Mum joins daughter in sex trade

19:35, Feb 28 2012
Kiki Vidis and Mia Robinson
FAMILY TIES: Normally it's daughters that follow their mothers into a career, but roles were reversed when Kiki Vidis encouraged mum Mia Robinson to get into the adult entertainment game.

Mothers may think they are close to their daughters, but some mothers are closer than others.

Australian Mia Robinson and daughter Kiki Vidis are exceptionally close in their jobs in the adult entertainment industry as a mother-and-daughter striptease show.

But before imaginations run wild, that is as far as it goes.

"Some people get a strange idea about what we actually do in our act, but it has humour and doesn't cross any boundaries," said Ms Robinson.

Ms Vidis laughs and says that some people imagine the act goes further than it does. "That would be gross."

The two women are in Palmerston North with the Erotica Expo that starts with the Boobs on Bikes parade today around The Square.


It's the first time they will perform publicly as their shows are normally for stag nights and private parties.

Ms Vidis got into the porn industry when she was 18 years old after watching the adult-rated version of Pirates of the Caribbean.

"I thought the acting sucked and that I could do a better job."

Her mum laughs.

"I don't think porn films are renowned for their acting, honey."

Ms Vidis said it was something she had wanted to do for a long time and as there was no industry in Australia, she went to America.

At first the young woman was cagey with her mother about what she was off to America to do but came clean just before she was about to board the plane.

"I told mum what I was going to do and who I would be working with and she told me not to do anything I didn't want to do or had to get drunk or take drugs to do."

Ms Robinson told her daughter that if she needed her she would come and get her.

A few years later, after a request at one of Ms Vidis' photographic jobs for her to do a mother-and-daughter shoot, mum was introduced to the business.

"They asked me where I got my body from and I said my mum and they asked if we would do a shoot together."

Normally, Ms Robinson works in administration and said that while some friends may have fallen by the wayside she has made a lot more since she started working in the erotica business.

"I'm a normal person, nine to five, Monday to Friday and then, occasionally, I do a show with my daughter and it's a little different, I guess."

Ms Vidis has starred in about 50 movies and has recently set up her own casting agency in Australia. She is also a pilot, so she has a career to go to if she decides to fully retire, which she has tried to do once or twice.

However, at the moment, she is happy with her career, but would she be happy if she has a daughter in the future who wants to get into the industry?

"I'd help her out and give her some contact names if they were still in the business. If she really wanted to do it I'd want her to do it properly."

Ms Vidis says that most people's perception of the porn industry is very different from reality.

"I haven't had sex with dozens of men; I've only worked with a few in several movies.

"The porn industry is hard work, but I love it."

Manawatu Standard