Ashley Madison: Sex, lies and fembots

"I feel the lifestyle is incredibly empowering for women, and it allows women to set the rules and call the shots and ...

One year on, who were the winners and real losers at this hacked infidelity website?

Girlfriend's rules for boys' holiday

Jane Park won lotto before she could drive.

Avoid eye contact with girls at all times: Millennial millionaire has certain demands

Let's talk about sex stuff nation

New Zealand actor Teuila Blakely talks about sex.

OPINION: When it comes to sex, honesty is the best policy, writes Teuila Blakely.

Moving out brought us closer

Actress Helena Bonham Carter and director Tim Burton famously lived in adjoined houses to each other when they were together.

I moved out of my boyfriend's house and our relationship is stronger for it.

'Wanting and enjoying sex isn't a bad thing'

Condoms are definitely important, but they're not the whole story when it comes to sex.

OPINION: Sex education facts are important, but we need to teach healthy relationships.

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