This man's wife cries at everything

Lex Gillies, left, has been known to cry when hungover at pictures of piglets

10:30 AM  Comedian found his wife's tendency to weepso intriguing he documented each meltdown for a month. 

'Everyone has right to romance'

Rachel Larson and Nicholas Hamilton enjoy some quiet time at Larson's family's home

For people with disabilities, the freedom to be intimate is rare - however many restrictions are often well-intentioned.

100 love notes for late wife

Hyong U Yi hands out notes to honour his late wife Catherine Zanga in Charlotte, North Carolina.

If it were up to him, the grief would have kept Hyong Yi in bed for a year - but instead he chose to write.

Taking shame out of modern dating

Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie star in Sleeping with Other People.

Sleeping with Other People - When Harry Met Sally for the iPhone generation

Art brings long distance lovers together

Danbi Shin, left, and Li Seok.

She lives in the US. He lives in Korea. However, they share intimate moments as if they were side by side.

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