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Meet NZ's horse whisperer gallery

uses Bow, his demonstration horse, to address clients on one of his leadership courses.

He should also be known as a ‘people whisperer' the methods he uses to tame horses work just as well on businessmen and troubled children.

Hillary & Ellen support gay boy

This Humans of New York photo of a gay boy struggling with fears has been liked more than 600,000 times, and has caught Ellen and Hillary's attention.

"I'm homosexual and I'm afraid about what my future will be and that people won't like me."

Kim opens up about Caitlyn's surgery


Kardashian talks women's rights and how Caitlyn had her trachea shaved just before her wedding.

Colouring books for adults a 'revolution'

Colouring books for adults are in.

Grab the Crayolas - welcome to the world of adult colouring in.

A dangerously provocative agony aunt

Ask me anything - go on!

OPINION: Our new in-your-face agony aunt Jaquie Brown answers your questions.

The week in celebrity Instagrams gallery

CHRISSY TEIGEN: It's not how we usually dress at our hairdressers (unless we want to be slapped with a restraining order) but props to this gentleman for keeping his eyes so firmly fixed elsewhere. Perhaps that explains the excess volume - hard to pull off beachy waves when avoiding looking at your model at all costs. (Ah, we're just jealous. Our first thought when we saw this picture was 'crikey, we'd need a much shorter, much wider can.')

Third wheels, unsuccessful tongues, elephant fashion, modesty-saving hairspray: all in a week of the A-list.

Hair today, limp locks tomorrow

I want hair. Big hair.

No one expects a hairdresser to be too honest. So imagine how miffed I felt when my hairdresser told me I was getting old.

Is it ok to ignore mum's friend request? video

What should you do when a parent adds you on Facebook? We took to the streets to find out ...

What should you do when a parent adds you on Facebook? We took to the streets to find out ...

Girl Scouts return $147k donation

A Girl Scout color guard presents the colors at the morning plenary session of the Values Voter Summit in Washington September 26, 2014.   REUTERS/Gary Cameron    (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS RELIGION)

Girl Scouts snub massive anti-transgender donation, and since taking the stand they've received a windfall of cash.

Identical triplets chase world record video

Identical triplets Helen Dunn, June De Breuk and Jocelyn Nielsen celebrated their 84th birthday on June 30.

Helen, June and Jocelyn Bonifant would be an unlikely trio of record breakers.

Farmers accused of transgender discrimination

Mary Haddock-Staniland claims staff at Farmers' Botany store made snide comments when she went to use the female changing room.

Transgender woman claims department store staff made snide comments when she used female changing room.

Does she have the best job ever? gallery

Camilla on assignment in Western Australia for a Chinese travel magazine.

She follows extreme athletes around in NZ's most beautiful environments for a living. So that's a yes then.

Can doing this actually effect change?

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg changed his profile picture shortly after the Supreme Court announcement.

Millions of rainbow profile pictures are not what persuaded the Supreme Court to legalise gay marriage, but it's not a useless exercise.

How winning a pageant silenced her dad

Anastasia Lin says her human rights advocacy work as Miss World Canada has resulted in threats being made against her father in China.

I won Miss World Canada and now my father is afraid to speak to me. Here's why.

Relief for girl gaining 1kg a week

Hana's mum said she needed to take her abroad to get the help she needed to save her life.

Parents of a 7-year-old Sydney girl were forced to take their daughter abroad for surgery after she put on 30 kg in one year.

'They trade women like Pokemon cards'

Photos of nursing student Sarah Kaye Steinmann were uploaded online without her permission.

We need to shut down predatory behaviour rather than tell women to "cover up", revenge porn victims says.

Blood treatment offers hope

Reporter Jo McKenzie-McLean undergoing Platelet Rich Plasma treatment at Queenstown Regenerative Medicine for her two labral tears.

It is surprising what lengths you can go to when backed into a corner with no end in sight.

10 things we wish had an 'undo' function video

Winona Ryder and actor Johnny Depp when they were loved up in 1990, and when the 'Winona Forever' tattoo seemed like a good idea.

Including drunk texts, tattoos and some terrible moments in pop culture.

Behind every great economist

Author Katrine Marcal.

Unpaid work must be acknowledged if the world is to avoid another Great Financial Crisis, author Katrine Marcal says.

The business of happiness

The cover of The Happiness Industry by William Davies. Published by Verso Books, 2015.

Big business has a plan for your happiness, says author and sociologist William Davies.

Why are cities so anti-dog?

Rebecca Roberts with her dog Darcy in her dog-friendly shop The General Store.

Dog owners get hot under the collar about endless restrictions on their poochy pals.

Just walking the dog

Nicky Bean is walked up the boardwalk by Orange and Sausage.

Dog walkers are fast becoming one of the modern must-haves of pet owners.

Life lessons

Embracing the small stuff is one of the keys to happiness according to readers.

A month ago, I invited readers to write about the lessons life has taught them. Of the many email replies I received—lots of which were from people in their 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's—I will reprint as many as I can. Today, I will record the readers talking about overcoming obstacles. In a future column, I will give space to the readers who emphasize the importance of their relationships, of doing the right thing and who focus on the joy of being alive.

Kids compete with phones for parents' attention

Are parents using their phones too much? Yes, say kids.

Choices must be made between your child or Candy Crush.

Sweethearts together to the end

A Wellington couple who were married 67 years couldn't bear to be apart, dying within hours of each other on Tuesday. Hugh, 94, and Joan, 92, Nees both died in their sleep of natural causes after telling family they didn't want to live without each other.

After 67 years of marriage, they couldn't live for more than a couple of hours without each other.

Twerking is now a legitimate word

Miley Cyrus' performance at the 2013 MTV Awards brought the term "twerk" back into popular use.

Writhing dance made famous by Miley makes it into the Oxford Dictionary, along with fo' shizzle and "meh".

Altitude problem

Underestimating the descent is a seriously flawed strategy.

In the first of a series of Your Weekend winter essays, themed "I don't know how I ended up there, but I never went back again", Alistair Hughes walks the knife edge of life, Alistair Hughes discovers why no one should climb alone.

American college swimmer switches genders

Schuyler Bailar transitioned from female to male during the past year and will swim for Harvard's team.

Harvard University recruited Schuyler Bailar for the woman's team - but he'll be swimming for the blokes.

Gripping adventures

Christchurch rock climber Cirrus Tan bouldering at Castle Hill. This is where no harness/ropes are used and a crash pad mat placed on the ground for safe landing.

The feeling of climbing to the top of anything challenging is hard to beat.

A positive spin on life's curve balls

Ali Ikram: "The second time "between jobs" was actually really lovely."

Does third time unemployed mean third time lucky?

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