Romance a reporter video

Reporter Kirsty Lawrence decided it was time to spice up her life, so with the help of MoreFM Taupo she was sent on a series of dates.

Seven decades of love

Retired couple Graham and Doreen McElroy have recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

When Doreen Maindonald accepted an invitation to a dance with Graham McElroy she had no idea it would lead to a marriage spanning seven decades.

How to find love at the gym

You can meet a new friend, date or lover anywhere, and the gym is loaded with people with whom you already have something in common - care for your health and body.

'Gelfies' are a no, as is approaching someone mid-burpee. Oh, and top up the deodorant.

The man who lives with two girlfriends

Adam Lyons with his girlfriends Brooke Shedd, right, and Jane Shalakhova, left.

This trio say their unusual co-habiting arrangements make for an "amazing" environment for their kids to grow up in.

'I wouldn't have married her'

Judeg Warrick Neville said the husband was "self-absorbed" and had been "nit-picking" to suit his own case.

Deformed nipples "doomed" a marriage and ended a husband's affection for his wife in 1975, a court has heard.

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