashamed!! When you take a handicap spot an actual disabled person suffers. You were not raised as you should have been."

Her pain's so bad that at times she can hardly walk, yet someone took her to task for using a disabled carpark.

He has to be seen to be believed video

They were discussing street harassment, and this guy took it as an opportunity to go ahead and harass.

They were discussing street harassment, and this guy took it as an opportunity to go ahead and harass.

Mum's crazy list of gift demands

A mum has received plenty of online criticism for sending this email to family members.

We're big kids' birthday party fans - but this is one bash we're glad we didn't get an invite to.

Dancing on the deck

Stairdancer Pacific Ale, far left, would be a great fish-and-chip beer.

Stairdancer, an exciting new take on an Aussie-born beer style, is an ode to Antipodean mateship.

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