Your worst date in five words

BAD DATE: Candlelight dinner

A terrible date can provide all means of fodder to laugh about and cringe at with friends - or share on social media.

A long-lasting romance

Jim, 93, and Mary Vale, 89,  died 12 days apart after 67 years of marriage.

A couple married for almost seven decades died only 12 days apart from each other.

Relationship rules to ignore

ELECTRONIC FRONTIERS: In this brave new era, how do we navigate the less obvious dating milestones?

Think you know the new tenets of Too Soon? Here's a loose guide to modern dating timeframes.

Outrage over advice column

ADVICE: Here's our alternative to the advice column causing ripples of outrage around the world '5 Ways You Are Knowingly Destroying Your Husband'.

It has set the internet aflame with its tut-tutting advice for wives who have become marriage murderers.

Gay Christians choosing celibacy

A YES TO INTIMACY BUT NO TO SEX: Josh Gonnerman, 29, and Eve Tushnet, 36, of Washington have chosen celibacy to, in their minds, consolidate their sexuality with their religion.

They can live without sex, but they can't live without intimacy (or their idea of God).

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