The great Valentine's Day gift quiz

21:44, Feb 13 2013
Valentine's Day Gift Quiz
Type A gifts: Peanut butter and the pamper haven that is East Day Spa.
Valentine's Day Gift Quiz
Type B gifts: Clockwise from top left, Ruffoni copper cookware, Jo Malone cologne and Paris: Portrait Of A City.
Valentine's Day Gift Quiz
Type C gifts: From left, Elle McPherson cami set, Kagi sparkle forever pendant and Auckland's Lucy & The Powder room.
Valentine's Day Gift Quiz
Type D gifts: Clockwise from top left, a simple picnic will go a long way, or try a voucher from Ecostore or handmade shoes from down south.

Struggling over what to buy your special lady this Valentine's Day? This nifty quiz will sort out all your gift-giving woes. Pick one of the options for each question below, and take note of your answers' letter.... 

Your beloved is more likely to wear:

A. Gumboots

B. Converse sneakers

C. High heels

D. Birkenstocks


She smells:

A. Like the horse stable

B. Fresh and crisp

C. Flowery and sweet

D. Of her shampoo

Her favourite food is:

A. A burger and fries

B. A bowl of homemade pasta

C. A three-course dinner in a posh restaurant

D. Haloumi salad

On the weekend she:

A. Works on her motorbike

B. Entertains friends

C. Goes out shoppping

D. Weeds the garden

Her nails are:

A. Dirty

B. Tidy with nude polish

C. A different colour every day

D. Short and simple

If you chose mostly As, buy her: An East Day Spa Massage in Auckland, Wellington or Queenstown for $160. We bet you she would have never thought of this, but we also bet she'll love it; even tomboys secretly love to be pampered. This 75-minute treatment includes an hour-long hot stone massage to work out all those aches and pains and a camellia oil facial massage to get her skin glowing.  

If that's no good, try: A jar of peanut butter. No bull, she'll love you for it, as peanut butter is one of the best things for removing engine grease from your hands. She can simply rub it all over her mitts and then wash off with soap. 

If you chose mostly Bs, buy her: Jo Malone Lime, Basil and Mandarin Cologne, $110. Don't worry that they call it cologne, it's for girls. Your classic lady will love the fresh scent of this perfume, plus you'll get extra brownie points because Jo Malone is flash. 

If that's no good, try: Ruffoni Copper five-piece cook set, $1,299.95 from When it's the Rolls Royce of cookware it's a romantic purchase. If she's into entertaining, she'll love these stunning copper pots. And there's something in it for you - you get to eat the goods made in them.   

Or... 'Paris. Portrait of a City', $90, Taschen. If she loves coffee table books she'll love this. Images of Paris by some of the world's most famous and classic photographers - Daguerre, Marville, Atget, Lartigue, Brassaï, Kertész, Ronis, Doisneau and Cartier-Bresson.

If you chose mostly Cs, buy her: A Kagi sparkle forever pendant, $298. Or if you're lucky you can win one! See below for details.  

If that's no good, try: Lucy & the Powder Room Valentines voucher, $100. With this, any Auckland girl will get a wax (Brazilian or bikini) at Lucy and the Powder Room, a blow wave next door at Stephen Marr, a glass of Te Hana sparkling wine and a discount of 15 per cent off intimates and lingerie at The Dressiing Room at The Department Store - although you'll probably be expected to fork out again for this bit. 

Or... Simmering Mist boxers and camisole, $119.90 from Elle McPherson. For the girl who likes pretty things, nice underwear is a no-brainer. But a quick heads-up, we ladies never really appreciate red knickers and scratchy lace. Stick to other shades instead. 

If you chose mostly Ds, buy her: Nothing. She'd much prefer a surprise picnic and a walk on the beach.

If that's no good, try: An Ecostore Gift Voucher from This will get her green fingers buzzing. She can get her fill of sustainable skincare, homeware, books and gardening tools.  

Or... Custom-made footwear. Dunedin company McKinlays specialise in made-to-measure leather shoes. Treat your beloved to her very own customised style, and she can choose the leather, the colour and the style.


We have two Kagi sparkle forever pendants, worth $298 each, to give away to two lucky readers. Tell us what you think is the perfect Valentine's Day gift to go in the draw. Entries close at 5pm, Wednesday February 13. Winners will be notified by email.