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7 biggest lies holding you back

when our beliefs are based on thoughts that do not serve us now or in the future, they become dangerous.

These half-truths may comfort you now, but they're only harming you in the long run.

The woes of daylight saving

Losing one hour of sleep raises the risk of having a heart attack, according to a new study.

Are you all out of whack because of daylight saving? You're not alone.

Perks of being in your 50s

Elle Macpherson makes 52 look pretty darn good.

​Feeling down about getting on in life? Don't be - just look at all these upsides.

Reaction: How to save $100k by 25

The view from the office this morning. So much serenity.

Here's what you had to say about Richard Meadows' blog "How to save $100k by the time you're 25".

7 ways to kick your winter slump

Spring is an ideal time to pick up some new morning habits.

Spring is a perfect time to reinvigorate the body and mind.

How to save $100k by 25

The view from the office this morning. So much serenity.

Sure, you could work a proper 9-5 job for 40 years. Or you could do this instead.

What's wrong with swearing?

Let's face it - sometimes 'gosh darn' just doesn't cut it.

OPINION: Stop cursing? Hell, no. Here's why swearing is good for you.

Gap between us and our online selves

Jamie Curry, who has made a name for herself on YouTube, says her online persona is authentic.

As we create new online identities on social media, are we losing touch with our real selves?

Vasectomy a snip at any price

Women instinctively understand how life-changing parenthood is, so are obsessed by birth control.

Most men don’t want hot pliers near their toggly bits, but what's a snip compared to what women endure.

Meet the world's tallest teen

Broc Brown was already 157cm tall when he was in Kindergarten.

He's only 19 and he stands at 2.33m tall - and Broc Brown is still growing.

Freakouts it's OK to have in your 20s

Entering adulthood can be challenging.

Put it down to a 20-something crisis - these eight 'major' worries are totally normal.

Inside the secret life of men

What husbands get up to when they think no one's looking could be TV gold.

What husbands get up to when they think no one's looking could be TV gold.

Facebook bans Maori tattoo artist video

Sweide Lum-Wairepo's pūhoro has upset Facebook.

Hirini Katene says he is being targeted by Facebook for displaying the traditional te moko artwork he's known for.

Have you seen this horse?

Georgia Harris and Whiskers.

"He's not just a horse, he was a part of my life."

Living on less than $3 a day video

Dan and Mai Lander, from New Plymouth, are each eating off $2.85 a day to raise awareness of human trafficking.

Kiwi couple gets by on $2.85 a day to raise awareness of human trafficking.

Wheat: the most godliest of grains

Wheat crops up at least 38 times in the Bible

This time last year, I changed the clock and, in a pagan celebration of the lengthening days of light, sowed a very small field of wheat.

Do tattoos hold you back?

Can tattoos affect your career chances?

Everyone seems to have them these days. But are tattoos really OK in the workplace?

Can you find the panda?

Another day, another brainteaser. Can you find the hidden panda in this Playbuzz puzzle?

We've given it our best shot. Now it's your turn. Can you spot the hidden panda bear?

State of the arts

Newcomer Erana James has a role in the movie The Changeover.

The Sunday Star-Times weekly wrap of the arts and entertainment.

The horror of war

Norman Chadwick, back row, far left, had his war letters published in Taranaki newspapers 100 years ago.

"The whole distance was just covered with dead, dying, and wounded... arms, legs, heads and pieces of men lying in all directions."

Tattoo too 'cheeky' for Facebook video

Artist Hirini Katene shows off his work.

Video showing a traditional Maori tattoo done by an Auckland artist has been deemed too sexually explicit for social media.

Playing the Kiwi name game video

Hamilton Boys' High School international students, from left, Deco Pharanhok, 16, from Laos, Sean Bach, 17, from ...

With New Zealanders tending to struggle with Asian names, many foreign students give themselves a new one to help fit in.

'No such thing as rape culture'

How to cope when the men in your life are part of the rape culture problem?

I'm a survivor of rape and sexual abuse, and my teen sons are part of the problem.

'I look older than my older sister'

"I love my sister, but she can bugger off with that smug look she gives me when people ask who is older," writes Celeste ...

OPINION: "I see myself, as a 17-year-old girl, so ageing has been a little tricky for me."

I've fallen for Jack Sparrow with a squeegee

Sometimes these intersection banditos make me feel so bee-yoo-ti-ful..

OPINION: He's no Prince Charming, but he sure knows how charm.

'I hate how my daughter dresses'
Friends wonder like special clearance sale prices at the shopping center
beautiful; girl; woman; horizontal; ...

She's an adult, I'm afraid her wardrobe choices are none of your business.

'It's normal to be lazy'

Keep putting off that run? You may just be giving in to humans' evolutionary instinct to be lazy.

Keep putting off that run? You may just be giving in to humans' evolutionary instinct to be lazy.

'Envy - it's only natural'

Loneliness and self-doubt are a universal experience even if success appears to come easier to other people.

Opinion: Behind every overnight success story there's gloomy self-doubt in pyjamas, writes Jaquie Brown.

Best student deals around NZ

Grab yourself a cheap burger with some of these student discounts.

It's well-known that being a student goes hand-in-hand with borderline destitution: here are some hacks that might help the bank balance.

Dos and don'ts of social media friendship

It's OK to add new friends to you social media circles, but don't be a creep.

Whenever we meet somebody new, it's almost expected there'll be a Facebook friend request waiting for us by the time we get home. 

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