Be brave, try racy lingerie

Last updated 05:00 06/02/2013
WHAT MEN WANT: We've done a little research on what lads like to see a woman in, and they're actually all quite similar.

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Women are probably not the first to admit that their underwear or sleepwear can be less than desirable. A few men I've questioned on this sensitive topic say that their partners' underwear is fugly.

I mean, I have never heard of a guy who says, "Oh honey, these flannelette PJs are really putting me in the mood, want to get a little bit frisky?"

The only thing hot about them is your actual temperature. They are not attractive, and there is nothing remotely sexy about PJs in general.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, now is the time to update that delicate top drawer.

I am probably Valentine's Day's biggest critic this year, being single. But I am all for people using the day to recognise the love or passion they have for one another (just keep that "lovey dovey stuff" away from me).

Kiwi men are simple creatures. Sometimes we over-think what they would like, but other than television, sport and food, I would say sex would be well up there on the priority list, so why not surprise him with the gift of new lingerie? On you, not him; well, unless you two are into that sort of thing. Each to their own; I'm not judging.

When shopping for lingerie, keep in mind passion rather than practicality. The top must always match the bottom. It's essential to have matching underwear if you wish to feel classy and elegant. Starting the day or evening with beautiful lingerie under your stylish clothes will make you feel confident and on top of the world.

Not that every guy has the same taste, but I've done a little research on what men like to see a woman in, and they're actually all quite similar.

Sifting out the wisecracks not suitable for print, here they are: the highest-rated colours were definitely tonal black or white, or a bright colour if you are tanned. Lots of guys also liked pretty pinks and, shock-horror-unbelievable, men want lingerie "see-through" with sheer fabrics such as lace or mesh.

I didn't think guys would mention the details but apparently "small bows" (cute) or "diamantes" (tacky) are a fave. The guys I surveyed also said the style should be tiny if she is athletic or, if not, tasteful bustiers, chemises or sheer over-throws are the best option - and be sure to "show off your best assets".

Patterns aren't a favourite apparently, which isn't so great for this season's trends, and other dislikes included stretch cotton sports underwear and practical skin-coloured undergarments.

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So now you know what they like. I'm definitely not saying you have to conform to what a man wants. You should wear what you feel sexiest in and roll with that.

This season is full of beautiful '50s glam lingerie. The G-string is out and girly panties are in; the bra cups are full of structure to give the "girls" a lift and floral lace is everywhere, covering the whole garment or just flourishing the edges, in contrasting tone or colour. For extra detailing there are itsy-bitsy cutesy-wootsy bows to decorate the cleavage and/or straps.

For the girl who wants to hide the tum and focus on the bust there is a wide selection of bustier and knicker sets around and for even more of a tease, there are cute chemises and underwear sets everywhere.

Gorgeous seductive sleepwear will make you irresistible to your man. Lock away your insecurities, have a fabulous Valentine's Day and bring out your saucy side.

- Nelson


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