Being the child of an affair

"I had the best ever mother and the knowledge that I was conceived in love."

I've always known I was a child of an affair. My mother has always been open with me.

Single woman's Facebook post backfires

When Pippa Mckinney tried to find the man she'd met on a night out, she got his girlfriend instead.

She was looking for the "absolutely stunning" man she met at a bar, she found his girlfriend instead.

When do you have the STD talk?

If you can't bring yourself to have a conversation about itan STI, there are anonymous tools to help.

Once you've been tested, what's the best way to disclose a positive diagnosis with your partner or future lovers?

Infatuation has me acting like a teen

Little things can trigger unexpected feelings of love or infatuation for another.

I believe in loyalty and fidelity, but I can't keep this married man out of my mind.

An affair can boost your career

"Young men don't tend to cede their professional ambitions so readily to amorous distractions", says Rowan Pelling.

There's proof a business empire can flourish because of a dalliance rather than a relationship.

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