Ex-lovers reveal their final texts

The Last Message Received Tumblr curates and publishes final conversations between friends and lovers.

There was a time when parting words remained only in memories - but phones have changed all that.

The best way to ask someone out

Asking someone out on a date can be awkward.

It seems Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were on to something in their 1998 rom-com You've Got Mail.

10 secrets about marriage

The truth about marriage might hurt a little.

Lovebirds and newlyweds look away, for these are the truths only the bravest among us would dare to reveal.

When single friends partner up

bridesmaids movie

When a long-standing single friend becomes part of a couple, all parties are to make an emotional shift.

The age of cheating partners

A great many people are more interested in pursuing their online lives than their "real" ones.

Perhaps for the first time in history you can lie in bed next to your partner and cheat on them.

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