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Mum meets daughter's donor video

Amber Travaglio meets five-year-old Peyton Richardson.

"Melody was irreplacably special, and that heart had more to give this world."

Wife's genius letter after complaint

Casey Bryden from Perth's creative way of dealing with her husband's slight on her culinary skills.

One woman shares the hilarious way she dealt with her husband's slight on her culinary skills.

Most confusing things women do

It's hard to understand why ladies never run out of things to talk about.

The never-ending battle of the sexes, as told by the internet

'I caught my boyfriend lying to me'

Is normal for him keep lying? Or is it time to end this relationship?

Q&A: Is his behaviour a major red flag or am I just being too sensitive?

To the man who aimed a gun at me

Emily Ulman was out celebrating a friend's birthday at a hotel in Australia when they were held at gunpoint.

"Every sleepless night, every call I can't answer, every meal I've no appetite for: You're there in all of it."

The alternative facts of life

Inquisitive young children are always asking questions, leaving their parents scrambling to come up with answers.

As the mother of boys, I'd figured I'd at least be spared the conversations about periods and PMT, but I was wrong.

The no-go areas for men

There are some topics men are best to avoid in polite conversation.

Lee Suckling explores those situations in which it’s best to put a sock in it.

My cat keeps soiling in the house

Top help stop cats soiling the house, have more than one litter tray and always change it whenever used.

Veterinarian Dr Bruce Chard responds to reader questions about common pet problems.

What the blazers?

You know your neighbourhood ain't what it used to be when more and more kids are wearing private school uniforms.

Fiona Barber realises her neighbourhood has gentrified when she notices so many kids in private school uniforms.

From tent camp baby to refugee advocate

Former refugee Rez Gardi feels incredibly lucky to have had opportunities to succeed in New Zealand, but wants to make ...

"That sticks forever, I think, being a refugee."

Fifty Shades of Confusion

Attention paid to Fifty Shades of Grey is muddying the waters of erotica, and porn.

Erotica is a very different proposition to porn, but the attention paid to Fifty Shades of Grey is muddying the waters.

How to clean your washing machine

The seal on your drum is where the mould hides

Washing machines are self-cleaning, right? Wrong.

'I am a prisoner in my own home' video

Growing smoke cloud over Christchurch's Port Hills.

"I was left struggling for every breath."

When Ivanka met Justin

Ivanka Trump looks at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - and dozens of memes are born.

Photos show an apparently smitten Ivanka Trump with Justin Trudeau - and people can't handle it.

Trump can't shake hands correctly - can you?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, unimpressed by U.S. President Donald Trump's handshaking form.

OPINION: Don't act like you're trying to break their fingers.

Babysitter: That's not a cigar

Sarah shows off the offending "cigar".

Talk about #awkward - her neighbour called her out for smoking. She wasn't.

No roses on Valentines Day?

Prepair NZ's #LoveEveryday campaign is all about the journey to self-love, and recognising how important it is.

No roses, no worries as Wellington women campaign to promote self-love, every day of the year.

A friend dumped me via text

Angela Cuming has been dumped by a girlfriend, but it's the kids she is worried about.

OPINION: "And you will never see my kids again, ever" was the parting line.

The boyfriends behind Instagram

That's the money shot right there. Well done, mate.

There's no angle too difficult for the highly dedicated Boyfriends of Instagram.

Actress calls out 'slut-shaming'

Emily Ratajkowski will not stand for slut shaming.

Emily Ratajkowski blasts NYT reporter over alleged Melania Trump "hooker" comment.

Why are red roses so expensive?

Moffatts Flower Company grows 70,000 red roses especially for Valentine's Day.

A bunch of red roses can cost up to $150 on Valentine's Day, but there is a reason for this.

Why Valentine's Day birthdays suck

It's supposed to be your special day, but it doesn't feel like that when your birthday falls on Valentine's Day.

It's hard not to be bitter when everyone else gets gifts - and has plans - on your special day.

107 years 'well lived'

Marlborough's oldest resident Betty Fleming has passed away at 107. She is pictured here in 2013.

"She lived through a lot of stuff we can only read about."

Is your name ruining your life?

Can your name give you an easier life? Experts believe so.

If you're struggling to get a job, or forever making bad choices, your name might be to blame.

Daily Mail to stop 'fat-shaming'

Aussie TV presenter Sam Armytage recieved an apology from Daily Mail Australia.

Tabloid changes its policy after onslaught of criticism over story about TV presenter's "giant granny panties".

Will a tooth that changes colour cause problems for my dog?

Veterinarian Dr Bruce Chard responds to reader questions about common pet problems.

True love, communication, conflict and all

Every long-term relationship has conflicts. It's how you manage them and communicate through them that counts.

The way we communicate has a profound effect on the strength and longevity of our relationships.

Sign me up, Sister

It was time to march for women's rights. But first, this woman had to skip-dive for the cardboard for her placard.

Scavenging for cardboard in a skip was the most anti-establishment thing I’d done since 1999.

Postman Pat has nothing on Bernie

A special delivery of the finest 'Clutha Gold' apricots from Central Otago.

When you live in the wops, it pays to keep your friends close and your local contractors even closer.

'My girlfriend's a text pest'

No matter where I am, my girlfriend incessantly texts me and it's affecting my feelings for her.

Dear Mrs Salisbury: I really like my girlfriend, but she won't stop texting me.

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