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I'm dying and I chose to be a dad

"Somehow I will be enough for them, because I have to be," says Christina, Pete's wife.

Pete Moreton could have less than 12 months to live - so was it selfish of him to start a family?

Teen's post-surgery email to teacher

She sent the nonsensical email after she had her wisdom teeth taken out, signing off "Love you, bye".

A student sent a nonsensical email after she had her wisdom teeth taken out, signing off "Love you, bye".

Cluttered home full of 'treasures'

Hoarders face myriad personal problems, not least of them financia.

Cleaner finds unbanked cheques worth $280,000 while shorting through a cluttered house.

No going back

It dawned on me that even on my wedding day, I was a mother first and foremost and everything else paled into ...

OPINION: I expected the woman I was before having children to re-emerge in her entirety, but she’s still AWOL. Probably always will be.

Should I get my indoor cat microchipped?

Ragdoll cats have a friendly nature and can readily adapt to being kept exclusively indoors.

Veterinarian Dr Bruce Chard responds to reader questions about common pet problems.

Woman's message for 'bigot' neighbour

A woman in the US used rainbow lights to send a message to her anti-gay neighbour.

Tired of her neighbour's bigoted comments, a woman decided to send her a strong, visual message.

Santa Claus is coming to town

And away he goes, but where are the reindeer Santa?

As we roll into December and toward Christmas, spare a thought for those who are struggling to cope. Especially Santa.

50 things to do after 50

Life after 50 is a lot less limited than you might think.

There may be more wrinkles but the over-50s are wise and strong, with enthusiasm to burn.

500 cups for boy with autism

Ben Carter and his family are celebrating thanks to Tommee Tippee

When a desperate dad made a public appeal for a Tommee Tippee cup for his son he didn't expect to go viral.

Kate Middleton's colourful hobby

The Duchess of Cambridge is a fan of adult colouring books, her husband has confessed.

Adult colouring books are all the rage. Even with the Duchess of Cambridge.

Death of the double bed

If we look back through history, bed sizes and materials have continued to evolve.

The double bed, standard for centuries, has become harder and harder to find.

Tats out in Taranaki video

Limey J Snee from Tauranga attended the festival to get matching tattoos with her friends.

No pain, no gain as largest tattoo festival in Australasia draws thousands to New Plymouth.

Stop the world, I want to get off

Some times the seemingly never-ending stream of depressing news becomes too much and we have to take a break, writes ...

OPINION: Sometimes, we just have to stop and focus on the positive

What are the signs of heat stroke in my dog?

During overheating breathing becomes very noisy in short-nosed breeds like English bulldogs.

Veterinarian Dr Bruce Chard responds to reader questions about common pet problems.

Leah McFall: Sense and irritability

"Let this be a warning to anyone coming off the Pill: When you have small children there is no place left to stand."

Of course Jane Austen could write classics; she didn't have kids.

What should my Facebook manners be?

Facebook doesn't have any etiquette rules, but that doesn't mean you should troll.

Just because there are no defined rules, doesn't mean you can't apply common social etiquette to Facebook.

When you avoid the news

Can November get any worse, asks Jeremy Elwood & Michele A'Court.

Can November get any worse, asks Jeremy Elwood & Michele A'Court.

A letter to my 16-year-old self

Real affection does not come in the guise of physical and emotional abuse, threats and punishments.

She was 16 when her boyfriend attacked her, leaving her with life-long injuries.

The cost of seeing unicorns

When an optometrist says you need glasses, you may be in for a shock.

OPINION: A $700 pair of glasses is absurd, unless they clean your bathroom, too.

Dark Horse: New Zealand novelist Stacy Gregg

Stacy Gregg is a bestselling author of pony novels, a former fashion journalist and a mum. Her 21st book is out now.

Stacy Gregg's pony novels have inspired wonder with tales of adventure and, occasionally, magic. Her own life, though, is very much grounded in the real world.

My daughter cancelled her wedding

Everything had been organised, down to the dress and the wedding cake.

OPINION: "People will say to me, as prospective mother of the bride, 'I am so sorry'. Don't be."

Running and cycling on agenda

Paul Knight completed his 100th marathon in Athens, Greece

A few days spent in Istanbul recuperating had motivated him to enter the city's marathon event in 2017.

Novel's many twists really gripping

Writer Federico Axat.

It is easy to suspend disbelief and be carried along by the pace of events in this crime novel.

We need a Kiwi Thanksgiving

New Zealand needs a national Thanksgiving Day. And there's no reason we shouldn't have one.

Thanksgiving is food, family and football - all wrapped up in a bundle of gratitude. Kiwis need a bit of it.

All our wishes fulfilled

Writer Catherine Chidgey's fourth novel is now out, 10 years after her last work.

Thirteen years after her last, comes Catherine Chidgey's fourth novel.

Millennials, we can teach our parents

I taught my parents how to step outside their social confines, too.

"I never thought I'd teach my parents anything worthwhile other than how to reboot their computer."

Gwyneth Paltrow's OTT picks

Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle blog, Goop, is famous for its luxurious Christmas gift guides.

Who wouldn't want a portable Mongolian yurt for Christmas?

Why selfie isn't a dirty word

Selfie culture jams numerous urges together: the impulse to be noticed, to exert control over one's own ...

As annoying as they can sometimes be, selfies have an important role to play in society.

Goodbye wimpy salads, hello posh ones

I've realised that my family has been doing salad a disservice all these years...maybe my kids' mistrust of greens aren't in their genes after all.

Nadia's easy Pulled Chicken Salad

Pulled Chicken Salad with Basil Pesto

This is a quick and easy salad - if you have time, marinate the chicken in spice mix overnight for a fuller flavour.

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