33 dates: When a guy introduces you to his dad on the first date

Rachel is on a mission to complete 33 dates.
Rachael Everitt

Rachel is on a mission to complete 33 dates.

British expat Rachael has been tasked with seeing if she can find Mr Right – or Mr Right Now - the traditional way via old fashioned introductions, rather than swiping right on Tinder.

So, she's currently making her way through 33 dates…Will she go on a second date with any of them?

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Date #6

A visit to Nick's old school is a unique first date.

A visit to Nick's old school is a unique first date.

Who? Nick

Connection: A friend of a journalist who I took to Sydney on a press trip

Age: 40

Date: Visiting his old school and church and then on to TRUE food bistro for Aperol Spritz acoustic sessions.

The chat: We had planned to go to Taste but Nick texted me asking if I was up for a spontaneous visit to his old school (apparently it's New Zealand's version of Eton) for a leaving do. This was the most nervous I'd felt before meeting someone - mainly because he was picking me up and I literally had no idea who the hell he was. I really hope my mum isn't reading this, as she'll freak out that I got into a car with stranger.

The good thing about seeing where someone grows up so early on into a relationship (ie. within an hour of meeting) is that it immediately gives you an insight into their upbringing. Plus I met his dad, which was definitely a first on a first date.

We then headed to TRUE food bistro to meet my friend and her boyfriend. Being with other people really broke the ice, and you couldn't help but enjoy each other's company with the amazing views and cocktails as the sun set. My friends loved him. He's got a great sense of humour, is adventurous and I liked how he was ambitious.

When I got home and reflected on the date, I kind of felt like I knew loads about him but he didn't know anything about me. I'm quite good with the questions so maybe I asked too many, and he didn't ask enough, or he just wasn't that interested.

Date #7

Outstanding selfie skills with the already taken Australia Bachelor, Tim.

Outstanding selfie skills with the already taken Australia Bachelor, Tim.

Who? The Australian Bachelor

Connection: Tim heard about my article and flew me over to Sydney for a launch event* 

Date: Salted caramel espresso martinis and dinner at Carriageworks 

The chat: Being relatively new to NZ, I had no idea who this guy was when he contacted me, but everyone in my office LOVES him.

We had a whirlwind of an evening... it really was the perfect date. Salted caramel martinis, an exceptional three course dinner, and best of all, we really clicked. A romance might be on the cards.**

*Disclaimer: may not be true

**He may not actually know who I am. However I'm sure he was impressed with my fabulous selfie-taking skills…

Date #8

A delicious brunch date.

A delicious brunch date.

Who? My friend's brother

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Age: 34

Date: Brunch at Crave

The chat: We first met at my friend's wedding celebration drinks. She had been wanting to introduce us beforehand so gave us a bit of a (slightly awks) introduction at her wedding.

After a good half an hour of chatting, we seemed to be getting along quite well, so I suggested he put his number in my phone and that we meet up soon. Quite frankly this is the first time I'd ever made a man put their number in my phone and it was a little terrifying for fear of rejection.

So, we had some good text chat and went for brunch a week later. Which again was a first, going on a non-alcohol fuelled date. You may think this is odd, but I think there's a significant comfort factor in wine.

It was a great morning. Good conversation, we had a fair bit in common and I found myself wanting to get to know him better. He had a really great laugh and he was generally just lovely to be around. We've chatted about going for a drink since which I'd like to do, so you might see him pop up again.

Date #9

Good chat Chad is in the friend zone.

Good chat Chad is in the friend zone.

Who? Chad

Connection: He works for a coffee based client

Age: Late 20s

Date: Cocktails and dumplings at Xuxu

The chat: A few people from my work knew Chad so I felt comfortable knowing so many who knew him. Plus he loves coffee as much as me so I knew if nothing else we'd have that to chat about.

He was a good sport about letting me take a pic for the article (and even posed). And I think he must have taken a selfie on my phone when I went to the bathroom…

He was super outgoing and chatty, but there weren't really any sparks there (from either side I'm sure). I don't think there will be a second date but I know we'll have some fun chat when I next see him for work. And he really did have the best coffee conversation. 

Date #10

Who? A person in the media*

Connection: We had been in touch for a work based matter and got chatting over email from there

Age: 30-40s

Date: Wine at Mo's

The chat: We met for some post-work wine and beers. Surely dating rule #1 should be to eat dinner before drinking heavily*. I should know better by now.

When we first met he'd just bumped into a friend so it got off to a bit of an awkward start while I went at the bar and left them chatting. But soon a couple of hours had flown by and we were well into some good conversation, which spanned all areas of life.

Then came this gem: After informing me he'd driven and couldn't have any more drinks at Mo's, he suggested we either drop his car off and head to another bar or 'go have a drink at his place'. A sucker for Pinot Noir I didn't say no and we continued our good chat back at his where plenty of wine and banter made for a great evening. During post-date quizzing from the flatmates, my male flattie was pretty impressed with his 'line' and said he'd be stealing that one, so ladies watch out.

We've had some text chatter since and he signed off his follow up text with #7 the next day. Well played, media man, although you were actually #10.

A fun evening, he's definitely an interesting guy and I could easily chat to him lots more. Perhaps we'll be in contact soon.

*Drinking heavily led to me forgetting to take a pic.

Do you have someone in mind for a date with Rachael? Is it you? Email us life.style@fairfaxmedia.co.nz with 33 dates in the subject and a bit about your potential suitor. 

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