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Mum assists in own c-section

Gerri Wolfe delivered her twins herself via caesarean section at Newcastle's John Hunter Hospital.

An Australian mum who partly delivered her own twins during a caesarean has encouraged other women to take control of their birthing experience.

The babies too keen to come into this world video

MUM'S TURN: Rebecca makes the most of her chest-to-chest time with Theo.

Each year, thousands of premature babies are coaxed from the edge of viability to the point where they're ready to go home. This is Theodore Bradbury's story.

A rugby player's life in the closet

LIVING A LIE: He excelled at rugby but never felt able to reveal his true self

The story of a man who has excelled at rugby but never felt able to reveal his true self

Desperate to find a job

JOB SEEKER: Jodi Clark was in Botany last week hoping to find a job offer.

Solo mum has taken to holding signs asking for work at busy intersection.

Rallying for Lilian

DETERMINED: Lilian Exton hopes getting a vehicle that can transport her power chair will give her the independence she craves.

A Christchurch woman inspired by her 13-year-old neighbour's "courage and zest for life" is fundraising to help the teen get some independence.

Finding the poetry in cancer

FINDING CREATIVE INSPIRATION: An 18-year battle with brain cancer has enabled Judi Kaufman lose her inhibitions.

Judi Kaufman says her 18-year fight against brain cancer has undoubtedly made her a better, more creative person.

'My mother was a hoarder'

The psychological trauma from growing up in a hoarder's house.

Keeping Sasha and Malia in check

Malia, Sasha and Michelle Obama, pictured in 2012.

Michelle Obama danced with a turnip and knows how to #tbt. Can her savvy help her kids use social media?

The socialite network

SOCIETY QUEEN: Phoebe Loloma Trezevant-Miller.

Moet, $1000 shoes, BMWs, helicopters on front lawns - super-rich kids are creating a stir.

Bid to beat red carpet sexism video

Scarlett Johansson

When it comes to red carpet interviews for female A-listers, surely they can be better than this?

Parents accused of letting kids roam

The Meitiv children outside the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC earlier this month. Their parents say they are being investigated for neglect because they allowed the children to walk home alone from a park in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.

US couple who believe in "free range parenting" under investigation for letting their children, aged 6 and 10, walk home alone from a park.

'You're pretty.' 'I know'. Cue abuse

Gweneth Bateman, 18, who conducted the social experiment of responding to compliments online

This woman conducted an experiment: instead of ignoring online 'compliments', she began to accept them.

Baby born in the drive way

SERENE: Sarah Christofferson with her husband Andy holding Elise, while daughter Ashley looks on.

Night-time drama involved a screaming mum, sleepless neighbours and a mad dash by ambulance staff.

$1.2m on 'Not Beersies' campaign

"Not Beersies" costs $1.2 million

Alcohol awareness adverts encouraging people to drink water have been called 'money going down the drain'.

Brittany Maynard's husband on grief

LEARNING TO COPE WITHOUT HER: Brittany Maynard with husband Dan Diaz.

She ended her life "on her own terms". Her partner reveals how he has learned to live alone.

How can you not know?

IS IT DENIAL? For most of us, the idea that a woman could carry a child to a full-term delivery without knowing she is pregnant is mind-boggling.

For most of us, the idea that a woman could carry a child to full-term without knowing she is pregnant is mind-boggling.

Beach cricket teaches life lessons

Child psychologist Nigel Latta says beach cricket can teach your kids important life lessons.

Some of the greatest lessons we can teach our kids can be done over a game of beach cricket, says a leading psychologist.

I was groped on public transport

Chloe Booker

I've been grabbed before and fallen into a shame spiral. But this time I decided to shame him.

A victim-blaming post? Defriended

LIKE IT OR NOT: I have never, until recently, culled a friend on Facebook for a difference of opinion.

Someone with 1950s views on sexual harassment doesn't get to be part of my cool Facebook gang.

Excited to meet the Queen

DEVOTED TO CAUSE: Tabby Besley has been honoured by the Queen for her gay youth advocacy work.

Young Kiwi is only NZer to be awarded honour for devotion to Commonwealth values.

Woman reclaims her nude image

"I am not ashamed of my body, but it is mine," Holten says.

A woman has struck back at "revenge porn" images by sharing nude photos taken on her own terms.

Cardinal blames the feminists

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke - he's a little down on you feminists. Yes you.

Women. Is there anything good and holy in this world they don’t destroy?

Trolled for posthumous gifts

TROLLED: Sabrina McKenna (inset) buys toys and outfits for her son, who was stillborn at 32 weeks.

Grieving mum who buys birthday gifts for her stillborn son forced to defend herself after being labelled a "weirdo".

Harassed after teacher's sexual abuse

“There are people who believe that I cannot possibly be a victim of abuse,” says Cameron Clarkson, now 22.

Cameron Clarkson was diagnosed with depression after sexual abuse from his female teacher. So why did people tell him he had ruined her life?

Parenting advice from the childless

I think it's time childless people were allowed to offer an opinion on modern-day parenting.

I may not be a mother but I have been a child, I have been parented. Isn't that worth a right to an opinion?

Brad Smeele: Finding the meaning of life video

A NEW ATTITUDE:  Brad Smeele at Auckland Spinal Unit.

Six months ago a wakeboard stunt put Brad Smeele in a wheelchair. But he's fighting on.

The dark side of the selfie

Bad look: The research showed that men who are fond of a selfie display a range of antisocial behaviours.

There's something unsettling about a man constantly posting selfies. Now we have an explanation as to why.

How he overcame severe stutter

STRAIGHT TALKER: Rory Horne says the Maguire Programme stopped his stutter getting in the way of becoming a Toastmaster, and interviewing people all around the world as part of his engineering job.

Rory Horne specialised in mechanical engineering because of he didn't want to introduce himself as a "c-c-civil engineer".

The man with two penises

ANONYMOUS YET FAMOUS: The man with two penises (not pictured here) has managed to burst into fame while his identity remains completely secret.

He has two penises, one book and some rare insights on Internet fame.

On losing the love of your life

MOURNING: The author with his daughters, Miriam and Danielle. After losing the girls’ mother and his wife of more than 30 years, he was slowly able to return to life and love.

How I got through the year after my wife's death, and reinvented myself without my spouse.

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