The worst sex advice ever?

Whip him up a quick post-coital snack: the key to relationship success.

You sometimes have to wonder whether relationship advice from magazines is designed to help or humiliate.

Make your marriage 'mindful'

The key to lasting relationship joy? A mindful marriage. And no, that doesn't mean meditating at dawn together every morning (although that surely wouldn't harm - well, depending on what time you got to bed the night before).

When your spouse leaves dirty laundry two feet from the hamper, this is what you should do...

Couples kiss for freedom video

Johnsonville couple Matt and Becs Peel were among 100 people to recreate a famous victory day photo, 70 years after World War II ended.

Dozens of lovers pucker up in Wellington, to turn their French kisses American to recreate iconic photo.

Can adultery sites save a marriage?

The benefits of extramarital affairs may include making a marriage last longer.

OPINION: The effects can be devastating, but without this outlet many unions may have dissolved years ago.

Couples describe each other to artist video

"Are you kidding me? I did so much better than you," this guy exclaims.

Cue lots of creative insults, such as "his face is shaped like an upside-down house".

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