Is it normal to not want sex?

In the 19th century, a lot of people had never had intercourse.

Many people aren't interested in having sex or don't feel sexual attraction to other people.

Stop hiding your emotions

We conceal our feelings for a number of reasons.

Keeping all those negative feelings bottled up inside? You're not doing your relationship any favours.

Breaking up doesn’t have to break you

There's no reason to forget every aspect of your relationship to move on.

The closer the relationship, the greater the chances that it's burrowed deep into your psyche- so do you have to forget it to get over it?

Ask Jaquie: keeping my man interested

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I love him kissing me! Beautiful young loving couple having sex while lying in bed

Couple; ...

"Dear Jaquie, Is it true a woman needs to 'stay hot' in order to keep her husband?"

How do we choose a partner?

When it comes to choosing a romantic partner science knows surprisingly little.

Science is in the mostly dark when it comes to love, romance and how we pick a mate.

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