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We should all be attention seekers

"I want to disrupt this impulse to silence our young girls while telling them they have no right to autonomy over their ...

Young women have so much to say - we just have ask them what they want us to hear.

In the navy, but not really

Corina Bruce, on the time before women in the navy were permitted at sea: "The easiest way to describe what it was like ...

A career dedicated to the sea, but forbidden to board a ship. Such was life for women in the navy.

Coping with gut-wrenching loss

There are many causes of grief, not just death.

Here are some tips for dealing with grief, and how you can help others through a difficult time.

'My partner is 20 years younger'

Don't focus on age when telling your friend or family member about your new relationship. It's not what matters to you, ...

"I'm in a relationship with a woman 20 years younger. How do I tell my family, now it's getting serious?"

Celebrating love in Tuscany

We owe it to each other to honour and cherish our diversity.

We were sitting at a bar in Italy this week when the Tuscana Pride Parade walked right by us.

US mum wakes up with British accent video

Texa mum Lisa Alamia now speaks with a very British accent.

"Are they going to think I'm lying or even understand how I'm speaking?"

The term 'high maintenance' must go

Women are not bits of machinery that need to be maintained.

My Tinder match looked promising. Until he said the dreaded words.

Hot cops turn up the heat

A colleague said it took hundreds of attempts before this flattering shot was captured.

Two British police officers have had quite an impact on a safe driving campaign, but perhaps not for the intended reasons.

Granddad takes doll to work

Trent McCain documented Abbie's day at work with him.

Meet the man willing to do anything for his 9-year-old granddaughter - even if it's doll-sitting.

'I want to marry, but not for love'

Most people are horrified I'm thinking of entering a marriage partnership with a trusted friend, using the existing ...

I'm tired of being shut out from the perks and benefits that marriage provides.

Empathy goes a long way

Boys with high levels of empathy are like to close female friendships.

There's one particular quality that makes boys far more attractive to girls.

Chores are just a chore

Enjoying a spot of baking doesn't mean women want to go back to the 1950.

It's cynical to claim domestic work is a source of power for women.

Substantial people

Substantia Jones in Wellington with Massey University fat studies lecturer Dr Cat Pause. Jones is here for a fat studies ...

Fat activist Substantia Jones was a reed-thin child who was nicknamed "bones'' at school.

Cheesy or charming? video

Romera captured some of the Magical" experience on video.

Hundreds of drunk football fans. One young French woman. Yep, it's time for a spectacular serenade.

Grumpy shoppers caught on camera video

If looks could kill ...

Men are looking absolutely miserable at the mall, and it's said to be a "global epidemic".

Colouring your hair at home

Adding highlights is not only a great way to frame your face and boost skin but is also incredibly easy to do at home.

Four tips to ensure you get the best result every time you do a home colour treatment.

Whopper act of kindness

A stranger rewarded Matthew Resendez for his good deed with a letter to his employer and a US$100 tip.

When a homeless man walked into Burger King with just 50c, a teen employee didn't hesitate to help.

Best friends mark 100th birthdays

Centenarians Ruth Chatman Hammett, from left, Gladys Ware Butler and Bernice Grimes Underwood, sitting next to a ...

They've been BFFs for nearly a century and none of them thought they'd make it this far.

Butch, femme and all in between

Rebecca Hawkes says she’s considered a “light” queer, for appearing feminine in an expected, conformist way.

Sometimes among queer peers, Rebecca Hawkes feels too gay to be straight, too straight to be gay.

Prince William's royal scolding

Prince William looked decidedly sheepish after being told off by his grandmother the Queen.

Turns out you're never too old to be told off by your granny.

'It's going to ruin the skyline'

Jeremy Elwood: 'It feels like grand ambition has gone out of style.'

OPINION: You can't predict the long-term appeal of anything, but shouldn't we still strive to build something impressive?

No place for grammar police

Correcting someone else's bad texting is just plain rude.

Regardless of one's mission to civilise, here's one thing you need to know. Correcting others' grammar is infuriating.

How to break your worst habits

German football coach Joachim Loew has been caught smelling his fingers after scratching his genitals during a Euro 2016 ...

The dirty habit of one German football coach is not all that uncommon, but how do you stop?

Scooterists ask for awareness

Overgrown grass and bins block Jan Kelsen's way when she's on her mobility scooter.

It's not something you'd think was an issue.

'I get really self-conscious'

Pitt is renowned for her mental, physical and emotional grit and competed in the Port Macquarie Ironman challenge last month.

Turia Pitt, who had burns to 65 per cent of her body, has been recovering from laser surgery.

Why am I always cold indoors?

"The same temperature in a building can feel so different to different people."

You've got two cardigans on, your workmate is wearing a singlet. What gives?

The week in celebrity Instagrams gallery

Sweet sunnies, Miranda Kerr.

Heidi Klum surrounds herself with roses, and Mindy Kaling posts a perfect selfie.

William's gay magazine cover

Prince William on the cover of the July issue of Attitude.

Prince William makes history as the first British royal to appear on the cover of a gay magazine.

Bog blog puts local loos to the test video

The Caffeine Laboratory, Christchurch: A- : “Weeing under a blossom tree like an adventurous Hagley Park tourist in spring.”

Anonymous blog "Deep Flush" judges toilets on anything from toilet paper to seats and acoustics.

Polite granny's cute Google search

May Ashworth included the words "please" and "thank you" during a search to translate Roman numerals.

The internet has fallen in love with a British granny who minds her manners when asking Google a question.

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