Long-distance charity swim marks 16th birthday

Felicity Lowen

Felicity Lowen celebrated her 16th birthday in an unusual way - she swam 640 laps.

I faced jail for carrying a pepper spray

pepper spray

Buying peace of mind for a remote bush trip got me in the dock facing 14 years in jail.

If adverts said it like it is...


What if the focus of ads aimed at women was being 100 per cent BS free, rather than 100 per cent fat free?

Share the story of someone you've lost


Do you miss someone you loved and want to share their life story with others?

Change is all around us

Commuters in WEllington, New Zealand

NZ in 2014 has more immigrants, fewer smokers, and more lecture halls filled with students.

Saying something sexist in front of children


I said something sexist in front of my kids - and then they repeated the offending phrase.

Insulting? Wider parking spaces for women


A Chinese shopping centre has designed women-only parking spaces that are wider and painted pink. Huh?

Don't expect me to tell the truth when I'm tired


Are you up with the larks or a lover of the snooze button? Your answer could tell scientists a lot about your honesty.

Woman confronts cat-callers


While secretly filming their reactions, which vary from incredulous to apologetic to deluded.

The truth about fertility after 35


Does women's fertility 'drop off a cliff' at 35? What are the risks related to delaying pregnancy?

Medical man's painful $1m divorce

Generic money

A wealthy medical specialist will lose more than $1 million to his ex-wife in a divorce settlement.

If women said what men say


Reversing things highlights the bizarre double standards that women face every day.

Three words young women don't hear enough


A group of female writers have a moving message for abuse victims around the world.

Do you 'perform' friendship for others?

Taylor Swift

Welcome to the age of Taylor Swift-style lady clans...

Will the world make 'oxt' happen?

Oxt weekend

Making plans for the weekend after next can be confusing. But one little word could change all that.

I fell pregnant after my husband died


Having a baby using her beloved late husband's frozen sperm was the best decision Katie Elfar ever made.

Modern feminism - do women have equality?

Megan Bowra-Dean

There are few words that are seen as negative and prickly as the word "feminism".

Using the word 'girl' without sounding sexist


Plus how to use it without sounding like a raging sexist.

Why I'd never adopt a shelter dog again

	 needy pets

OPINION: I got my dogs from rescue organisations, secretly judging friends who bought theirs from breeders.

Is this the symbol of peak narcissism?

Selfie toaster

Now you can have your likeness on a piece of toast and eat it too...

The people we pay to touch us


Masseuses, yoga teachers: how do you tell the difference between what's 'professional' and 'inappropriate'?

'Sandwich generation' a hard act to swallow

Winnie Duggan with son David

Changing trends are creating a "sandwich generation" - and it's an unpalatable one for many parents.

Party like they do in the deep South

Barry Soper

No cheese rolls could beat his mum's, but those to be served at the "world famous" Southland Party will be delicious too.

They told teens to do what?!


A glossy has come under fire for telling young readers to 'flirt gently' with their friends' parents for perks.

Kate Middleton pregnancy rumours run rampant

Kate Middleton

The rumours are gathering pace that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her second child.

Cuba's characters colourful - and a curse

cuba mall

To some, the colourful characters who inhabit Wgtn's Cuba St are what give it vibrancy. To others, they are undesirable.

Booze took her 11 kids - and nearly her life

Amohia Rawiri

A pregnant woman has had her 11 children taken off her, but she's determined to turn her life around and get them back.

On raising children

child photo courtesy hamedmasoumi / flickr

OPINION: This week Megan Nicol Reed finds that raising children can involve numerous awkward moments.

Baby Boomers ruined Facebook

OPINION: Danielle Heyns loves her parents. They can't help it that their generation ruined Facebook.

Busting school holiday boredom

School holidays

What are your tips, tricks and unique ideas for getting your family through school holidays intact?

10 differences between 'hot' & 'beautiful'


OPINION: Clem Ford breaks down the key differences between 'beautiful' and 'hot' women according to internet bros.

Prince William's aquatic elegance


What do you get when you combine the Duke Of Cambridge, neoprene and a pool? A whole lot of awkward.

Athletes strip off for ESPN Body Issue

Espn Body Issue

Considering skiving off the gym? Gain motivation from these insanely toned nude sportspeople.

I wore a bikini & nothing happened


Nothing happened! Your critique of me has nothing to do with health, and everything to do with control over others.

Our family's experience of miscarriage

Monica MacFadyen

Miscarriage is agony and heartbreak. It is also heartbreak for our helpless partners.

Model refuses podium kiss


What does a winner deserve? Seems a yellow skivvy isn't enough ...

Miscarriage isn't a 'dirty secret'


This week I had a miscarriage. Every woman deals with it differently, but we are not alone.

The rise of the man-child


Why are some guys as likely to opt for a night of video games with the lads as a date with you?

We must resign ourselves to winter

te anau in winter

OPINION: It is July now. This is winter as it will be. And the nights are ceaseless with the coughing.

Men 'prefer pain' to being alone with their thoughts


People, especially men, hate being alone with their thoughts so much they'd rather be in pain.

Our obsession with marriage fuels abuse

marriage strap

OPINION: The concept of male-bestowed 'protection' is one that harms rather than helps women.

Black dogs face discrimination, hardship

black dog

It seems bizarre - but shelter workers say discrimination against black dogs is so real they have a name for it.

Why I owe Miranda Kerr $170

Miranda Kerr

Miranda imparts life lessons and reveals the key to perf' selfies while sipping on tea with goat's milk... as you do.

Cam Diaz doesn't want children. So what?

Cameron Diaz

She's happy, healthy and successful - so why does she continually have to justify her desire to remain childless?

Behold the Rich Kids of Snapchat


Behold the spoiled, and sometimes just plain nasty humans giving millennials a bad name.

The story of my rape (graphic content)


I wasn't going to write any of this, but the untold stories are precisely the most important stories to tell.

The science of shyness


The misperception of shyness as rudeness plagues shy people, but in fact they long for social inclusion.

Six rules to waiting in line


There's an etiquette that must be followed when queuing with strangers.

What I would tell my 13-year-old self

No one gets their teenage years right the first time around. Here's what I would have wanted to know.

Glamming up for the Queenstown drag race

graeme todd

Lawyer may be approaching 60 but he can glam up in a skirt and heels with the best of them.

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