Kelly Brook named UK's sexiest woman

01:29, Apr 29 2013
Kelly Brook
SO HOT RIGHT NOW: British model-turned-actress and TV presenter Kelly Brook.
Kate Beckinsale
LADY-IN-WAITING: Actress Kate Beckinsale was voted second sexiest in the poll.
Michelle Keegan
QUEEN OF THE COBBLES: Coronation Street regular Michelle Keegan.
Benedict Cumberbatch
THINKING WOMAN'S CRUMPET: Actor Benedict Cumberbatch was voted sexiest man in The Sun poll.
David Beckham
DO YA THINK I'M SEXY?: David Beckham shows he's still got what it takes to make it into our affections.
Jason Statham
KNOCKOUT: Jason Statham made it to number three in the poll.

Model-turned-actress Kelly Brook is the UK's sexiest woman, according to readers of The Sun newspaper.

Brook, 33, took the title by a 'landslide' of votes, the infamous UK tabloid reported. Actress Kate Beckinsale took second place, followed by Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan and two 'Page 3 girls', Rosie Jones and Keeley Hazell.

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who is usually more admired for his acting ability than his distinctive looks, was voted sexiest man. Cumberbatch, dubbed 'the thinking woman's crumpet', took the top spot ahead of David Beckham, model-turned-actor Jason Statham and actors Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy.