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Careful what you call it

American parmesan cheese has been found to contain wood pulp.

What's in a name? In the case of these products, a marketing minefield.

Real reason I shave my legs

The truth is I hate removing my body hair. I hate the time it takes, the money it wastes and the sensation of the razor ...

How do I explain to my 7-year-old that the pinnacle of female beauty is to look like a pre-pubescent girl?

Her life used by a catfish

"Just to know that this woman was obsessed with my life so much that she was using every single incident, every action, ...

A woman was so obsessed with Makaia Carr's life she wore it like a costume - enchanting a man from afar.

'Gay sounding' people miss out

A new study has found hiring panels discriminate against "gay sounding" people in job interviews.

Both "gay sounding" men and "butch sounding" women miss out on top jobs because of the sound of their voices.

Body image movie to screen in city

Australian Taryn Brumfitt directed a documentary about herself and her search for the perfect body image. Her reverse ...

Body shaming and body loathing is about to be confronted by a screening in Palmerston North.

The middle child: Generation X gets older

Moody, whiny and sensitive: Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder played Gen X in love in Reality Bites.

Generation X is turning 50. Is it time to grow up?

Dancing with his great-nan video

Jarryd Stoneman with his nanny, Katie Thomas.

How 100 million Facebook video views affected a 24-year-old Kiwi and his great-nan.

What is causing my dog to lose his balance?

Veterinarian Dr Bruce Chard responds to reader questions about common pet problems.

Nostalgia hits over the oddest things

Magic beans ... chunky old-fashioned 'Scarlet Runners', slender 'Fin de Bagnols' and the shiraz-podded 'Yard Long Red ...

Nostalgia is a funny beast, you never know what's going to bring it on or how it's going to affect you.

Confessions of a Kegels drop-out

McFall's regrets include her pelvic floor and her poor attitude that day in English class.

If I had any regrets, not doing my Kegels would be one of them because you don't want to play Russian roulette every time you sneeze.

'Until we dance again'

Jarryd Stoneman with his nanny, Katie Thomas.

The Kiwi nanny made famous through a dance video with her grandson, has died.

Kate Winslet called 'blubber' video

Kate Winslet has opened up being bullied and mercilessly body shamed as a child.

The Oscar-winning actress has opened up being bullied and mercilessly body shamed as a child.

Don't feel bad about binge watching

Binge-watching an 8 to 14-part television series can be thought of the same way as reading a novel, with each episode a ...

OPINION: The Netflix autoplay function will always win. But there's an upside.

He's 36 and terrified of dying

Al Ingram says he's worried for wife Heidi and his children after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

Al Ingram has been told he's got three months left - three months to make memories for his family.

Famous Son returns to second home

Uelese Petaia is proud of One Thousand Ropes, which debuted at the Berlin Film Festival last month.

How a new Kiwi film allowed one Samoan actor an opportunity to revisit his old Wellington haunts.

'His trendy beard is disgusting'

Does she have to put with her husband's hipster beard?

Q&A: Her husband recently grew a beard. He thinks he looks hip. She hates it. Now what?

Why I decided to never have kids

Choosing not to have kids is selfless, not selfish, says Ruby Hamad.

People often assume I don't have kids because I don't care for them. On the contrary: I care far too much.

Stop labeling people 'openly gay'

LeFou, left, who's "openly gay" in Beauty and the Beast.

OPINION: Whenever an LGBT+ person who isn't hiding their sexuality reaches a position of power of fame we like to label them as "open".

From homeless to hipster video

Jose Antonio before and after his makeover.

A makeover in a swanky salon has transformed not only Jose Antonio's style but his outlook on life.

A century celebrated

Maria Welman blows out her candles.

A special century was celebrated with music, balloon animals and cake at Maygrove Lifecare Resthome on Monday morning.

What body love advocates don't get

There's value in body positivity, but it's the body neutrality movement that could really liberate women.

OPINION: There's value in body positivity, but it's the body neutrality movement that could really liberate women.

People bringing comfort to dying

Triple amputee Dr BJ Miller wants to "de-pathologise death".

The very last phase of life can be filled with spiritual pain - we talk to those bringing grace and relief to the dying.

The reality of the Instagram man

Athleticism and power are men's strongest currencies on Instagram. Just ask Cristiano Ronaldo.

He’s strong! He’s buff! He’s socially powerful! But does he actually exist?

The roar of water torture

Lynda Hallinan's garden, parched after the summer, has had a rapid zombie resurrection and returned from the dead.

The reality of the Tasman Tempest was not nearly as lyrical as Hone Tuwhare's poem of precipitation.

What is leptospirosis and should dogs be vaccinated against it?

Veterinarian Dr Bruce Chard responds to reader questions about common pet problems.

'It's all over in two minutes'

It's important to talk to your GP about erectile dysfunction.

What to do when love lies limp?

Lucy Hone: Sweet satisfaction

The amount of choice available to modern consumers has been described as a "tyranny".

We want options in life, but too much choice can be overwhelming. Sometimes happiness lies in settling for ‘good enough’.

Man farewells his life while still alive

Robert Eleveld is holding an open house memorial party in lieu of a funeral.

A US man is holding a memorial party instead of a funeral after stopping cancer treatment. He's also published his obituary.

A taste of death on the menu

Barbara Greene, left, and Kristine Rose co-facilitators of Nelson Death Cafe.

Death Cafe meet for "people who are going to die" in Nelson part of a worldwide trend.

Tackling the gender pay gap

NZ women are, on average, earning 12.7 per cent less than men.

OPINION: Why wouldn't a man want his female partner to bring home 12.7 per cent more?

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