J-Lo has felt abused in relationships

ON RELATIONSHIPS: Jennifer Lopez says she is a work in progress.

She's never had a black eye or busted lip, but Jennifer Lopez said she has felt abused in the past.

'We both swiped right' stuff nation

LOOKING FOR LOVE: Be yourself when dating, in whatever capacity, says Joanna.

I learned an important lesson from Tinder. Although I was quick to judge many of my matches, I hadn't behaved much better.

Should you have a sex contract?

SEX CONTRACTS: Covering all bases?

We expect to be faithful in a relationship, but what about the expectation of having regular sex?

Lessons I learnt from Savage Love

LOVE GURU: Dan Savage (right) with his husband of nine years Terry Miller. Savage's brand of love and sex advice is completely free of judgement, sometimes harsh but mostly liberating.

It's okay to be heteroflexible, a failed marriage is not a failure and we should be good, giving and game.

Amal is "perfect" for George

IN LOVE: US actor George Clooney and his wife Amal Alamuddin stand on a taxi boat in Venice after their wedding ceremony.

Clooney's best friend describes why the Lebanese lawyer is the actor's perfect match.

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