Meet two Hamilton bloggers

Louise Hutt

With so many entering the blogosphere, we talk to two women about why they do it, and how they stay relevant.

What does 'Australia's biggest w**ker' even mean?


Jarryd Zankovic was pilloried on social media, but what was the actual insult?

Martha Stewart disses Blake and Gwyneth

Martha Stewart

It would seem the lifestyle queen is not so thrilled about actresses encroaching on her turf.

The e-stalking stage of motherhood


A little technology is all it takes to be able to stalk our children. And that's not such a bad thing.

How female friendships really work


The cultural mythology of women's friendships versus the rewarding reality.

Preparing my daughters to be single

kid, girl, daughter

OPINION: Five ways in which girls can practice the habits of independence.

Thinking about a kinder world

Holding hands

OPINION: Every time you act, you are voting for the kind of world you want.

Top 10 kids' crazes of all time

Loom bands

All the cool kids love loom bands, but who remembers chatter rings, Tamagotchi and knucklebones?

His sincere tears have struck a chord


Homophobia moves a straight man to tears in a viral video asking if homosexuality is a choice.

How I recovered from my husband's suicide

Sad woman

Alex lost her husband Damien to suicide eight weeks before she gave birth to their daughter.

People share stories of abuse via #WhyIStayed


Domestic violence victims from across the world - and of both genders - have started a collective discussion.

Stories to tell young women

Jess - Architect

New book and website exposes challenges for women working in all-male environments.

My partner had a stroke at 46


"This is very serious," the physician said gently.

The worst response to the nude celebrity photo hack

Jennifer Lawrence

OPINION: It's a shame someone violated their privacy. It's not a shame that these pictures exist.

I don't always like my kids


OPINION: I enjoy about a quarter of my time with them, and even that estimate may be high.

What it's like to reach 'peak friendship'


Turns out humans are at their most popular at the end of their 20s. So what better time to reflect...

Do you really want to send that email?

If you won't say it in person, don't write it in an email.

Has it sprung yet?


Those log fires and hearty stews are all fine, but I'm all for greeting a fresh new season.

Weird yet stunning: People get tasered in slow-mo


A wedding photographer snaps people being stunned, shocked and put through pain.

Homeowners are ill prepared for the future


A housing expert warns that future proof failings are putting families at risk.

Aftershock: Fatigue tests pair's marriage

Cate and Riwai Grace

Cate and Riwai Grace's marriage survived emotional struggle that began the moment a quake struck.

Play-by-play: The Block NZ


While The Block may seem a little drawn out, our live blog brought you all the action as it happened!

Kimmel's Hollywood house for sale


Late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel has listed his home in Hollywood Hills at $US2.299 million.

Student's dramatic stand on rape case

Emma Sulkowicz

"I will carry this dorm room mattress with me as long as I attend the same school as my rapist."

29 words only used to describe women


Feisty, Frigid and Frumpy: Have you ever heard a man described as any of these? No? Didn't think so.

Women's rights won't keep us safe


Our right to wear and do what we like doesn't mean we don't have a responsibility to keep ourselves safe.

Masterchef house whipped up


The Aussie Masterchef house has been sold before making it to auction.

Marriage equality not just about rights

Michael Barnett

Marriage equality is about more than rights, it's about saving lives.

Everyday chemicals linked to fertility issues


Are the very things we use to make us more feminine actually taking our femininity away?

Lady Gaga gives fan the courage to come out

Lady Gaga

Just a few weeks ago, Beau Lamarre's family did not know he was gay.

What's it like to adopt in NZ?

same sex

Were you adopted or have you adopted a child or children?

The words a new mum hates to hear

Baby a new mum. And what they tell us about the way we view parenting.

How she schooled a sexist troll

Ginger Zee

The way this US TV reporter responded to being called an 'ugly weather girl' has made our day.

The world's obsession with Jen's uterus

Jennifer Aniston

In her own words: "my 'value as a woman' isn't measured by motherhood".

My father's battle with depression

Max Elliott

A son recalls a man he loved and feared in equal measure.

Why I kept my Down Syndrome baby


"Though they don't ask aloud, you can see the question in their eyes: ‘If you knew, why did you have him?’"

Toddler 'exasperated' at mum's pregnancy


Hearing that his mum was pregnant a toddler voiced his opinion: "What were you thinking?"

A mother still weeps for her lost son

Graeme Timlin

It has been 49 years since Ursula Purchase last saw her son's face, heard his voice, felt his touch.

I'm a fat girl who wears revealing clothes


OPINION: I don't believe there's anything inherently wrong or bad about being fat. In fact, I love it.

The stylish new way to prevent date rape?


A group of students have invented a nailpolish they believe could help combat sexual assault.

What Bao Bao shares with other 1-year-olds

Bao Bao

Washington zoo's panda bear Bao Bao is not the only 1-year-old with an over-the-top birthday party.

Kim who? Meet the real queen of selfies


This woman has out out-selfied Kim Kardashian, posting more than 200 photos of herself a week.

Miranda Kerr responds to pregnancy rumours

Miranda Kerr

After talk of supposed morning sickness on a recent trip, Miranda Kerr has responded to pregnancy rumours.

Why the 'I was drunk' excuse is no longer valid


From mouthing off to texting your ex - we've all blamed alcohol at some point, but it turns out it's no excuse.

Do you have asker's syndrome?


It's a little understood, but surprisingly common condition that afflicts women from all walks of life.

Getting a job as a wheelchair user

Prue Hawkins

The act of getting a job as a wheelchair user involves jumping over a lot of hurdles.

Random act of kindness enchants internet


This moment of shoelace selflessness has tied up the internet's hearts.

I was conceived with a sperm donor

Sarah Dingle

Finding out I was conceived with a sperm donor was enough of a shock. But I can never know his name.

Could you live without social media?

These days, social media isn't as cool as it once was. How hard is it to leave it behind?

Bloomin' rude neighbours

Blossom tree

OPINION: It's not that people cut down some of your blossom tree, rather that people don't have the courtesy to ask.

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