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Meet NZ's newest 'Wag' video

One day when life is a bit more settled, Russo would love to own a dog, she says.

"Sometimes we are alone, we have to move, and sometimes, we have no friends."

Who ate all the pies?

Newshub reporter Julian Lee ate nothing but pies for a month and lost around eight kilos.

Julian Lee ate nothing but pies for a month - and lost eight kilos.

Child-free, but I'm still an adult

Being child-free, even in my 40s, does not mean that I lack responsibilities and get to do whatever I want.

"He insisted that he was more mature than me because he was a parent and I was not."

Flowers with a manly vibe gallery

Flowers in the home seem to be the last remaining gender divide.

OPINION: Flowers are for everyone - including men. Here's our pick of blooms with a more masculine look.

14 things that make women mad

There are many, many things that make women absolutely furious - for reasons unknown to men.

OPINION: These little things send women into meltdown mode - and men don't understand why.

Are online friends easier?

Are online friendships easier and more meaningful?

"I lost the ability to maintain 'real-world' friendships. I was stretched too thin."

How friends impact your happiness

The people who you choose to surround yourself with have a surprisingly big impact on your life.

The people who you choose to surround yourself with have a surprisingly big impact on your life.

'Our contribution to NZ's youth'

Graeme Dingle, left, and Jo-anne Wilkinson, husband and wife duo at the helm of the Graeme Dingle Foundation.

Graeme Dingle and Jo-anne Wilkinson's Graeme Dingle Foundation helps young Kiwis achieve their potential.

'He's a bishop without a bible'

Justin Duckworth has been the Anglican Bishop of Wellington since 2012.

The leader of Wellington's Anglican Church, Justin Duckworth, uses an app instead.

'Wake up and smell the con job'

"The only people I know of who start their day before dawn, aren't getting up voluntarily at all."

So women are supposed give up sleep to devote more time to our families. Think I need a lie-down.

Tattoo removal: What it's really like

Don Rowe receives laser treatment from Briar Neville to remove a tattoo on his arm at Sacred Tattoo in Kingsland, Auckland.

Once there were few things more permanent than that ink in your skin. But there is no such thing as forever.

Non-iron no liberation

Ironing shirts is hardly enjoyable but it just might be on the path to true happiness.

Not wanting to waste your life ironing shirts could just be the biggest waste of all.

Diet challenge for obese man video

Jane and Chris Tett have started a juice diet and are sharing their story to keep accountable.

It may not be the diet for everyone, but after hitting 130kg Chris Tett decided to try the extreme 60-day juice diet, with surprising results.

From Baywatch babe to activist

Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has reinvented herself as a political agitator.

She gone from Playboy Playmate to anti-porn campaigner. Meet the new Pamela Anderson.

'I was winning'

Long-serving Marlborough indoor bowler Jennifer Crawford is keen to return to the mats next winter.

Feisty gran's message to bowling selectors after being dumped from the team.

Imagine being a woman

Donald Trump with wife Melania and model Heidi Klum.

"I'm aware that there are men who do talk like that, but they aren't pro athletes. They're idiots."

Son takes mum on adventure

Barton and his mum Carla.

This US man is taking his newly-widowed mum on 20 outings to mark each year she spent looking after her husband.

'I faced sexual harassment charges'

"I don't remember exactly what happened in the elevator, but I believe my colleague was telling the truth - that I ...

When I was accused of groping a woman, I was mad. But it was a much-needed wake-up call.

The herbs go rogue

In the garden, herbs are fairly forgiving unless you get the soil conditions wrong.

Why the need to hush the h in herb?

Who said it: Rapist or lad mag?

Most men fail to tell the difference between 'ironic' sexist humour from men's magazine jokes and quotes from rapists.

Rape culture is everywhere ... and something we all live with.

Why I quit my $4 million job

Ruby McGregor-Smith: 'Life isn't all about your job... I've got other things I'd like to do that don't involve work.'

After 10 years as a CEO at the top, one woman decided she'd had enough of "having it all".

NZ's best designs: Q&A

30092016 News Photo:Lawrence Smith/Fairfax NZ
Designer Dean Murray(Alt Group)pictured with his Marbel Run art ...

The most innovative designs in New Zealand and Australia were named at a ceremony at Auckland's Viaduct on Friday night. We spoke to three award-winners, chosen from more than 1000 entries.

Humour harassment? Why should we?

A high five forced on us by strange, erratic men is allowed to feel a bit threatening, Clementine Ford says.

He wasn't an autistic man wanting high fives, he was a creep targeting women, writes Clementine Ford.

'He wants to blow our nest egg'

We can't agree on how to use the money we have been saving for our retirement.

"I was shocked to discover my husband wants to splash out with his half of our retirement savings."

Just a tiny bit obsessed

Adding a subversive element adds a fun new dimension to any miniature-collecting hobby.

It’s hardly the most hip hobby in the world, small wonder I’ve found relief in the more subversive side of things.

Girl Guides: Ultimate feminists?

An archived photograph from Girl Guide camps in the UK (location unknown) - dated 1970.

When did this 105 year-old institution start calling itself a feminist organisation?

Sick of the US election?

Will it be Hillary or Donald? Like it or not, the outcome of the US presidential election will affect New Zealand, and ...

You're not alone. But instead of complaining about it, here's how you can make it meaningful for Kiwis.

What will help settle my cat in cattery?

Use pheromone spray in the cattery cage to help your cat settle.

Veterinarian Dr Bruce Chard responds to reader questions about common pet problems.

What locker room banter really means

"We need these safe spaces to have important conversations on manly topics."

"Unless you've been in a locker room, you really don't understand what that means."

'Don't watch this viral video'

A video circulating online of a young boy being told his mother has died of a heroin overdose exploits the child's pain.

"Recording a boy being told his mum has died is wrong. Sharing it with the world is even worse."

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