90 Day Fiance offers addictive viewing

90 Day Fiance follows six non-Americans who have "fallen in love" with Americans.

Review: If you're after an intellectual experience – this isn't it. But I can't stop watching.

Live dating coming to Auckland

Melbourne based performance artist Bron Batten says the show isn't directly about finding romance.

Australian Bron Batten is bringing her award winning live dating show to Auckland.

Why do we need a 'singles zone'?

Fans enjoy last year's Auckland Nines.

OPINION: We get it's all fun but, on a more significant level - does this really have to be 'a thing'?

What's the point of sex?

When we touch, kiss and have sex, our body responds with a release of hormones linked to bonding.

Evidence suggests that at a physical and social level, sex is about much more than making babies.

How to save your marriage

Just because you've lived with someone for years doesn't mean you know them as well as you think.

It's not complicated - but you will need to put in a bit of effort.

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