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Legal protections needed around assisted dying

David Seymour: There are few issues of our time that three quarters of New Zealanders support.  Yet this is the case ...

OPINION: It's time to give patients the power over how they die

Mortality on the menu video

Death Cafe facilitator Aralyn Doiron says the gatherings are "a huge movement happening for communities all around the ...

Death Cafes allow patrons to discuss something that will happen to all of us in the end - dying.

My favourite Auckland: wet weather activities

Winter is coming to Auckland - and that means lots of rain.

Wet weather doesn't have to ruin your weekend - check out our list of the places to go when the sky opens.

Plan now for a spectacular spring

Clematis Duchess of Edinburgh

Right now I'm thinking about spring.

'Should she use the men's bathroom?'

"If this was YOUR daughter, would you be comfortable sending her into a men's bathroom?"

Photographer shares image of transgender teen to protest US laws that force people to use toilets based on birth certificates.

Why do I feel cold all the time?

Feeling cold all the time particularly in your extremities can actually be caused by a number of things.

Dr Libby, New Zealand's favourite wellbeing expert answers readers' questions, about their health.

Take pride in da feet

Men, should you feel shame wearing Ugg boots in public? Jaquie Brown says no way.

OPINION: Our agony aunt laughs in the face of your toughest personal questions.

Putting the A&E into DIY

Men such as this guy make DIY look easy. It often is not.

OPINION: There's more to being a home handyman than gorging on Mitre 10 sausages.

Women copying Kim's 'creaky' voice video

A study has found women are starting to change their voices to sound 'creaky' like Kim Kardashian.

Do you say whateverrrr instead of whatever? Then you may be mimicking the star's gravelly delivery, study finds.

How much it costs to live like royals

Prince William and wife Kate, pictured on this year's tour of India, get an annual allowance from Prince Charles.

They might be well into their 30s, but Princes William and Harry still live off an "allowance" from dad, palace report reveals.

Resisting the creed of Marie Kondo

To stay sane, women have to reject this compulsion to organise everything.

OPINION: "If, as Queen Elizabeth II once said, grief is the price we pay for love, then mess is the price I pay for a family."

'I am a failure as a mother'

The failings of a mother ...


MasterChef winner charms in the kitchen video

Masterchef winner Tim Read with one of his signature venison dishes.

MasterChef winner Tim Read invites us over for lunch and woos with equal amounts cheek and charm.

Does ditching your watch free your time?

Without a watch, time maybe weighs less heavily.

OPINION: Time carries on, even if you don't wear a watch.

'You'd look pretty if you were whiter'

"I've never had anyone suggest that I bleach my skin before," said Takara Allen.

When her date told this woman she should consider bleaching her skin, she was devastated... but then she fired back.

Women healthier without husbands

Stock Photo - Portrait of senior couple sitting in deckchairs retirement baby boomers
bathrobe, beach, caucasian, ...

No one wants to be alone, but it seems there are benefits (for one sex) in outliving your spouse.

Truth and transgender at 70 video

At age 70, Bill became Kate. The 25,579 days Kate had lived as Bill were over.

At age 70, Bill became Kate. The 25,579 days Kate had lived a lie were over.

'Hard being fascinating and beautiful'

OPINION: Our agony aunt laughs in the face of your toughest personal questions.

NZ's richest feel the pinch

Graeme Hart is New Zealand's wealthiest individual, with an estimated fortune of $10.4 billion.

The wealthiest Kiwis are losing money but never fear, their fortunes are likely to pick up again.

How Prince and Bowie redefined gender

Conventional notions of gender didn't constrain Bowie and Prince.

OPINION: "These were two men who had an expansive vision of what it meant to be a man - and weren't afraid to explore it."

Taking family conflict on the nose

Beck Eleven, in blue, takes family conflict on the nose.

OPINION: Family. "Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em," so the old saying goes.

How to teach kids to eat better

Ready for calmer, happier mealtimes at your place? Read on.

Five tips from a nutritionist and mum-of-three who knows how much of a difference happy mealtimes can make.

Straight behaving badly in gay bars

Lee Suckling says it's time straight people enjoying gay bars smarten up their act.

OPINION: While once gay bars were a safe haven, now they can be filled with obnoxious drunks who see it at 'their space'.

Riding to the rescue

Phil, left, and Sue Binnie are raising money for the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter with spin classes at City Fitness.

A Marlborough winemaker and fitness instructor is organising a ride-a-thon to raise money for a rescue helicopter trust which came to the aid of her husband.

Trainer in hot water for 'fat-phobia'

Michelle Bridges with partner, Steve Willis.

"I'm yet to have met someone who is morbidly obese and happy," says Biggest Loser's Michelle Bridges amid claims of bullying.

Why use mobile payments?

With mobile payments you'll never have to find a place to stash your cash when out for a run.

Because you can bus into town, then buy a round of drinks.

Single again, suddenly

After his wife Shirley died 13 years ago,
rather than live alone in a large house, 
Michael Easther moved into a ...

You've shared a life together, then suddenly your "other half" is gone. How do you carry on?

'I was stalked for 10 years'

Many women who are stalked end up feeling isolated from friends and family.

A moment of kindness led to years of harassment that cost one woman her marriage, home and health.

Dad's hilarious struggle to buy pads

Teen shares hilarious texts on Facebook.

He was trying to do a good thing for his daughter... but ended up showing how little he knows about women's bodies.

Things you don't need figured out by 30

Travelling is eye-opening... but not the paradise Instagrammers always make it out to be.

Once you accept that being "grown up" isn't exactly what you thought it would be, it can be pretty freeing.

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