Miranda Kerr responds to pregnancy rumours

Miranda Kerr

After talk of supposed morning sickness on a recent trip, Miranda Kerr has responded to pregnancy rumours.

Why the 'I was drunk' excuse is no longer valid


From mouthing off to texting your ex - we've all blamed alcohol at some point, but it turns out it's no excuse.

Do you have asker's syndrome?


It's a little understood, but surprisingly common condition that afflicts women from all walks of life.

Getting a job as a wheelchair user

Prue Hawkins

The act of getting a job as a wheelchair user involves jumping over a lot of hurdles.

Random act of kindness enchants internet


This moment of shoelace selflessness has tied up the internet's hearts.

I was conceived with a sperm donor

Sarah Dingle

Finding out I was conceived with a sperm donor was enough of a shock. But I can never know his name.

Could you live without social media?

These days, social media isn't as cool as it once was. How hard is it to leave it behind?

Bloomin' rude neighbours

Blossom tree

OPINION: It's not that people cut down some of your blossom tree, rather that people don't have the courtesy to ask.

Have you heard the one about... rape?


Rape left me feeling dirty, broken and shunned by those I trusted. What's funny about that?

Smith, Wang, Wilson: NZ's top names


Smith is still the most popular surname in NZ - but what other monikers are gaining popularity?

The breastfeeding and weightloss lie


The lie women are told about breastfeeding and weightloss: it sets new mothers up to feel like failures.

Women still want spouse to earn more


Most women say they would not marry a man who earns less than they do.

Uni's rape advice: wear runners, carry whistle


Students take umbrage at university's advice to evade rapists by wearing running shoes.

Why your 20s are the worst

Why your 20s are the worst

OPINION: People in their 20s are not self-obsessed, entitled millennials. It's not a glorious decade. It's tough.

Dark side to surrogacy

mother and child

Most of the time, surrogacy is a bargain that suits both parties - unless something goes wrong.

Bowing down to our animal overlords

Kathryn Walters

"Meaningful" relationships with pets become more common, but when is animal love too much?

Stop shouting into your phone!

talking, phone

OPINION: Modern telecommunications wizardry has bred a new generation of shouters.

Do you consider yourself 'grown-up'?


That sudden realisation that all of a sudden you've wound up an 'adult', with all its expectations.

I was kicked out of an art gallery for breastfeeding


"I would like to feed my baby without giving the impression that I'm doing something scandalous."

It's been a month since I lost my husband


It's been a month since my husband was killed in a surfing accident...

Dads doing their bit

Archie Matheson

While mums have traditionally been the dominant influence in the early years, a new programme is helping shift that.

Hollywood actress breastfeeds in magazine shoot

Olivia Wilde

Hollywood actress Olivia Wilde breastfed her five-month-old son as part of her latest fashion shoot.

Want to identify narcissists? Just ask

narcisissm strap

Want to tell if someone is a narcissist? Researchers have figured out an easy way to tell - in just 20 seconds.

Taylor Swift made this wee guy's day


She's not quite as exciting as Spiderman, but she's mighty close ...

Colbert's heartfelt advice for teen girls


In a rare move he steps out of character to give awesome advice on how to deal with misogyny and jerks.

'Stay little ... I don't want to die when I'm 100'

Sadie Miller

We all struggle with getting older at some point, but few would take it as badly as Sadie Miller, 5.

Small candles for huge losses

Loss and Grief Awareness Week

Three mums are in a club they say no-one wants to join, but are reaching out during NZ's first grief awareness week.

Are you more stressed at home than at work?


Everyone knows that marriage and parenting is hard work, but who knew it could be harder work than, well, work?

Australian model strips to protest coalmine

Robyn Lawley

Model and environmental crusader Robyn Lawley has posted a nude selfie in protest of a Queensland coalmine.

An empowering alternative to Barbie


'Miss Possible' aims to inspire young girls with real-world role models in science, tech and engineering. Sorry, Barbie.

Exposed for what I really look like

Bridgette White

I was exposed by my children for what I really look like.

Senior flatties settle in

Sunrise house residents

The first tenants of a flat for seniors in Northcote already think of themselves as sisters.

Model Andrej Pejic changes gender

Andrej Pejic

"I went into the library and typed 'sex change' into Google and my life changed," Andrej Pejic says.

The idiot's guide to gum etiquette

chewing gum

If you can't handle the responsibility that comes with chewing gum, stop now. Switch to mints.

I faced jail for carrying a pepper spray

pepper spray

Buying peace of mind for a remote bush trip got me in the dock facing 14 years in jail.

Long-distance charity swim marks 16th birthday

Felicity Lowen

Felicity Lowen celebrated her 16th birthday in an unusual way - she swam 640 laps.

If adverts said it like it is...


What if the focus of ads aimed at women was being 100 per cent BS free, rather than 100 per cent fat free?

Share the story of someone you've lost


Do you miss someone you loved and want to share their life story with others?

Change is all around us

Commuters in WEllington, New Zealand

NZ in 2014 has more immigrants, fewer smokers, and more lecture halls filled with students.

Saying something sexist in front of children


I said something sexist in front of my kids - and then they repeated the offending phrase.

Insulting? Wider parking spaces for women


A Chinese shopping centre has designed women-only parking spaces that are wider and painted pink. Huh?

Don't expect me to tell the truth when I'm tired


Are you up with the larks or a lover of the snooze button? Your answer could tell scientists a lot about your honesty.

Woman confronts cat-callers


While secretly filming their reactions, which vary from incredulous to apologetic to deluded.

The truth about fertility after 35


Does women's fertility 'drop off a cliff' at 35? What are the risks related to delaying pregnancy?

Medical man's painful $1m divorce

Generic money

A wealthy medical specialist will lose more than $1 million to his ex-wife in a divorce settlement.

If women said what men say


Reversing things highlights the bizarre double standards that women face every day.

Three words young women don't hear enough


A group of female writers have a moving message for abuse victims around the world.

Do you 'perform' friendship for others?

Taylor Swift

Welcome to the age of Taylor Swift-style lady clans...

Will the world make 'oxt' happen?

Oxt weekend

Making plans for the weekend after next can be confusing. But one little word could change all that.

I fell pregnant after my husband died


Having a baby using her beloved late husband's frozen sperm was the best decision Katie Elfar ever made.

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