How to charm like Clooney

Actor George Clooney is known for his charm and humour, so is he a good role model?

Peta Mathias - writer, cook, traveller - shares her unconventional wisdom on life's dilemmas.

The scandalous sex life of HG Wells

Born in 1866, science-fiction guru HG Wells would have loved living in the 60s.

Had the technology existed then, science-fiction guru HG Wells would have been Tinder's biggest fan.

Is this Prince Harry's new belle?

Prince Harry is rumoured to be dating US PR girl, Juliette Labelle. The photo above is a composite image and the purported pair have not been photographed together.

Another week, another rumoured girlfriend for Prince Harry.

Is casual sex the way to commitment?

Can having casual sex really lead to a committed relationship?

The last time you had a one-night stand, were you hoping for something more lasting?

Dotcom love's ex: 'We'd split'

Kim Dotcom took to social media to share a picture of his new love with the world.

Elizabeth Donnelly's ex says they had "already parted company" before her relationship with Kim Dotcom.

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